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Request: Gazebo 8x8 (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Any color and preferable in working order would be most appreciated. Request: Walker (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Any color as long it works is most important. ty so much Request: AirCastBootMedium (Oceanside Nanaimo) - It doesn't matter what color. One boot can be for left or right...or Woman's Left Size Medium for 81/2 size shoe or 9. Request: Walker (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Prefer the larger wheels at the front and smaller at the back. If not will be pleased to get one, as I am not mobile. Request: Strawberry Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Ever bearing Plants such as strawberries please. Thank you Request: Grates and Rubber Mats (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Fireplace screen that covers the fireplace or some type of wire grate. Rubber mats from horses stalls or from a truck box. Any rubber mats will do in reasonable condition. Thank you Request: Canopy or Gazebo (Oceanside Nanaimo) - any color any size in fair condition ..thank you ..would be most appreciated. Request: Tent Canopy Useable (Oceanside Nanaimo) Received - Any color please Request: Apple II System Saver (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Looking for a free Kensington Apple II System Saver: 115 Volts 9 amps 60hz external fan for an very old apple computer. Thank you. Offer: Very Old Upper Wheelbarrow (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Someone was asking for an upper old wheelbarrow...I have one for you. Please get in contact. thank you. Request: Computer Monitor 20-21" "LED" (Oceanside Nanaimo) - I am wanting to have a computer Monitor 20 to 21" specifying "LED" not LCD. I hope that someone does have one would be most appreciated. ty Request: Sock& ShoeTrees Stretchers (Oceanside Nanaimo) - I am looking for Sock Stretchers which maybe made by very hard wire or wood. Also Shoe/Boot Tree Stretchers to keep them in good shape. I do hope that someone out there may have some but never use them. Would be most appreciated. Thank You. Request: Text Books English & Math Grade 9/10 (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Looking for English & Math Books Grades 9 and 10 please. Thank you in advance. Request: BlueBerry Bushes &Tomato Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - To anyone who is a gardener and willing to part with their extra plants I would be grateful ty Request: BlueBerry Bushes &Tomato Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - To the moderators : I would like to know why I ask for veggie plants and it was excepted years ago but now the moderators saying it is food. The plants have not come into food until later on. Please verify to me the reason I would appreciate it ...ty Dawn Request: Strawberry Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - If anyone can spare some strawberry plants I would love to come and get them. ty Request: Strawberry & Raspberry Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - If by any chance anyone out there is able to spare out of their garden for strawberry plants and raspberry canes, would be most appreciated. ty. Request: Strawberry&Raspberry Plants (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Please:: Is there anyone out there can supply me with Ever Bearing Strawberry Plants and Raspberry Canes please. Thank you. Request: Everbearing Strawberries&Raspberries (Oceanside Nanaimo) - Please is anyone able to spare some of ever bearing Strawberries and Raspberries Thank you. Request: Swag Lamp (Oceanside Nanaimo) - If anyone has one and not using it anymore I would appreciate it greatly. It is held up with chain on a hook from the ceiling.Thank you. Request: Swag Lamp (Oceanside Nanaimo) - If anyone has one and not using it anymore I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you. Request: Charcoal Briquettes (Oceanside) - Does anyone have any Briquettes they can spare or not using them anymore. Thank you.