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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: White ceramic tiles (Kilbarchan) - 17 of these 15cm square white ceramic tiles.
Photo of free White ceramic tiles (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Vax attachments (Kilbarchan) Withdrawn - Unused attachments for a Vax.
Photo of free Vax attachments (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Children’s swimming fins (Kilbarchan) - Size 2.5-4.5. Good condition.
Photo of free Children’s swimming fins (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Wellie boots (Kilbarchan) Gifted - 1 green pair size 3, 1 green pair size 1 and 1 pair Avengers size 1 wellie boots, all good condition and have been wiped down.
Photo of free Wellie boots (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Boy’s boots, size 3.5 (Kilbarchan) Withdrawn - Brown boots, Clark’s, hardly worn. Size 3.5G.Have zip up sides but also laces.
Photo of free Boy’s boots, size 3.5 (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Half a roll of Minion wallpaper (Kilbarchan) Expired - Half a roll of Minions wallpaper, either for matching existing wallpaper or could be used for a craft/up cycling project. Offer: Girl’s kilt, size 10 years (Kilbarchan) Gifted - Girl’s kilt, size 10 years, Glen Appin brand, worn once, dark blue and green (Black Watch?).
Photo of free Girl’s kilt, size 10 years (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Mothercare Malmo car seat (Kilbarchan) Gifted - Black Universal Mothercare Malmo child’s car seat, good condition.
Photo of free Mothercare Malmo car seat (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Graco car seat (Kilbarchan) Gifted - Grey and black Graco car seat, good condition, universal, 15-36kg.
Photo of free Graco car seat (Kilbarchan)
Photo of free Graco car seat (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Boy’s skinny fit jeans (Kilbarchan) Expired - Matalan boy’s jeans, skinny fit, never worn. Age 9.
Photo of free Boy’s skinny fit jeans (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Kids AC/DC T shirts (Kilbarchan) Expired - 2 AC/DC T-shirts, fit 8-9 year old, good condition.
Photo of free Kids AC/DC T shirts (Kilbarchan)
Offer: 2 Clini Fast kid's vests (Kilbarchan) Expired - 2 unused Clini Fast vests, size 2-5 years. Box says 'ready to wear for wet and dry wrapping and dressing retention'. Got them for stopping scratching after eczema cream applied. Boxed and unused.
Photo of free 2 Clini Fast kid's vests (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Kid's plastic chair and table (Kilbarchan) Expired - Little red plastic chair and blue plastic table, good condition. Handy for extra table space, painting /drawing.
Photo of free Kid's plastic chair and table (Kilbarchan)
Offer: Kid's wooden chalkboard/easel (Kilbarchan) Gifted - One side is a magnetic whiteboard, with magnet of numbers and letters, the other is a chalkboard with clock for learning time and an abacus. There is also a bar for attaching a roll of paper so the child can use it as an easel to paint or draw.
Photo of free Kid's wooden chalkboard/easel (Kilbarchan)
Photo of free Kid's wooden chalkboard/easel (Kilbarchan)
Offer: sturdy folding table (Johnstone) Gifted - Folding table, really sturdy, metal legs, wood effect top. Folds down to be quite narrow. Ideal if you only need extra table or desk space occasionally. Photos show it up (it's a sort of triangular shape) and how narrow it is when folded down.