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Free: Large Pumpkin
Photo of free Large Pumpkin
Request: Baby Gym and/or Bouncer - Thanks. Free: Metal to Recycke Expired - > > I have a very large metal window door slider, several window large rods, > lots of old keys, etc. For recycle. Thanks. Free: Big Curtain Rods Expired - > > I have one big decorative brown color and two other big curtain rods, all > the kind you use cord to operate. Thanks. Free: Logitech Mouse Expired
Photo of free Logitech Mouse
Free: Lawn n Garden Feeder Expired
Photo of free Lawn n Garden Feeder
Free: Two New Decorative Plate Holders Expired - New. By Mission n Mowry.
Photo of free Two New Decorative Plate Holders
Free: Three Combination Locks Expired - > > There are ways to find combination online. I just don't need them. By > Mission and Mowry.
Photo of free Three Combination Locks
Free: New Deadbolt Lock Expired - It is brand new. Unfortunately it wasn't installed properly and taken apart by a locksmith in these pieces you see in the pic. Has everything you need including screws and keys. By Mission and Mowry.
Photo of free New Deadbolt Lock
Free: Garage Light, 2 New light tubes, etc Expired - Working garage light, Two new replacement florescent bulbs and whatever the black box called.
Photo of free Garage Light, 2 New light tubes, etc
Free: Three large new brakets Expired - Never used, new, metal brackets. By Mission Mowry.
Photo of free Three large new brakets
Photo of free Three large new brakets
Free: Five Decorative Light Bulbs Expired - All working.
Photo of free Five Decorative Light Bulbs
Request: A Working Comcast Modem Expired - Thanks. Free: Fitness Tracker Expired - Smart Watch works, but the way wrist band broke, it can not be replaced. It needs to be glued with some strong glue. You will also need to download the app on your smart phone and set it up. Original box with all papers included.
Photo of free Fitness Tracker
Photo of free Fitness Tracker
Free: Tall Door Mirror Expired - About 12" by 48". In good condition. By Mission n Mowry. Free: Large Picture with Frame Expired - It's a print. About 3' by 2.5'. By Mission and Mowry.
Photo of free Large Picture with Frame
Free: Large Plastic Jars Expired - I have 3 large plastic jars that are great for Costco shoppers like for grains, etc. Located off Mission Blvd and Mowry. Thanks.
Photo of free Large Plastic Jars
Free: Master Lock without key Expired - Master lock without key.
Free: roku 2 Expired - Roku 2 with power cord and remote. Does not have USB. Not supported by Disney plus. Free: Magnetic Type Fitbit Charger Expired - My watch broke, have no use for it.
Photo of free Magnetic Type Fitbit Charger
Free: Toddlers Booster Seat for Dining Table Gifted - Good condition. All hard plastic. Free: Coleman Gas Stove and Lantern Expired - Not a Propane kind. Take actual gas. Have not been used for many years. Free: Small Wooden Wine Rack Expired - Excellent Condition.
Photo of free Small Wooden Wine Rack
Free: Old Working TIVO with Remote Expired - > > By Niles. Thanks. >