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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Old cds and CD boxes (Paignton) Gifted - Stack of old copied cds and their plastic cases
Offer: 3 kids plastic chairs (Paignton) - 3 small kids plastic chairs Colour red, though Sun has faded one of them The 2 not faded chairs are in better condition Need a clean
Offer: 3 Ikea plant pots (Paignton) Gifted - 3 light grey pots Quite heavy 37 cm diameter,28 cm high No holes in bottom One has brown stain on one side Good condition, but need a clean
Offer: Cordless circular saw (Paignton) Gifted - Charger appears to work and saw works when batteries charged However, batteries are not charging. They could probably be replaced if you unscrew the battery unit
Offer: Garden bench (Paignton) Gifted - Black wrought Iron sides with wood slats. Small bit rust on Iron but otherwise good condition Wood needs painting and one slat rotted at the end
Offer: Kids cot bed - 2 sides only (Paignton) - 2 sides for a kids cot bed Good condition with plastic protectors on the top of each Offer: Barbecue (Paignton) - Barbecue unit with oven to go on top of brick built frame Bee unused for a few years Rusty, but not rusted through/no holed
Offer: Cat kennel (Paignton) - Made of wood Bottom corner of roof starting to rot Inside mouldy in corners where the edge of the carpet was One leg detached, but still have it
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Offer: Garden table and 2 chairs (Paignton) Gifted - Hardwood table and 2 chairs About 10 years old, not very well looked after, so very worn looking Table a bit warped The other chairs that came with it have broken so these 2 won't last long
Offer: Cake tin (Paignton) Gifted - Cake tin with non stick coating About 8 inch diameter Bottom doesn't come out
Offer: Kids cot bed part (Paignton) - Part of the end panel of kids cot bed
Offer: Tile spacers 2mm (Paignton) - Box of 2 mm tile spacers Approx 100 - 200 Some have a bit of grout stuck on them
Offer: Kids cot bed - 2 sides only (Paignton) - 2 sides for a kids cot bed Good condition with plastic protectors on the top of each
Offer: Kids cot bed (Paignton) Gifted - Wood cot bed Standard size Base can be adjusted to different heights. No mattress Bolts as seen in picture. Theres one insert missing, but I think there are enough bolts
Offer: Deck chair (Paignton) Gifted - Wood frame with green canvas 15 years old but not used much Folds flat
Offer: Packing materials for moving (Paignton) Gifted - Bubble wrap, paper and material for packing crockery, ornaments, etc when moving house
Request: Compost bin (Paignton) Received - Looking for one of those plastic compost bins that go directly on to the earth (no bottom). If anyone has one they no longer use, I can put it to good use. Offer: Curtain rings (Paignton) Gifted - Transparent plastic curtain rings Pack of 16 and pack of 20 36 in total With eyelets at top for curtain hooks
Offer: Curtain rings x 32 (Paignton) Gifted - 32 wood effect curtain rings ( 2 packs of 16 each With smaller eyelets at top for curtain hooks
Offer: Body board polystyrene damaged (Paignton) - Body board with leash Inner polystyrene broken towards the back of the board
Offer: 3 Plastic trays (Paignton) Gifted - 3 Plastic trays Stack together when empty as per photo Approx 40 cm x 40 cm Wheels on bottom tray
Offer: Radio, electric or battery (Paignton) Gifted - Grey portable radio FM, MW, LW In working order, but dirty from being stored in shed. Aerial a bit bent, folds down
Offer: Plastic 2 step stool (Paignton) Gifted - Green plastic stool with 2 steps Carry handle in top step 27 centimetres high Good condition
Offer: Plastic seat/stool/step small (Paignton) Gifted - Blue plastic stool/ step H 26cm W 39 cm D 22 cm
Offer: Suitcase large with wheels (Paignton) Gifted - Large green suitcase H75 x W50 x D24 cm ( D expands up to 29 cm) Extending handle and wheels
Offer: Wall tiles (Paignton) - 22 tiles 20 x 25 cm each Plain, either white or very light cream, can't decide!
Offer: Kids water/sand table (Paignton) Gifted - Clean and in reasonable condition
Offer: Fire basket/grate cast iron (Paignton) - Fire basket/grate cast iron Never used, but a little rusty 37.5 cm x 26 cm
Offer: Curtain poles x 3 football (Paignton) - Black curtain poles x 3 with football decoration at each end 122 cm each excluding footballs
Offer: Sun lounger (Paignton) Gifted - Sun lounger, folds up, fairly clean, starting to wear on the bottom as per photo