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Offer: perrinials (zimmerman) - i am giving away my extras from my garden as i get to them, they will be at the end of the driveway probably for the next 2 -3 weeks. assortment will vary, right now there are iris, sedum, ornamental oregano , large pentemon, and brown eyed susans up for grabs, if you are interested, email me for the address, i am near the Sherburne wildlife refuge between zimmerman and princeton. Request: doll accessories (zimmerman) - my civic betterment group are making doll clothes for a fundraiser and would love any accessories to go with them, shoes, hats, purses, hangars etc... these can be for any size doll from barbie to american girl dolls Offer: frame for a trundle bed (zimmerman) - i have a frame for a twin sized trundle bed, it collapses to slide under a bed and then pops up and locks in to hold a twin sized mattress for an extra bed when you need it. good condition Request: vacuum (zimmerman) - i volunteer at a local food shelf and our vacuum bit the dust, would love one to replace it. Offer: old self propel lawn mower-2 barrels (zimmerman) Gifted - old but works well-two plastic barrels, i think 35 gallon--would make good rain barrels. and 6 sections of fencing with 7 posts, caps and hardware Request: sleep number control (zimmerman) - we inherited a sleep number 5000 , but found the control is missing, number SFCS79SR Request: sleep number control # 5000 (zimmerman) - we inherited a sleep number bed, but found the control was missing, it is model number 5000-model sfcs79sr Offer: fire wood-pine (zimmerman) - lost large trees in the tornado, already cut up, waiting for pick up Request: items for preemie baby (zimmerman) - we are expecting a small grandchild soon and would love any small clothes or any baby items in fair condition for first time parents Request: items for premie baby (zimmerman) - we are expecting a small grandchild and could use premie clothes and baby things in general.....first time parents so they are starting from scratch.