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Request: Skateboard in any condition (Florissant) Expired - We're doing some decorating at our church soon. I'm looking for a couple of skateboards for decorating. Thanks in advance. Request: Saxaphone in any condition (Florissant) Received - Our church is putting on a play and we need a saxaphone for a prop. It doesn't have to be in working condition. It's just a prop. Thanks in advance! Request: skate, bike & sports for decorating (Florissant) Expired - Our church has a big event coming up and I'm looking for items, working or not, for decorating. These are things that may be hung on a wall or from a ceiling. Looking for the following: Bikes, Skateboards, skates, kayak, pretty much any item for moving and activity as such. I'm open to ideas. Thanks in advance. Request: Old iPods, even broken (Florissant) Expired - I'm looking to fix mine but was wondering if anyone has any that I can Frankenstein parts from? Looking for classic iPods. Thanks in advance! Request: DSLR Camera (Florissant) Expired - I have an event coming up and I'd like a good camera, preferably a DSLR for capturing the moments. Even an older model would be better than what I have. Thanks in advance! Free: Overhead Microwave for Scrap (Florissant) Expired - I have a Maytag Microwave range hood for scrap unless you want to try to fix it. It's yours. Request: Cricut or similar (Florissant) Expired - I have some craft projects in the works and I'm looking for a Cricut or other brand vinyl cutter. Did anyone upgrade and looking to get rid of their old one? Thanks in advance!