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Request: Windows computer tower and monitor (Burlington) Expired - My all in one computer hp broke I can’t afford does anyone have a working windows computer either all in one or the stand and monitor kind Request: Maytag bottom rack dishwasher (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of a Maytag bottom rack dishwasher that still has its wheels on it My bottom broke and missing wheels seems like dishwasher is melting the wheels Request: Mens skates size 13 or 14 (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of mens size 13 or 14 skates For my 14 yr old son Request: Breaches warm or winter (Burlington) Expired - In search of breaches woman’s small or kids large to X-Large Warm ones Request: Half chaps woman size small-medium (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of small- medium half chaps Women If they are kids she would fit in large or X-Large Request: Wii u or Xbox (Burlington) Expired - In search of a wii u or Xbox that can connect to tv to watch Netflix ect as your tv isn’t a smart one Request: Christmas tree (Burlington) Expired - In search of Christmas tree Request: Mens snow pants large to X-Large (Burlington) Expired - Looking for mens snow pants large to X-Large Request: Wheelchair (Burlington) Expired - My dad 75 needs hip replacement does anyone have a wheelchair they are no longer useing in working condition Request: Steel rims 255/65/18 (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of steel rims 255/65/18 Request: Battery and tires size 18 (Burlington) Expired - Long story short found my car that was stolen it needs battery and tires if anyone has any sitting around let me know Request: Kitchen table (Burlington) Expired - There a single mom of 5 young kids she needs a kitchen table to eat at of anyone has one and they can deliver that be great she in Hamilton Request: Fridge (Burlington) Expired - Single mom of 5 young kids needs a fridge the one she has , has no drawers or levels for food someone who can deliver this would be great as she doesn’t drive ect She lives in Hamilton Request: Horse back ridding helmet (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of a small to medium size helmet my daughter is 15 but has small head Request: Ginny pig or rabbit cage (Burlington) Expired - My daughter getting a Ginny pig wondering if anyone has an extra cage they are no longer useing Request: Fridge or freezer (Burlington) Expired - We’re a family of 5 our fridge is on small size so I’m in search of a second one for our basement or a freezer Request: Pressure washer (Burlington) Expired - Does anyone have a pressure washer they not useing let me know Request: Desk (Burlington) Received - In search of a desk for my daughter room Request: Tall boy dresser (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of a tall boy dresser Free: Tree wood (Burlington) Expired - We have left over wood from a tree does anyone want it
Photo of free Tree wood (Burlington)
Request: Double bef (Burlington) Expired - My brother in law living with us I’m in search of a double or queen size bed with frame send pic thank you Request: Plug in hot tub (Burlington) Expired - In search of working plug in hot tub Request: Outdoor firepit (Burlington) Expired - In search of outdoor firepit Request: Deep freezer (Burlington) Expired - I’m in search of a working deep freezer Request: Sweat pants (Burlington) Expired - In search of s-m adult sweat pants of kids Size 14-16 Request: Horse back ridding helmet (Burlington) Expired - Horse back ridding helmet 14 ur old girls she on the small size Also looking for ridding pants small-medium And half chaps Request: Floor lamps (Burlington) Expired - I’m search of 2 floor lamps Request: Half chaps (Burlington) Expired - Does anyone have any half chaps for ridding they no Longer need Request: Horse back ridding (Cambridge) Expired - My daughter starting horseback ridding does anyone have a helmet half chaps or anything she could use ? Request: Double bed frame head n foot (Cambridge) Received - In search of a couple bed frame head and foot