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Request: Hair dryer, flat iron (80211) Expired - Looking for a hair dryer and a flat iron, if anyone has an extra laying around. I will take one, the other, or both - thanks! Offer: Rice cooker (80211) Gifted - Imusa is the brand. Small: holds 2 cups; used; relatively clean/free of grease/well taken care of; minor scratches/stains in the pot. Works great. Offer: Lightbulbs (80211) Withdrawn - These three, unused lightbulbs do not work in our overhead lights, but maybe they will work in more modern lighting fixtures?
Photo of free Lightbulbs (80211)
Photo of free Lightbulbs (80211)
Offer: Jade plant (80211) Withdrawn - Healthy starts from cuttings. I have four that need homes. Jade like lots of sun and prefer to be dry (I water mine once a month) . They can get really big if put in a large container. Can live outside in summer, however, they need to be kept inside when temperatures are lower than 50. Offer: Bird feeder (80211) Withdrawn - It's pretty big, looks like a house, faded green and pink.
Photo of free Bird feeder (80211)
Offer: Milkweed seeds (80211) Expired - I have literally hundreds of them coming off my plants right now. Although they are not easy to start, they are extremely hardy in our climate once established. This is the same milkweed that monarch butterflies lay their eggs on. Offer: Tacoma truck bed rail caps (80211) Expired - 2nd generation (2014 - 2017) Toyota Tacoma plastic bed rail caps, for a long bed truck (72 inches), clips onto the body. Offer: Mirrors / Closet door (80211) Expired - There're two sets of mirrors. One is actually a pair of sliding closet doors that are about 76" tall. There are also two regular mirrors 32" x 14" approximately. No frame or back structures. Could be hung with mirror clips from Ace. Offer: Two metal trash cans (80211) Expired - No lids; some mud on the inside but hardly any rust! They're in good condition. Offer: Camera tripod (80211) Gifted - It's pretty big - can hold an SLR. It's legs are not extended in the photo.
Photo of free Camera tripod (80211)
Offer: Car Sunshade (80211) Expired - A pair of 32" x 34" rounded squares. In less than pristine condition, but not bad - it was broken and I fixed it so a bit ragged on the edge in one spot, and potential that they can break again. They are the kind that are with lightwieght fabric with wire around the edge and supposed to fold up to store underseat - I just had a hard time with the fold up part, but they work well for the shading part. Offer: A few wooden dowels (80211) Expired - There's 7 long dowels. They are little - less than half an inch wide, approximately, and they are square or flat, not round.
Photo of free A few wooden dowels (80211)
Offer: Daylily (80211) Gifted - I ordered daylilies and they sent me an extra - I really want to find it a home since I don't have room for it. It's a rose purple and ivory frilly variety, that grows around 32" tall. Right now it is the roots and three solid fans that will grow into full plants. Hope to give it to someone today as it has already been a week out of the ground!
Photo of free Daylily (80211)
Request: Fat Bubble Wrap (80211) Expired - The bubble wrap with the bigger sized bubbles - about 1 inch across. Thanks! Offer: Mini camera tripod (80211) Gifted - Compact tripod for point and shoot sized cameras. When folded up it is 5.5 inches long. Photo shows example of it holding a camera, but the camera is not included - this offer is for the tripod only.
Photo of free Mini camera tripod (80211)
Offer: Canon Lens / Body covers (80211) Gifted - For Canon EOS camera body and lenses. For example, when your lens is unattached, this protects the sensors by covering the back of the lens and the front attachment face of the camera. Offer: Seeds! (80211) Gifted - Most are from last year but some are older. Some are half-used packets, some were harvested. Cilantro Beet Black Spanish Radish Rainbow Chard Bok Choy Sage Watermelon Cantaloupe Eggplant (Shooting Star) Spinach Collards Sorrel Lettuce (Green) Also 4 Dahlia seeds (Black Beauty) and an unopened pack of "Rocky Mountain Mixture Wildflowers" Offer: Flea/tick shampoo for cats (80211) Expired - It's several years old; most of a 12 oz bottle. Offer: Plastic tubes /greenhouse? (80211) Gifted - These are plastic tubes cut into seven pieces. I used these tubes as support structures for greenhouses : they curved over a raised bed and then I secured plastic sheeting over the top, like the photo but with a plastic sheet. Of course, they can have other uses as well, but that gives you an idea of the lengths they are cut into.
Photo of free Plastic tubes /greenhouse? (80211)
Photo of free Plastic tubes /greenhouse? (80211)
Photo of free Plastic tubes /greenhouse? (80211)
Offer: Roll out flowers / Seeds (80211) Gifted - This is a thing you roll out in your garden and it's full of seeds, supposedly you just water it and they grow! It's for a shady area, five feet long, but I bet you could shorten it. It's also several years old - I bought it in 2015. So who knows if it will work anymore, but maybe some experimental gardener would want to give it a try?
Photo of free Roll out flowers / Seeds (80211)
Offer: Healthy Sage Plant (80211) Gifted - I have a sage plant (the herb - not the one that takes over your garden) that I had to displace. I just pulled it out of the ground and gave it B vitamins, but I hope to find someone who can take it as soon as possible and put it back in the ground or an decent sized container. It's nearly a foot across and overwintered so it's extremely hardy. Once established I basically did absolutely nothing for it and it flourished last year, as well as was a great herb to have on hand. I hope it finds a new home! Offer: Items for a small pet (80211) Expired - I have a little hide (it looks like a tree stump but it's plastic) and a little dish (about 4" across, looks like a rock) that were originally for a tarantula, so they'd be good for a baby or small reptile too, like a baby gecko or tiny lizard or snake that could coil up inside. Offer: Wireless Mouse (80211) Gifted - It's red with R, L, and Center scroll wheel. It does work, but does not have a battery - takes a single AA. Offer: 36 Gladiolus bulbs (80211) Gifted - I bought these last year from Home Depot, so no guarantees on results. Offer: Embroidery Thread (80211) Expired - Thread for embroidery machine - I have five partially used spools: lavender, aqua, mint, and a fuchsia sort of pink, plus white bobbin thread. I also have a little spool of glow-in-the-dark. I hope they can go to someone who will use them! Offer: Wire rack (80211) Expired - For hanging on your wall, there are two of them, each with two shelves, about a foot long. See photo.
Photo of free Wire rack (80211)
Photo of free Wire rack (80211)
Offer: Solar panel (80211) Gifted - 12 volt; connects to a 12 volt battery.
Photo of free Solar panel (80211)
Offer: Orange bracelet via refugee crisis (80211) Gifted - This bracelet was made out of a refugee's life vest and the funds from it's purchase were donated to the ongoing efforts of aid and asylum for these refugees in Europe. The bracelet though, is a bit too small for me - it's 16.5 cm in circumference so it's small keep in mind. The clasp is magnetic. I did wear it one or two times, but it's not heavily used. I wouldn't say it's super nice or fancy, but it's cool and could start a conversation. Or if you like neon orange. (If you are interested in donating to this cause: zoebands.com)
Photo of free Orange bracelet via refugee crisis (80211)
Offer: Seed starter cups (80211) Gifted - These are the fiber cups that you plant seeds in to start them, then when they are ready to go outdoors you just put the whole cup into the ground. I have, like, two trays of ten and another tray or two that are broken apart but still usable.
Photo of free Seed starter cups (80211)
Offer: Futon/Couch (80211) Gifted - It's a small, black couch that the back folds down to make a futon type bed, but it's not actually a futon. The material is vinyl (faux leather) and is in poor condition - worn away in parts and getting raggy in others. Otherwise, it's totally usable and in decent shape.