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Offer: Prescription Diet K/d dried dog food. Garran - There's about just under a half a bag of this specialist dog food. My little boy succumbed to old age and I have this left. It's not a general dog food but prescribed if a dog has renal (kidney) problems.Alma
Photo of free Prescription Diet K/d dried dog food. Garran
Offer: African Violets. Garran - I have 2 of these beautiful plants but they're not thriving with me any more. They were given to me by a neighbour for helping her on some chores but I obviously don't have the necessary knowledge and skills to make sure they do well. This is their second year with me and they did well initially but in the last few months have gone down hill, poor d things. I don't want them to die so who can give them a good home? One has a purple flower, the other is Magenta (which is esp unwell).Alma.
Photo of free African Violets. Garran
Offer: Crochet hooks. Garran Gifted - Bit of an assortment here, including some steel ones for very fine lace making. These are quite old, called vintage I guess,ū in these sizes:5, 5½, 6 and two size 2s, and a couple still have their metal end protectors. Then there's the standard modern ones mainly plastic but a couple are metal and one is wood, in larger sizes 6mm to about 4mm.Hope somebody can give them a good home. Alma
Photo of free Crochet hooks. Garran
Photo of free Crochet hooks. Garran
Offer: neoprene laptop case. Garran Expired - It's in very good condition and hardly used (maybe once). Black and 30 cm X 40 cm, zippered. Needs a new home.
Photo of free neoprene laptop case. Garran
Offer: Suspension files, Garran Expired - Thank you Freecyclers. I been offered these so I will have sufficient. Just trying to head off more generosity! Thank you.Alma Request: Suspension files. Garran Expired - I need about up to a dozen of those (usually) green hanging files for my filing cabinet. Does anybody have some spares in reasonable, usable condition they no longer need? I'd prefer southside.Thank you in anticipationAlma Offer: pink baby bath. Garran Expired - This bath fits across the bathtub and the hammock can be removed. There is a reclining end and a sitting up end as your baby starts to grow. A plug in the bottom allows you to drain the water when finished. It's been sitting in the storage room for a while and no longer needed. I've given it a good clean with detergent and disinfectant and dried it out in the sun.A Offer: 2 drawers from old IKEA wardrobe. Garran Expired - The wardrobe is long gone but the 2 drawers are still going strong. I used them as underbed storage. One is even on wheels. Won't fit under my new bed.70 cm X 55 cm X 15 cmAlma Offer: Tupperware cereal container. Garran Expired - This is old school Tupperware, a bit vintage but in good condition. Collect from Garran or somewhere else as I do get about south Canberra.Alma Offer: chrome shower caddy - Garran (Edited by Mod) Expired - It's in good nick. Surplus to requirements as I'm down to one bathroom. This was in the spare bathroom so not used much Alma Offer: storage bags for blankets and dresses. Garran Expired - 2 in each pack, never opened. Quilt/blanket bags: 90cm X 70cmDress bags: 137cm X 60cmZippered. Made of heavy gauge polyethylene the description says. A Offer: Swing-top kitchen tidy. Garran Expired - This white kitchen tidy bin has never been used for purpose. It has always been inside behind the kitchen door holding the recycling, so it's nice and clean and the lid fits properly. It's 27 litre size.Alma Offer: blow up mattress. Garran Expired - It's a Li-Lo and is actually a wide single size. Flock or velour type finish on the top with baffles to keep it reasonably flat.Did a test inflation and it's sound. Has 2 inlet spots so you can manually pump or use a hairdryer.A Offer: inflatable mattress. Garran Expired - This is a double bed width inflatable mattress, with velour on the top side. It has an inbuilt manual pump (second pic), for that little bit of exercise. Needs a new home.Alma Offer: steel beams and brackets for a bed. Garran Expired - You can build yourself a bed.I have available the 2 long beams and 4 ends brackets from an old bed. The beams are angle iron so very strong. Rather than putting into recycling these heavy duty steel pieces can be used again if you are into building your own bed. I even have a base that can sit on those beams but it needs a bit of a tidy up.CheersAlma Offer: steel bed beams GARRAN Gifted - Forgot to add suburb Offer: bed valances. Garran Expired - 1 single bed valance with the skirt part a broderie Anglaise pattern. White/cream. Reasonable condition. 1 double bed in dark green, with wide pleats. In very good condition. Alma Offer: small clock, needs fixing. Garran Expired - Anyone out there fancy turning their hand to clock mending? This is a few years old and worked by winding a spring, not replacing a battery. But I guess it's been over-wound but maybe if you want to try to fix it... The back is screwed on so you can get to the watch works. Alma Offer: champagne glasses. Garran Expired - Not flutes but the once fashionable bowl shape. 4 of the wider styles, 2 narrower. Could be used for fancy desserts too. A Offer: small brown glass jars. Garran Expired - There are 6 X 120 ml jars and 1x 60 ml. They're empty Aesop cream jars, nice and clean with lids but still with the labels. Can someone give them another life?Alma Offer: Hanging shoe storage - Garran (Edited by Mod) Expired - This hangs off the wardrobe rail and has 6 spaces for shoes or whatever. Quite a useful storage unit that no longer fits into my new wardrobe. A Offer: absorbent pads. Garran Expired - I have about a dozen of these Haines absorbent liners or pads. They're 90 X 60 cm and disposable. Hopefully they'll be needed by someone.Alma Offer: artificial flowers. Garran Expired - A big bunch of fabric flowers needing a new home.Alma Offer: couple of small electrical items. Garran Expired - I have a Sunbeam electric knife (!!) And a Breville small jaffle or toasted sandwich maker. In good nick.A Offer: Folding Quick Smart stroller. Garran Expired - Red foldable stroller available. Brand is "Quick Smart". It's light and has the usual safety harness to keep your toddler secure. Also has a fold over sun shade and a (very) small tray underneath for storage. It's in good condition. Was passed to me by a neighbour to find a home for it. Offer: back pack to carry your little doggie. Garran Expired - Made for a little dog under 4 kgs. Only used a couple of times.Alma Offer: absorbent bed pad. Garran Expired - For a single bed. It's never been used for its purpose.... CheersAlma Offer: King single bed with photo. Garran Expired - An older style king single bed. This time with photo. Includes the mattress. Easily disassembled. Offer: double bed with upholstered bedhead. Garran Expired - An older style double bed with this upholstered bedhead. The wooden base for the mattress can be included if you want it but mattress not included. Or you can just take the bed head. CheersA. Offer: 4 drawer chest of drawers. Garran Expired - A nice little chest of draws, not a tall boy or anything like that. Easily fits into your car for easy take away. A.