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Request: Good sleeping cot (Arcata bottoms) Expired - I am in need of a good, collapsible sleeping cot. It needs to be able to fit a six-foot-long me. Thank you. Request: Shop vacuum (Arcata bottoms) Expired - I saw one posted not long ago for free... I thought, well I have one that works, so I won't worry about it. Two weeks later, my shop vac which I use for cleaning my car each week broke down. It needs attachments such as a hose and what can be used to clean between car seats. Thank you! Request: Meat slicer (Arcata bottoms) Expired - I'm looking for a good-working-condition, adjustable thickness, powered meat slicer. My wife has recently started doing cooking that could use one. When I looked online, I noticed they could be quite expensive! Yet I also know that this kind of kitchen tool could be purchased by someone, used a few times, and then set aside for another occasion that never seems to come. My wife's needs would require it at least once a month... otherwise, we have to buy the meat already sliced. Thank you! Request: Android phone (semi-working!) (Arcata bottoms) Expired - Hi... I have an Android phone that is dying with an important app. For normal phone needs, I now use an iPhone, but I like to use that app daily, and the iPhone version of it is horrible! All I need is an Android phone that still works well on WiFi. Any prior cell provider carrier is okay since I will not use it for making phone calls. I just need to access the Google app store. Cosmetics are not important, but I don't want a cracked screen. Request: Borrowable tall traffic cones (Arcata bottoms) Expired - I'm having to teach two people how to drive right now. I could use about four tall rubber traffic cones, or something like that, so they can practice parking without possibly damaging your car... I will have no need of them after the instruction, but I'll need them for about four weeks. Thank you! Request: a small table or desk (Arcata bottoms) Expired - It can be in any condition, as long as it is stable. Around standard table height is best. Request: Acoustic Guitar (Arcata bottoms) Received - My stepson just immigrated here from Asia. He was often playing the guitar there, but he was not able to bring it to the States. I'm looking for a working good sounding guitar for him; cosmetic appearance is not important. Request: C7 Christmas tree light strands (Arcata bottoms) Expired - I am looking for a few workings strands of the older incandescent lights. It doesn't matter if a few bulbs don't work. C7 is the size usually for inside strands.