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Offer: Clothing etc (Bristol, VA) - The Clothes Closet (a nonprofit ministry to help the region) located at 21 Washington St Bristol VA will be open on Tues Oct 15th from 11-6. We have had several hundred pairs of shoes (croc lookalikes, flipflops, and ankle shoes made of croc type material) donated as well as having a LOT of household items and odds n ends in addition to the clothing...EVERYTHING is ALWAYS free, and we have no residency or income guidelines..EVERYONE is welcome to come and "shop".....we do have a facebook page for more regular notices..but we are open the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 11-6. Request: Fencing (Dunbar) - Need a fence to keep my dogs safe. Offer: 16’ countertop Blue (pick up in Johnson City) - Blue approximately 16’ Great shape looksnew Only been used as a shelf.Never cut it mounted. Like new. Sorta a powder blue color Offer: Chairs free (pick up in Johnson City) - Green sturdy metal based chairs Looks military to me You must pick up I cannot deliver
Offer: 2 file cabinets (pick up in Johnson City) - Green older looks like military file cabinets Heavy metal All drawers work. Request: Just move in a trailer (Dunbar) - In need of everything. We nothing no Kitchen items, no livingroom items, no bathroom items and no bedrooms items except quiet size bed but needs a box spring and in need of full size bed. We have very limited electric so we also need stuff to cook outside. Offer: Stuffed animals (South Oakwood Ave, Beckley) - I have a few trash bags full of stuffed animals that I need gone. Definitely can’t bring myself to throw them away. They do need washed as children have played with them and they’ve been in storage on and off. Request: wood stove (greeneville) - family needing a good wood stove Request: Lapel Pins (Winston-Salem) - Collector/trader of label pins looking to expand collection. Any and all donations welcome. Thanks in advance Request: Storm door and window (Hurricane) - I need a storm door, any size will work just fine. I also could use a window of any size that can be opened and closed. Thanks in advance! Offer: Tv stand (24608 tandem drive) - Small hole in back for cords
Offer: Wheelbarrows (24608 tandem drive) - Plastic wheelbarrows, one new, one heavily used
Offer: Kitchen table (24608 tandem drive) - Oval center post kitchen table, good shape, needs a clean
Request: Bread machine (Hurricane) - Looking for a bread machine that can make up to a 2 pound loaf. Request: 8 track tapes or players (Middle) - Classic rock wantedbut will consider all. Request: Moving boxes (Lewisville-Clemmons Rd) - Any and all sizes needed.. Offer: Women's clothing (Summersville) - Size 6 and 12 pants and jeans, size medium and large tops Offer: Desk Glass from IKEA (Johnson City TN) - Like new. 70.5 x 15.5
Offer: Used Pallets (Hickory) - Wood pallets needing minor repairs Request: Assistance needed (Winston salem) - I lost everything i had recently due to a very bad domestic violence situation. I am having to start completely over and would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me with some furniture and maybe clothing and personal care items as well. Some items i am greatly in need of are kitchen table and chairs..microwave...and most of all i am in need of a bed ( full size or above due to back and neck and injuries) Household items such as a vacuum and cleaning products would greatly appreciated as well. Personal care items i have been getting free from pantries and churches such as body wash, shampoos and conditioner are also greatly appreciated. I feel deeply bad about asking for help but i am new to the Forsyth County area and have no family or friends who i can talk to or rely on. I greatly do appreciate any help i can get..due to the emotional and physical abuse, employment is not an option at this time but one day at a time....God bless Request: Pots and pans (Winston-Salem) - I'm going to be getting my own apartment August 9th and I am in need of pots and pans is anyone has some to give away it's just collecting dust please let me know. Request: Treadmill (Winston-Salem) - I'm looking for a treadmill in good working condition doesn't matter how old it is. Request: Carpet (Winston-Salem) - Pet free used carpet in good condition that would fit a room 30 by 26. Offer: sofa 2 chairs 2 bar stools (greenstreet Mountain resort) - sofa swivel chair to bar stools
Offer: frre sofa 2 chairs 2 bar stools (greenstreet mountain resort) - swivel chair to bar stools
Request: Bread machine (Hurricane) - Looking for a bread machine Request: Shelving - collapsible (East side) - Looking for big plastic or metal shelves for storage. Request: Living room suit (Roanoke city) - I'm n need of a living room suit for my family Request: Bunk bed (Roanoke city) - I am in need of a bunk bed for two girls with all accessories... Request: Full or queen size bed (Roanoke city) - I'm n need of a full or queen size bed ...mattress and bed frame