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Offer: 1 box and three bags full (Poulsbo) - I signed up for what was supposed to be the last ARC pickup, and the Big Blue Truck didn't show, despite assurances it would. Not blaming them; things will normalize some day. However I refuse to bring this back inside, and there is nowhere to take it! It is not the Queen's jewels, but is not junk, and we are not sick. It's just things we don't need, that others may find useful. All I ask is that people not open the bags and box and cherry pick--just Haul Away as is and Share. Reposting; this was brought inside (over stairs). Later, someone expressed the desire to have the items, and I put faith in that, so I huffed and puffed and hauled it all down. Again. It's all at curbside, covered with a blue tarp. Brand new Tarp; please do not take the tarp. ;-) There are now 2 boxes, and probably twice as many bags, because like many, I am using this time to sort and prioritize. It does not bother me if people want to list the blue jeans and such, any and all, on Craigslist, eBay or whatever, and sell it to generate a little cash in these crazy times. No shows, though, are bothersome. So with this in mind, I am posting my address: 2344 NE Ridgewood Drive, Poulsbo. I don't want to chat over the phone about it. I don't want to contract with a clutter-busting company, because I have the time to bust my own clutter.One person's non-essentials can be another person's blessings, when done right and proper. When it does get picked up, I will pull the post as swiftly as I can with a shared computer. ;-) Thank you for your time in reading my post. Stay safe; mindfully Love Thy Neighbor and have a Blessed Easter. Offer: $250 ventilating fan-but... (Phinney Ridge) - Panasonic through-the-wall Whisper Ventilating Fan. We bought a new one at $220 + tax when the motor went out on the old one. I do have more info after getting a communication from Panasonic and calling their parts supplier- (Encompass 1-800-833-9626) they do have motor $132 + shipping (and tax?) ffv3230374e. Not the total assembly with the fan. Sorry for not having a picture. The model # for the fan is fv-08wq1. I do have the installation instructions as well. If anyone thinks they can jerryrig or wants to buy and install the replacement motor, they can have the old assembly and all the other gear that goes with an initial assembly. The interior size of the fan/motor casing is 10" square and 2" deep. The motor is cylindrical. Offer: Pair of IKEA end tables (Bellevue, WA) - 19.5” deep 17” wide 22.5” tall Each has 2 drawers that slide out and a shelf underneath. Silver tone rectangular pulls and boxed feet.
Offer: 1997 Jeep Wrangler backseat (Gold Bar Wa) - Good condition, no rips
Offer: Large Peavey amplifier (Near Carkeek Park) - I haven't had a chance to see how well it works but it should be fine.
Offer: IKEA pine dresser, shelf, table (Near Carkeek Park) - I have one of the taller 5 drawer unfinished pine IKEA dressers and an already disassembled tall shelf unit, and a basic dark brown dining table that I've been using as a desk. Need to move and get out of bad situation, giving away a lot of stuff probably. Offer: 3 Drafting Boards (Near Carkeek Park) - One huge one, 2 smaller ones, all with very nice parallel bars, I think they're all Alvin brand, one is a little broken but can be fixed. They're the tabletop kind that tilt. Gotta take them all. Request: Concrete pavers (Greenwood) - 12x12 or 6x18 concrete pavers, usually 1 1/2" thick for a patio or walkway. This time of year the mud around the garden gate gets overwhelming and I'd love a handful of pavers to mitigate the mud. Request: pocket books (N. Nanaimo) - Thrift store are closed. Need mysteries for seniors Can pick up. Offer: Crown Moulding and misc trim (Mercer Island, the Lakes) - Moulding salvaged from a recent remodel. I refinished or painted what I could reuse and it worked just fine. 50+ feet of crown moulding including one piece ~14' long and another ~9 feet long. 60+ feet of concave trim, 4 pieces 12' long and numerous other shorter lengths. A few other trim and moulding pieces included. Driveway pickup.
Request: Your old garden hose (short) (Commercial Drive) - Looking for a short garden hose - I only need about 20 feet more to reach what I need! A bit leaky or kinked is OK. I only really need the end that screws onto the faucet, if the other end isn't functional. Thanks! Offer: Cat Scratch Post (Eagle Ridge Coquitlam) - Free: handyperson special. Cat scratch post needing approx 50% replacement of carpet/padding. Sturdy construction. A great time for a project, save it from the landfill and make a kitty happy.
Request: Clay Flower Pots (N. Everett) - I'm looking for 3 old style terra cotta flower pots with a top diameter of 8-10". They will be displayed on a rustic vintage shelf, so I don't want the pots to look brand new. Chips on the rim and discoloration are great, but actual cracks in the body are not. I hope someone has old pots to clear out of their potting or storage shed! Stay well and keep gardening. Request: Mini fridge (Everett Wa.) - Want to replace the mini fridge I had for my garage that just stopped working on me. Request: Hearter/microwave (Everett Wa.) - In need of a working heater and microwave both of mine just died on me. Request: splitting axe /maul (S. Nanaimo / Cedar) - Looking for any kind of usable splitting axe or maul. I do not need a chopping axe. I finally broke mine after many years. :( Thanks Mike
Offer: Nightshade (Lantzvile) - Plants: Nightshade, Late summer purple / blue flowers. 1 1/2 metre tall. Extremely Poisonous. I'm downsizing the amount of these plants in my flower garden. Offer: Stainless steel braided toilet pipe (Seattle) - Comes with the an extra nut and a 90 degree angle adapter. It’s all brand new, it came with my bidet but I didn’t need these parts.
Offer: Playdough and tools (Greenwood) - A variety of tools and colors of playdough. Hasn’t been used in over a year. We are an apparently healthy household. Porch pickup
Offer: Vacuum (Mountlake Terrace) - Takes size A bag. Works, just do not need it.
Offer: Six 8 oz unopened paint samples (Capitol Hill) - BEHR interior in these colors (Never been opened and new) Popped Corn,eggshell Pink Dust eggshell , Hacienda, Flat Bit of Sugar, Flat Palais White,Flat White Veil.Flat From Home Depot. Curb pickup. Offer: Children's Washable Paints (SE Everett) - 4 bottles of varying volume. Request: Fabric or elastic for maskS 😷 (between Shoreline/Dwtn) - I’m sewing fabric masks for frontline workers and running out of supplies. Would love any donation or fabric of elastic that you may have sitting unused. Thx for considering! I do. Not charge for the masks, it’s all donated to hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies & neighbors who are essential workers. Can pick up. Offer: CavalierKing Charles (Sultan, WA) - We are sadly looking for a loving new home for our 6 year old cavalier King Charles. I have a new job and can no longer take care of him. If you looking for a sweet companion please give me a call. Vickie Offer: Wood Queen Bed frame (Ballard) - Solid wood queen bed frame, purchased at Camelion Design in Ballard. We upgraded to a King bed so need to pass the queen bed frame along. Disassembled for easy transport.
Offer: Wood Twin bed frame (Ballard) - Solid wood twin bed frame in good condition
Offer: Wooddoor (Mountlake Terrace) - Do you want to make that work table, but don'thave a top. Did you need a flat service to practice your tap dancing? This is for you, a come and get it. It measures 37" x 85".
Request: Indoor Strand Christmas Lights (V6Z 1R3) - I am seeking a white/clear (not blue-ish LED), red or gold 10ft (or larger) Christmas light strand. Thank you! Request: Bricks or blocks? (Crown Hill) - Needed for paths, landscaping, garden barriers. Offer: Printer ink (Kenmore) - Epson inks - 44, 48 for older printers T044220 T044320 T044420 T0483 T0486 T0482 T048420 T048320 T048120 JETTEC INKJET REFILL KIT