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Free: Ac window unit (Algonac) - Great shape beat the heat
Photo of free Ac window unit (Algonac)
Free: Antique dresser (Algonac) - Brown solid from the 40s
Photo of free Antique dresser (Algonac)
Free: Fridge (Algonac) - Works perfect
Photo of free Fridge (Algonac)
Free: fabric sample books and scraps (Brunswick Hills Township) - I have about 25 discontinued fabric sample books of drapery and upholstery fabrics. They are good for crafting and other projects. Also have a bag of fabric scraps from workroom projects as well. Free: Craftsman 25cc Gas Leaf Blower (Westerville) - Craftsman 25 cc Gas Blower - Start easily but engine stalls when engaging the blower.
Photo of free Craftsman 25cc Gas Leaf Blower (Westerville)
Photo of free Craftsman 25cc Gas Leaf Blower (Westerville)
Request: Power Tools (New London) - Recently divorced and the ex took a lot of the power & yard tools. I'm looking for the following tools that may be lying around not being used. I'm currently trying to do some minor renovations & curb appeal upgrades to my home - Table Saw - Yard Edger (electric or gas, doesn't matter) - Paint Sprayer - Brad & Nail Gun - Dremel/Rotary Tool - Clamps (wood or C-Clamps_ - Jig Saw - Ax - Demo Hammer - Wood Burning Tool - Engraving Tool Free: Boxes for moving (North Canton) - Various sizes. Great for packing when moving.
Photo of free Boxes for moving (North Canton)
Free: Bedroom dresser with mirror (university hts.) - Tan veneer with dovetailed drawers. Back wheels for the dresser need some work.
Photo of free Bedroom dresser with mirror (university hts.)
Photo of free Bedroom dresser with mirror (university hts.)
Request: Twin size bunk beds (Medina) - Hi! I am in need of a bunk bed, or loft beds for my boys' room. & maybe even a twin mattress. My toddler just graduated from his crib, so we are moving him into his brother's room, so these beds will be most beneficial due to space. Thank you to anyone who reaches out! Free: Fed Ex envelopes (Beaver) - Box full of the shipping envelopes
Photo of free Fed Ex envelopes (Beaver)
Free: KOBALT Shingle Stripper (Tallmadge) - Used for a shed 12+ years ago. Sitting in garage since.
Photo of free KOBALT Shingle Stripper (Tallmadge)
Photo of free KOBALT Shingle Stripper (Tallmadge)
Photo of free KOBALT Shingle Stripper (Tallmadge)
Request: Fire bricks or cement blocks (Niles oh) - Fire bricks Request: Fire bricks (Niles oh) Free: Metal pieces (north Chatham) Free: ferns - you dig (Canton South) - All sizes
Photo of free ferns - you dig (Canton South)
Free: scrap metal (north Chatham) - old Request: Bicycle wheels (South side Youngstown) - I want to make some yard art and need old bicycle wheels. Request: Video games (Westside behind Kroger) - Any old video game stuff you want to get rid of that's sitting in your basement or attic. Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, Gameboy... Anything at all.
Free: Egg Cartons (Chippewa Lake) - I have numerous egg cartons available - cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic. If you need them for your chickens, art projects or anything else, they’re yours! Free: 1970s Stereo Console (Dearborn) - Stereo works. Turntable works but runs slow, 40”L x 19.5w x 26”h
Photo of free 1970s Stereo Console (Dearborn)
Free: Two metal filing cabinets (Streetsboro) - Both in fair/good condition. The light colored one is 29"t x 15" w x 14" d. The black one is 24" t x 14" w x 18" d.
Photo of free Two metal filing cabinets (Streetsboro)
Request: Small/med patio table (Roseville) - Must have an umbrella hole Hi all - if you have a patio table with an umbrella hole And need it gone Plz reach out to me! I need something I could load and unload myself. A big regular dining table I couldn't handle but would love 😟. Thanks for reading my post and appreciate it! Request: Clean egg cartons (Oregon) - Always looking for more clean egg cartons, doesn’t matter what size! Request: Digital camera YouTube quality (Baden) - I have been wanting a digital camera for a few months but can’t pay for one at the moment. I prefer if it is possible to access a 4K camera but I’m ok with 1080p so the camera is mostly likely has to be from 2016-2024 Request: Empty Cat Litter Buckets (Brooklyn) - Clean or dirty doesn't matter. Needed for storage. Thank you! Request: Food grade buckets /containers,Jars (Brooklyn) - Clean or dirty! also need a lid for a five gallon bucket I got w/o. Any containers over a gallon. Glass Jars 1/2 Gallon or more, and canning Jars. Hoping to get lucky and find 5 Gal Buckets. Any of that would be really appreciated! Free: 10 plastic water gallon jugs (Brooklyn) - All clean and with lids. Great for starting seeds or for whatever you imagine. Free: Twin size box spring (Brooklyn) - This is still in usable good condition. It has been standing up in a room unused and the cat thinks it's a jungle jim. I's not cat clawed like you see some people's furniture, but has some evidence. Good condition and free. Free: Medium- large Christmas Tree Stand (Brooklyn) - One like it retails for $60 I have no room to store or use for it anymore. Excellent condition and works. Request: Vibration Plate/Machine u stand on (Waterloo Rd Springfield Lake) - I have bad osteoporosis and am trying to rebuild bone. I had to leave my vibration plate /machine behind when I moved from another state. Perhaps it goes by another name? You sit or stand on it and it shakes /vibrates you. They are usually about 2 feet wide X 14 inches deep X 8 - 10 inches tall. You plug it in and turn it on, so when you stand on vibrates you. I would really like to have another one. Much appreciated!