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Offer: Random plastic pots (Hitchin) - Can’t help but try and save and reuse but can’t keep everything!!! All washed in dishwasher
Offer: Wooden pallet (Letchworth) - One wooden pallet 120cm X 120cm Collection west view Letchworth Offer: Wooden pallet (Letchworth) - One wooden pallet 120cm X 120cm Collection west view Letchworth Request: SAD lamp (Hitchin) - Morning all Looking for one of the lamps to try combat the winter blues. Thanks in advance Offer: Rope ladder (Hitchin) - Snapped off the now rotten climbing frame. Hopefully it can find a use elsewhere
Offer: Car seat straps GRACO (Hitchin) - Unused
Offer: Mop (Hitchin) - Collection ASAP Offer: Mop (Hitchin) - Collection ASAP Offer: Mop (Hitchin) - Collection ASAP Offer: Girls toys (Hitchin) - Random bits best suited to younger girl
Request: Ladies ski trousers size 14 (Hitchin) - Hi all Looking for some Ski trousers please. Kind regards Rachel Request: Wool (Upwey) - 11 year old daughter can’t get enough to make pom poms. Thanks in advance for any donations! Request: Plastic or white drawer unit (Hitchin) - Hi there Looking for something no taller than 68cm pls with wheels. Ideally not much wider than 30cm. Thanks in advance Request: Non stick milk pan (Hitchin) - Hi all Looking for a non stick small pan to make porridge in the mornings please. Needs to have a magnetic base for the induction hob. Thanks in advance Rachel Offer: Wooden pallet (Letchworth) - One wooden pallet Collection west view Letchworth Offer: Shoes and slippers (Hitchin) - Bundle are 5.5 and 6. Boots need reheeling Grey slipper boots 3-4
Offer: Random bits mainly toys (Hitchin) - Pottery wheel not included Wool not included in knits cool Brand new tooth whitening pen Shower timers Badges Plastic travel pots Old shoe laces (conkers?) Broken necklace Velvet choker Smuggle lamp thing 24 princess invites Lunch bag
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Request: Rotary washing line (Hitchin) - Hubby managed to snap the base pole in ours so we have a short line now!!! Anyone have a complete line or even the base pole would be worth a try. Thanks in advance Offer: Bay leaves (Hitchin) - Carrier bag of bay leaves still on branches Offer: Bay leaves (Hitchin) - Carrier bag of bay leaves still on branches Offer: Various (Hitchin) - Several bits all surplus to requirements Two strong 25kg empty salt bags Life jacket Black IBM rucksack Kids lunch bags/box Random stuff Knits cool is without the wool! Disney drawstring back but grubby Document wallets and open wallets Water balloons Old shoe laces (conkers?) Couple of calculators Various stationery bits ( not tray) Think the pink pads are toddler elbow protectors Minecraft glasses The pj bottoms are a 10 but need new elastic so now too long for me. Lunch bag showing signs of wear on edges A4 folder with plastic wallets inside Various travel bottles Wedding/hen do bits
Request: Dressmaking/ sewing bits (Hitchin) - My 11 year old daughter is getting a sewing machine so anything from scraps of material to dressmaking scissors would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks in advance Request: 2 slot toaster (Hitchin) - Ours gave up last week. Ideally one that takes thicker slices too. many thanks in advance Offer: Wood (Upwey) Gifted - Various bits from kitchen fitting Maybe more when collected
Offer: Faulty toaster (Hitchin) - Not sure why it’s stopped working. Checked fuse but no luck.Hopefully someone might be able to sort it.
Offer: Clock faulty (Hitchin) Gifted - Not working but the right person might be able to sort it!
Offer: Various items (Hitchin) Gifted - Random stuff to give away White top size 10-12 has slight mark where pencil tip is Cushions been outside so might come up with a wash Box of random toy bits (box not included) Collection Benslow Lane
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Offer: Soap dispenser pumps (Hitchin) - Swapped to regular bars of soap
Request: Wool (Hitchin) - Anything considered as just for my daughter to make Pom poms. Thanks in advance x Offer: Talk talk router (Upwey) Gifted - No longer required