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Request: Old DC recycling bins (Manor Park) Expired - Does anyone still have the old rectangular recycling bins? The short ones we had before they went to the verticle bins on wheels. I had a couple sitting around and realized this year that they can be re-purposed for gardening because they are sturdy plastic boxes with drainage holes. If you have any more lying around unused, I’d be happy to put them to use. Offer: Toiletries (Manor Park) Gifted - Shampoo and conditioner for synthetic wig. Open, only used once. And one unopened generic version of alph Keri oil. Add to bath or rub on after shower, great for dry skin.
Photo of free Toiletries (Manor Park)
Offer: Plastic cups (Manor Park) Expired - Anyone need cups? Mostly from Mardi Gras parades, some from sporting events. THEy hold liquid, can be used to organize stuff in drawers, if you make holes in the bottom they can house plant seedlings — I’ve done all those things and still have more than I need.
Photo of free Plastic cups (Manor Park)
Offer: Scuba accessories (Manor Park) Expired - Booties, hood, and gloves. Neoprene.
Photo of free Scuba accessories (Manor Park)
Offer: Ice bucket (Manor Park) Expired - Glass ice bucket. In great condition, I just don’t use it.
Photo of free Ice bucket (Manor Park)
Offer: Electric socks (Manor Park) Gifted - Battery-powered warm socks. Great if you get cold toes in winter. They’re slightly narrow so don’t fit me well. Hardly used, really just tried on.
Photo of free Electric socks (Manor Park)
Offer: Women’s pink boots size 9 (Manor Park) Expired - Lined with fuzzy material, rhinestones around the top
Photo of free Women’s pink boots size 9 (Manor Park)
Offer: Size 9 women’s shoes (Manor Park) Expired - 3 pairs of shoes. One black sneakers, one waterproof slip-on style, one slightly dressy flats. If you respond, please indicate when you would be able to pick up. Also, if there is a lot of interest I may not be able to reply to everyone, but I will mark this as taken when it’s no longer available. Located in Manor Park, about a mile from the closest metro.
Photo of free Size 9 women’s shoes (Manor Park)
Offer: Weber charcoal grill (Manor Park) Gifted - Can you use a charcoal grill this summer? I've had it in my shed for four years and have finally accepted I'm just not going to use it. It's been disassembled for easy transport, just needs the legs re-attached. All pieces are there and it's in decent but definitely used condition. Bonus, I can throw in a chimney coal starter and an unused bag of charcoal. For pickup in Manor Park (off Blair Road, a little bit north of the 7-11). If there is a lot of interest I may not be able to reply to messages individually, but I will try to update this post promptly when it is promised or given away. Offer: Wood rack (Manor Park) Gifted - Black metal wood rack, 8’ long. It’s seen some use and while it’s supposed to come apart for storage or moving, the pieces are kind of rusted in place. But it will still work fine for storing firewood outdoors.
Photo of free Wood rack (Manor Park)
Offer: Hammock chair (Manor Park) Gifted - This is a very comfy chair, I just need the space back. Please indicate when you might be able to pick up.
Photo of free Hammock chair (Manor Park)
Offer: printer toner, NW DC (Manor Park) Expired - 4 black (2 large, 2 smaller) and one yellow cartridge. This is generic toner, compatible with Canon Pixma MX920 series. Porch pickup is an option. If you're interested: * Please tell me when you'd want to pick up and include a way to contact you. * Please DO NOT respond unless you know where the neighborhood is or have checked online and are confident you can come here. I've had a lot of people blow me off because they assumed it was more metro accessible than is the case (1 mile to closest metro and not well-served by buses sadly). Beth