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Offer: couch (West Carrollton) - Free couch in good shape
Photo of free couch (West Carrollton)
Request: Mobility scooter (Dayton) - Any kind Offer: epson printer (Old North Dayton) - Used printer in excellent condition. EPSON Artisan 800 with Duplexer. In original boxes with all original paper work and software CD. Latest Software and drivers can be downloaded from EPSON's website. Request: Exercise bike (West Carrollton) - Looking for an exercise bike…..electric or Manuel type. Offer: Older National Geographic Magazines (Old Milford) - I can double check if needed, but I think I have probably 20-30? 1970’s & 1980’s maybe 90’s? I just want to see if anyone here wants them or if I’m better off getting rid of them somewhere else. Request: Queen Mattress (Marion, OH) - We are in search of a queen size mattress as ours was infested with bed bugs and had to throw it out. Request: Working minifridge (Fairfield) - Good condition Request: Men's bike (Fairfield) - Sturdy Request: Cooler (Northwest Columbus) - Need a cooler asap Offer: cinder blocks (Five Oaks Dayton) - Still about 45 available...
Photo of free cinder blocks (Five Oaks Dayton)
Request: Pet stroller (Orient) - Looking for a pet stroller for a cat Offer: Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd) - White kenmore dishwasher in decent working condition. I purchased a new one and don’t have the use for this one anymore so I just want it to go to someone who needs it
Photo of free Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd)
Photo of free Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd)
Request: Moving Boxes (Riverbend/Grove City area) - Looking for any and all shaped moving boxes! And thing helps, Thank you in advance Request: Microwave (Erlanger, KY) - Does anyone happen to have a microwave in working condition? Mine crapped out on me today! Can pick up! Thanks Request: Car fuses (Northwest Columbus) - I need a 40A fuse and 2 25A mini fuses. Offer: First birthday decorations (Worthington) - Elmo/Sesame Street, most is unopened
Photo of free First birthday decorations (Worthington)
Offer: Display stand (Pleasant Ridge)
Photo of free Display stand (Pleasant Ridge)
Request: iMac G3 keyboard and mouse (Northwest Columbus) - I need an old iMac G3 keyboard and mouse. Any color. Request: Washer (Kettering, OH) - Requesting a working washer. Mine just quit after using for only three months. Thank you so much Offer: Microwave (Sharonville) Promised - GE microwave. It's been in storage for the past 4 years, so I can't say how well it works. It does turn on and functions, but I haven't tried to heat food. Pick up in Sharonville.
Photo of free Microwave (Sharonville)
Offer: Encyclopedia’s (Englewood , Ohio) - 60year old encyclopedias in good condition , Americana Offer: Love seat (w/hide-a-bed) + ottoman (Montgomery OH near Sycamore HS) - Good structural condition with some upholstery wear and tear. Original cushions. Floral print. Comfortable pull out bed with Sealy mattress. Storage in ottoman. Pretty heavy.
Photo of free Love seat (w/hide-a-bed) + ottoman (Montgomery OH near Sycamore HS)
Photo of free Love seat (w/hide-a-bed) + ottoman (Montgomery OH near Sycamore HS)
Photo of free Love seat (w/hide-a-bed) + ottoman (Montgomery OH near Sycamore HS)
Request: Moving Supplies (Dayton, Kentucky 41074) - Hi, my name is Laura and my dear friends are moving without any help and so I'm on a mission to help them get moving supplies like boxes, bubbles wrap, moving paper, tape etc. I would definitely pick them up and very much would appreciate any help that is out there for them. They are good people and always help so many others. Thank you very much and feel free to call me@(513)952-0216, email me@ kluselaura@gmail.com, anytime or if it's more convenient message me back a date to pick it up and address and I can get back to you. Have a great day! Offer: Green glass dish (Southgate KY) - Vintage. Very cool looking. Not in perfect condition. First person who can pick up, it’s yours
Photo of free Green glass dish (Southgate KY)
Photo of free Green glass dish (Southgate KY)
Request: Tent (Erlanger KY) - Nothing fancy needed. Just something that 2 people can stay in. If anyone has one laying around they could donate, please keep me in mind. I can pick up. Thanks Request: dehumidifier (Mt Washington willing to driv) - So I sell plants and since I live in an apartment, I use a spare bedroom as a grow room. Growing cacti and succulents, humidity is a no no. Well I recently purchased one of the smaller ones off of Amazon that clears something like 225 sq and it did absolutely nothing in terms of regulating the humidity. I returned the package but the cost of a larger one by comparison is 35 bucks or almost 200 which brings me here! Thanks in advance I wish you all a happy afternoon Request: Craft stuff (Independence, Covington area) - Fabric, paint, rocks, wood, etc Request: Swing set (Erlanger, KY) - Does anyone have a swing set they no longer want? I can pick up. Request: Plants 🌵 (Franklin) - Hoping to find some cuttings or starts of house plants 🪴! If you have some I can propagate or that can be divided, I am interested ☺️ Request: Toddler Clothing (Lewis Center, Ohio) - I am looking for clothing for my little one (age 1). I am doing this primarily to reduce waste and would happily take both boy/girl clothes that are meant for 12 -24 month old and I am ok with clothes that have some stains . Thank you!