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Offer: Plant pot holders (Malvern Link) - 1 brown plaited rafia 2 matching but different sizes china green and white All to go together Offer: Three plantpot holders (Malvern Link) - 1 raffia (brown 2 matching, but different sizes china, green and white. all to go together Offer: Tomato plant (Malvern Link) - Some weeks ago, I was given a tomato plant by a kind member of this or another group. It is now producing green tomatoes about the size of table tennis balls and spreading prolifically over about a square metre of garden. I should be pleased to give this to be rehomed by someone with a greenhouse, perhaps with the odd red tomato thrown in my direction if possible, in due course. Offer: Small Freezer (Malvern Link) Withdrawn - May only be useful for storage, as I'm dubious about whether it works. Will have to go to the tip if no one wants it (not quite sure how a 79-year-old will manage this!). Offer: Insulated box (Malvern Link) - Lightweight Insulted polystyrene box with lid, the size of a medium suitcase, used to transport frozen food. Offer: Small Freezer (Malvern Link) - May only be useful for storage, as I'm dubious about whether it works. Offer: Garden plants (Malvern Link) Gifted - Lots! Mostly mature perennials, many from Chelsea Flower Show originally. To go now or whenever you are ready. Offer: Programmes, some decades old (Malvern Link) Gifted - Over 100 Covent Garden, London theatres, various programes. To go in groups of about one third initially. Offer: Newspapere (Malvern Link) Gifted - Still plenty left. Let me know when you can collect. Offer: Books (Malvern Link) - English Language Books (not boring!) by Jill Bray "English Essentials Explained" Packs of 48 (can be split) Offer: Books (Malvern Link) - English Language Books (not boring!) "English Essentials Explained" Packs of 48 (can be split) Offer: Newspapers (Malvern Link) - Broadsheet newspapers, Lots! Will go to recycling if no one wants them. Offer: White insulated boxes with lids (Malvern Link) Gifted - These were used to transport frozen food from Scotland. I have three: two the size of small suitcases and one a bit smaller. I shall keep one. Offer: 5 lever arch files (Malvern Link) - Five A4 lever arch files, two large and three smaller, to go in two lots, unless of interest to only one person. Five different colours, in good condition.. Jill Bray Offer: Broadsheet newspapers (Malvern) - Lots lingering in the garage. Offer: Broadsheet newspapers (Malvern) - As above! Offer: Scart Selector (Malvern) - Links DVD Player Digital Box VCR Camcorder Home Cinema/H-FI Stereo Offer: Tadpoles (Malvern) Gifted - Lots! Offer: Broadsheet Newspapers (Malvern) - I used to find homes for these in the past, but no one seems to want them any more. Shall I just recycle them? Offer: Binders (Malvern) - These were part of something called the Sprint system. The electrical part of the latter has disappeared, but the several hundred binders could have many uses without this.They consist of a white backing and binder, with a transparent A4 sheet attached to the front. Also (to go together if required), at least 50 slidebinders to hold loose sheets. Offer: English Language Books (Malvern) - I taught English as a Foreign Language for aeons, along with English to the English. Now retired, I don’t do this any more unless particularly requested. How I could help you, perhaps, is by giving you a copy (or more) of my book, written for native English speakers. I had this privately published and, for some reason, had far too many printed. Come and see the book at any time and remove as many as you wish from my cellar, where they are safely shrink-wrapped in 48s (you don’t have to have that many or you could have more). You can see more on its rather verbose site, ”. Jill Offer: Pond Oxygenating Plant (Malvern) - Enough for several people. Will post again if it all floats away! You would need a bucket to transport it. Offer: Pond Oxygenating Plant/Perenniel Plants (Malvern) - There is plenty of pond plant for 3-5 people - shan't know until we start pulling it out. Plenty of perennial plants also, many tall and vigorous. Directions on request. Offer: Computer Monitor (Malvern Link) - This was working when I exchanged it for a larger one. Not sure how to measure, but a medium size. Offer: Newspapers (Malvern Link) Gifted - I have copies of a broadsheet which may be useful. I can save these for collection at intervals to suit you. Offer: Printing Cartridge for Fax Machine (Malvern Link) - PC-75 for use with FAX-T102, 104, 106 3 new Offer: Pond Oxygenating Plant (Malvern Link) Gifted - Enough for several people. Bring waterproof container. Offer: Printing Cartridge for Fax Machine (Malvern Link) - PC-75 for use with FAX-T102, 104, 106 3 new, one partly used Offer: Perenniel plants (Malvern Link) - A bag of perenniel plants given to me recently, but I have enough. There are two types - I think some may be orange montbrecia (sp?). These should be planted soon, so first offer will be accepted. Offer: Old meat tin (Malvern Link) - Would take a small chicken, but now only useful for?