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Request: yoga blocks and mat (Somerset) - would love yoga blocks and mat for pick up. Request: freezer (Somerset) - any size Request: bird feeder (Somerset) - any size. Request: 2 step stepping stool (Somerset) - any color Request: rose vines or lavender plants (Somerset) - i would pick up if you have rose vines or lavender plants Request: any flower plants (Somerset) - would take any flower plants to replant. Request: Clausen pickle empty jars (Somerset) - I will pick up Request: 2 quart reusable garden pots (Somerset) - Will pick up asap. Request: Hanging bird feeders (Somerset) - Will pick up asap Request: Fabric and elastic for mask making (Somerset) - I will pick up soon. Request: Peanut or pretzel jars (Somerset) - Looking for peanut or pretzel jars.quick pick up. Request: Wireless earbuds with microphonr (Somerset) - I will pick up asap. Request: Cotton fabric and elastic (Somerset) - Looking for above for masks. Request: wardrobe or closed shelves (Somerset) - any closed shelves Request: Spray bottles empty (Somerset) Expired - Looking for empty spray bottles Request: Lawn statues and bird feeders (Somerset) Expired - Quick pick up Request: Portable hard drive (Somerset) Expired - Willing to pick up asap. Request: Bottom line newsletter (Somerset) Expired - Looking for bottom line newletters Request: Karoake machine (Somerset) Expired - Will pick up asap. Request: Portable mike or karaoke mike (Somerset) Expired - Quick pick up Request: Swimwear xxl large (Somerset) Expired - Good condition ones Request: Board games for 6 to 8yr old (Somerset) Expired - Quick pick up Request: Vision wear pots with handles (Somerset) Expired - Quick pick up Request: Wardrobe or shelves (Somerset) Expired - Would pick up shelves or wardrobes. Needed one badly. Request: Compression socks ladies needed (Somerset) Expired - Quick pick up Request: Hibiscus plant (Somerset) Expired - Looking for hibiscus plant. Request: Yoga blocks and mat (Somerset) Expired - Neesd yoga mat and blocks Request: Orchid cactus (Somerset) Expired - Asking for a orchid cactus plant Request: Foam rollers (Somerset) Expired - Any size for arthritis pain. Quick pick up Request: Hanging pots (Somerset) Expired - Any hanging pots to share