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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Black take out containers (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - I believe someone was looking for these. I have about 10 of the round ones. 1 rectangular. All clean and good condition. Porch pick up. Offer: Toilet PARTS (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - If anyone needs parts (Seat/ lid/ etc) the toilet will be removed in the next few days. Please note the fill valve is broken. Porch pick up.
Offer: IKEA futon- must go Sunday (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Smoke-free/ Pet friendly house. Good used condition. a few small marks on the Washable cover that will likely come out. Double size bed when folded down. Pick up tomorrow Sunday October 27. **** Please indicate time you will commit to picking it up. Frame will be dissembled for transport.
Offer: Plant pots (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Small and medium plastic pots would be good for gardeners planting seedlings. They have drainage so also useful to use inside decorative pot indoors/ outdoors.
Offer: Lanyards (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - One blue, one purple. Excellent condition. Porch pick up.
Offer: Cycling jerseys (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Mostly women’s medium. Good used condition. I have 10.
Request: Book: 5 Love Languages (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - I will pick up in East End. If this book is collecting dust I will make use of it. Thanks! Offer: Soy sauce (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - >1/2 bottle Fastest porch pick up preferred Light soy sauce opened bottle Offer: Swiffer dry vac (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Received used from someone But I never used it. It charges up and runs. It sounds rather loud but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Porch pick up. Offer: Purple iris perennials (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Blooms spring. Porch pick up. Offer: Cat puzzle 1000 piece (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Porch pick up Missing 3 pieces Kitten image
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Offer: Mop handle (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - For a sponge mop. Offer: Flood lights with sensor (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - With bulbs. Porch pick up.
Offer: Fence boards (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Used fence boards. Green stuff will wash off. Most are 6 foot long. About a dozen. Yard pick up.
Request: Fire wood (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - ISO an armload of dry logs for a campfire. I can pick up near Victoria Park/ Danforth. Please and Thank you. Offer: Cinder blocks (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Two free cinderblocks. Backyard pick up.
Request: Landscaper’s fabric (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Received - I’m in search of about 10 feet of landscaper fabric to line a garden bed. If you have any leftover I will pick up around Danforth or Don Mills. Thank you! Offer: Bubble wrap (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - A pile of bubble wrap. Clean and can be reused. Fastest pick up please. Porch pick up.
Offer: 6 red bricks (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Good condition just dirty.
Offer: Folding table (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Folding table 2x2’ leg locks need to be forced into place but it does the trick for an extra table. Porch pick up.
Offer: Old skates (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) - Needs a sharpen if plan on using or could be used as rustic Canadian decor in some bar or cottage. Likely from the ‘70s. Porch pick up.
Offer: Big box (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Big clean dry box. Smoke free/ pet free. About 4 feet tall. Fastest pick up gets it. Kids crafts. Moving. Move. Storage. Cardboard.
Offer: Pickles! (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Snack size pickles! These are awesome for picnics & lunches. Expired March 2019. I just had a pack and they’re fine. Porch pick up.
Offer: Baking Extracts- almond & mint (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - I don’t see expiry dates on them. Mint is full Almond is half full Porch pick up.
Offer: Rice (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - 1/2 box of uncle bens rice. Porch pick up. Expires 2020 May.
Offer: Hair mouse (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - Only used once. Any takers? Porch pick up thanks.
Offer: Lazy Susan (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - 12” diameter. It works but it’s cheaply made. Plastic. Porch pick up.
Offer: Wood (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - 6” -and longer scraps from deck build.
Offer: Bricks (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - 2 dozen brick.
Offer: Bricks (VP/ Danforth - Scarborough) Gifted - 2 dozen brick.