Union Parish County Freecycle

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Request: Climbing Belt (Highland) - Looking for climbing belt/gear to get back to work. I am interested in any tree /lawn care equipment. Even if no longer working or needed , I will haul off and/or trade yard /tree work for payment. Thanks Request: Tires (Shreveport/Highlands) - Do you have old truck tires you want to get rid of? Looking for large truck tires. Request: Locking Mobile Storage Cabinet (North Monroe/Garden District) - In need of one of those metal storage cabinets on the casters. approx 72" tall 36"-48" wide with key. If someone is cleaning out a business and comes across one or has one free or trade or reasonable price, please let me know. I have restaurant booths, a really nice all in one printer, various household items I could trade. I just can't pay $500 for a new one. Have truck & can pick up. Thanks Request: T&T Scrap Removal Pros (Ruston, Louisiana) - Have old, broken or working appliances, computers, cars, ATVs and etc that you want removed from your property.... Call us and schedule an appointment now. Based near Ruston, LA so the further away the bigger the pickup needed... Make a neighborhood event of it 😉 call 318-497-0539 or 318-608-0204 Request: Scrap removal service (Ruston, Louisiana) - Have scrap you want removed from your home or work? Can be working or broken appliances, computers, cars, ATVs and etc. Call us at 318-608-0204 Request: 50 gallon Whiskey barrel (Haxlehurst) - Any Request: Building Supplies (Waskom Tx) - Looking for 36 x?? House windows, Insulation, Sheetrock/Drywall and Kitchen Cabinets, Paint.