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Request: Flower pots and planters (Hurricane) - Would be interested in any clay flower pots and ceramic planters to use in my garden and for my house plants Request: Storm door and window (Hurricane) - I need a storm door, any size will work just fine. I also could use a window of any size that can be opened and closed. Thanks in advance! Request: Bread machine (Hurricane) Received - Looking for a bread machine that can make up to a 2 pound loaf. Request: Bread machine (Hurricane) Received - Looking for a bread machine Request: Exercise equiptment (Hurricane) Received - Looking for small exercise equipment for teen boy to use, he wants to start working out. We don't have a lot of room for anything large. Request: Paint (Hurricane) - Will take any unwanted usable leftover latex paint of any color to use on some projects. Thanks in advance Request: Large tent (Hurricane) - Looking for a ten person or larger tent Request: Chimnea firepit (Hurricane) - Looking for a clay Mexican fire pit in usable condition please Request: Guinea pig cage (Hurricane) - In need of a guinea pig cage asap! Thanks in advance! Request: Bird cage (Hurricane) - Looking for a Bird cage please Request: Holiday decorations (Hurricane) - Looking for any unwanted holiday decorations and serving dishes for any holiday. I'm trying to step up my decorating game for my family for next year. Thanks in advance! Request: Birds (Hurricane) - Looking for a pair of birds if anyone has any to rehome. Thanks Request: House plant clippings (Hurricane) - Does anyone have and house plant clippings or starts to share? I have a few I don't mind sharing in exchange Request: Indoor paint (Hurricane) - Looking for leftover usable wall paint. I'm getting ready to repaint a few rooms and thought maybe I could use up someone's leftovers to save them from going to waste before I consider getting a whole bunch of new to have a bunch leftover. I prefer to repurpose and make use of leftovers. Thanks in advance! Request: Aquarium (Hurricane) - Looking for a small tabletop aquarium for a few fish Request: Pond liner (Hurricane) - Looking for a small pond liner to make a small fish pond. Would be interested in any pond supplies as well. Thanks in advance. Request: Cage (Hurricane) - In need of an indoor cage or hutch big enough for two guinea pigs. Thanks in advance Request: Indoor/outdoor paint (Hurricane) - Will take any leftover usable paint. Prefer no oil based please. Could use wood stains also. Let me know what you have, thanks in advance! Request: Glass doors (Hurricane) - Looking for any unwanted glass doors such as storm doors, French type full glass doors, and screen doors. I am planning to repurpose them. Thanks in advance! Request: Cat litter buckets (Hurricane) - Looking for yellow "tidy cat" cat litter buckets. I plan to repurpose them as nest boxes if anyone has any to get rid of. Thanks in advance. Request: Tent (Hurricane) - Looking for a good sized camping tent Request: Kitchen counter top (Hurricane) - Looking for a kitchen counter top without sink cut out. Can be any color and any age. I would like to repurpose it. Thanks! Request: Shelf (Hurricane) Received - Looking for a sturdy shelf or cabinet to hold canned food. Doesn't matter what color or anything, just need it to be sturdy enough to hold canned food. Thanks Request: Screen door (Hurricane) - Need a screen door or storm door, doesn't have to have screen in tact Request: Windows (Hurricane) - Looking for small windows with glass in tact that can be opened. Could also use a glass storm door with frame as well. Request: Latex paint (Hurricane) - Will take any indoor/outdoor latex paint and paint supplies that are still in good usable condition. No rusty cans please, paint must still be usable. Request: Animal supplies (Hurricane) - Looking for any unwanted supplies that can be used for chickens and rabbits. We can use anything - fence wire, posts, cages, feeders, waterers, nestboxes, tarps, scrap lumber anything really that we could repurpose. Thanks for considering Offer: Trampoline pad (Hurricane) - 12' trampoline bumper pad that goes over the springs. Blue in color. Will meet in the Hurricane/Milton area Request: House plants (Hurricane) - Looking for house plants of any kind if anyone has any - or any "starts" they would be willing to share. Hurricane or surrounding areas Request: Prom dresses (Hurricane) - Searching for any formal and semi formal dresses and shoes of all sizes to be donated to a local school's dress closet. The girls will be able to go to the dress closet (located inside the school) and borrow a dress and shoes to wear to homecoming, prom, etc then return it back to the closet for someone else to wear. A lot of the girls are not able to attend these events because it is not in their family's budget. So if you have or know someone that has any of these items that they would like to donate for a great cause just let me know and I will make arrangements for a meet and pickup! Thanks a bunch!