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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Rooster (Greenbank) - Looking for a young rooster for my flock, no Polish or feathered legs Offer: Dresser (Marysville) Gifted - Minor repairs to drawers
Offer: Iron Dutch Oven (Marysville) Gifted - Rusty, but can be reconditioned. Boy Scout insignia. Offer: Starsan (Marysville) Gifted - Brand new bottle starsan for home brewing
Offer: Sleep Number Mattress (Marysville) Gifted - Works. Queen mattress and Box spring, frame not included.
Offer: 7 dining room chairs (Marysville) Gifted - These are sturdy, but need recovering
Offer: Cinder blocks (Marysville) Gifted - 11-15 cinder blocks Offer: Dining Room Table (Marysville) Gifted - Beautiful, antique Duncan Fife table that goes from very small to seating 10-12 people. One leg is broken, but probably can be fixed. I am moving and can’t take it
Offer: Home Brew Equipment (Marysville) Gifted - Plastic 5 gallon fermenting vessel, 3 gallon glass carboy. Carboy needs cleaning. Offer: Barbecue for Parts (Marysville) Gifted - Propane barbecue with side burner. It limps along, bit is better for parts or scrap metal Offer: Fender Liners for Lexus (Marysville) - New in box, 2 fender liners for Lexus sedan.I no longer own the car
Offer: Wine carafe (Marysville) Gifted - Used twice. Designed to let wine breathe.
Offer: Carpet Sweeper (Marysville) Gifted - Works. No longer need it Offer: Film Scanner (Marysville) Gifted - This scans slides onto a computer. Don’t need it anymore, but it worked great! Offer: Adult Stroller with Tray (Marysville) Gifted - Adult stroller with tray. Needs new harness and cleaning
Offer: Power Lift Recliner (Marysville) Gifted - Chair itself is in decent shape, but the electric part isn’t currently working and I don’t know why. If you are handy and think you can fix it, it would be a great chair again
Offer: Older hens, ducks (Marysville) Gifted - I have 8 older hens I need to re home because I am moving. They range in age from 3-7. Some are still laying: 4 dominiques, 3 Buckeyes, 1 ameracauna. Also 2 Cayuga ducks who lay. Offer: Small Desk (Marysville) Gifted - Small desk. Roll top part doesn’t work.
Offer: Antique Player Piano (Marysville) Gifted - This is my grandmother’s piano. I am moving and can’t take it with me. I have roles for it. There is a hole in the bellies, but when repaired I have seen it play.
Offer: Sorrel Plants (Marysville) Gifted - Freshly dug sorrel plants, good size Offer: PartyLite aroma melts/candles (Marysville) Gifted - PartyLite aroma melts and candles
Offer: Antique Singer Sewing Machine (Marysville) Gifted - Rough shape, has accessories
Offer: Underpads (Marysville) Gifted - 25 packages underpads, for people or dog training
Offer: Canopy Hospital Bed (Marysville) Gifted - Pedicraft Enclosed Ned. Canopy needs replacing, has hand crank to raise head of the bed, needs cleaning, needs disassembly
Offer: Yellow Spray Paint (Marysville) Gifted - Almost full can yellow spray paint
Offer: Oktoberfest Beer Mugs (Marysville) Gifted - 7 genuine Oktoberfest beer mugs
Offer: Unused Plastic Bags (Marysville) Gifted - Unused plastic bags from newspaper route.
Offer: Home Brew Supplies (Marysville) Gifted - Home brew supplies. Carboy needs cleaning.
Offer: Marble Chess Pieces (Marysville) Gifted - Marble chess pieces about 2 inches high, no board.
Offer: Disney Scrapbook Album (Marysville) Gifted - New in package Disney scrapbook album