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Request: PS2 Controllers (Portage) - Looking for 2 PS2 Controllers for my son's video game console. Thanks so much in advance. Request: Full size box spring & make (Portage) - Looking for a decent and clean box spring and a make up vanity with mirror. Thanks so much in advance! Request: Car Jack & Stands (Portage) - I'm in dire need of this. My car broke down and I have no way to lift it except for the spare tire jack. It doesn't go up high enough. I'm a mom of 2 boys who are willing to help me fix my exhaust and change my fuel filter. Hopefully someone has one that no longer use. I'd be happy just to borrow one. Thanks so much in advance!! Request: Ipod (Portage) - Shattered my iPod today!! Sad day....I'm looking for preferably an older one, 3rd or 4th generation but ANY would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks so much in advance... Request: Moving Boxes & Bubble Wrap (Portage) Received - Any and all will be greatly appreciated. We are moving February 1st. Request: Firewood (Portage) - Looking for firewood for my mom's fireplace. Request: Tire/Tires - ASAP Plz (Portage) - 195/70/R14 5 lug Desperately need at least one.
Request: Android phone - unlocked (Portage) - Just need a phone that gets WiFi. I won't be looking to get it activated and have service to it. Thanks very much. Happy Holidays! Request: Moving Boxes - Moving and in need of decent moving boxes. I live in Oshtemo. Request: Bunk Be - I'm looking for a bunkbed for my bf who has custody of his 2 daughters. They lost most of their belongings due to black mold in their previous house. This would be so appreciated by all of us, especially the girls!! Request: Microwave, in Portage - Looking for a decent microwave for my best friend. Request: Decent Computer Chair - My son is needing a computer chair. His broke. He is somewhat picky(sorry). So if u have one u do t use anymore, send me a pic so I can get his approval...lol....thanks so very much in advance! Request: Hanging File Folder Frames - Im looking for these for my mom. I attached a pic of her filing cabinet. Thanks so much in advance. Request: Make Up Vanity - I am hoping somebody has one! I've always wanted one since I was a kid. Anything would be greatly appreciated! Request: Traxxas Rustler RC Parts, in Portage - My son has a Traxxas RC car which is broken and in need of parts. Anything would be greatly appreciated! Request: Refrigerator - In need for a fridge. My mom just moved into her new house n it didn't come with a fridge. It will be GREATLY appreciated. Happy Holidays! Yahoo Mail stationery Offer: Nice moving boxes - Need gone yesterday! LoLEgg boxes with handles. They work perfect. In portage, by PCHS Request: 1st Generation X-Box Video Cable, Controllers and Games, in Portage - I have the power cord. It lights up so I'm assuming it works. There is just no way to tell. These will be GREATLY appreciated. An early Christmas present. Thank you so much. God bless and happy holidays.....Tracy and Jesse Offer: Gas Grill Gifted - Fiesta Classic. No tank. Ignitor works. Pick up is in Portage, off Centre and Portage Rd. Request: Refrigerator and Basketball Hoop - My mom is in need of a fridge. She would prefer a side by side but would greatly appreciate any kind. As long as it works. My son gets to come home Monday! He loves to play basketball. He would absolutely be thrilled to have one. Thank u so much in advance. Request: Ipod and Cell phone - I am looking for an ipod(strictly for music). I don't have a drivers license so I ride a bike. Any as long as its an Ipod...Also an android phone strictly for wifi. I dont one that has to have a service provider. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!! Request: Propane Tank - My mom got a grill given to her but it has no tank. We would really appreciate one. We are ready to cookout!! Thanks so much in advance. Offer: Lighted Garland, Weed Wacker, Pet Taxi, Video Game Posters, in Portage - *The garland is about 5-6 feet long. I have 3 strands. 1 does not light up. *Weed Wacker I was told just needs a spark plug....I dont know... *Pet Taxi is for medium animals. It is rigged with a bolt. But it still serves its purpose. *Video game advertisement posters. Pick Up is in Portage, by the library. Request: Learning Flash Cards/Puzzles - My brother was recently badly injured to the point of having to relearn simple, every day things like letters, colors, pictures. Anything will be greatly appreciated.