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Request: baby pool for ducklings - Hazelhurst, Ferndale Expired - We’re looking for a plastic (not inflatable) pool for little ducklings. It can be dirty, but must be leak-free. They’re usually about 3-4 feet in diameter. Thank you very much! Asili Request: bird cage - Hazelhurst, Ferndale Expired - I'm adopting a birdie, I think it's a parakeet and I need a cage, please! Medium size preferred (it comes with a very large cage, which will take up too much of my living room) Thank you! Request: dining chair - Ferndale Expired - Looking for a simple wooden dining chair to have as a spare. Preferably no cushion, or decoration - non smoking home Thank you much!!! Offer: cast iron griddle - Ferndale Expired - put on stove top or in oven to grill or make pancakes Offer: movable dishwasher - Ferndale Expired - I have a movable dishwasher that works! However, the top wood is gone. Therefore the top is bare, meaning you see the insulation and some pipes. Or use for scrap metal... PPU probably needs two people Request: small mircrowave - Ferndale Expired - If you have a small functional microwave, I'd love to have it! Thanks Asili Request: book shelves - Ferndale Expired - Hello, any size any shape, just need some storage in the basement ( I will have to be able to fit it in my little car...) Thanks for considering Asili Request: urgent - craft foam - Leroy, Ferndale Expired - Hi All, do you have some craft foam around the house? I will happily pick up today! My daughter wants it for a project. Thank you Asili Request: small fish tank with wire mesh top - Leroy, Ferndale Expired - Hi all, I'm looking for a small fish tank to borrow or keep. I need it to have a wire mesh top. I will raise monarch butterflies in it. I already have them, they are growing fast and I'd love one very soon :) If you have one, PLEASE let me know and I'll pick up right away. Thank you Asili Request: small fish tank with wire mesh top - Leroy, Ferndale Expired - I want to use it to raise a few monarch butterflies. I can return it after a month or so if prefered Thank you Asili Offer: wooden bunk bed - Leroy, Ferndale Gifted - the bed is in good shape and looks nice, it can also be set up as two twin bed (as we had it the last two years) We have all parts. Standard twin size Mattresses NOT included Please consider length of a bed when picking up, we're happy to help you load it! Request: hexagontal baby/dog gate - Leroy Ferndale Expired - still looking for a free standing dog/baby gate. They are usually hexagontal when in use and fold fairly flat for storage. Anybody got one laying around? Thank you Offer: Car booster seat w/o back - Leroy Expired - I only have the base, which elevates a kids to buckle properly. Perfect for car pooling, taking other kids home from school, etc. thanks Offer: 2 containers of paint thinner - Leroy Expired - Rectangular metal "bottles" they are old, but I don't think they go bad... Offer: large blue tarp - Leroy Expired - It's been tied up, but I believe it's in good shape... Offer: car sun shade for inside windshield - Leroy Expired - Aluminum "fabric" silver on one side, blue on the other Offer: IKEA rug, pink with circles - Leroy Expired - It's about 4'x4' and pale pink with nine different colored circles on it Request: hexagontal baby/dog gate - Leroy Ferndale Expired - Hello, Im looking for a freestanding baby/dog enclosesure to take my bunny outside. Thank you!!! Request: live rat/rodent trap - Leroy, Ferndale Expired - I could use a rat trap, but I want it to be a live trap. Usually they're made out of metal and look like a small cage. A larger one (for raccoons) could work as well. Thank you!!! Request: wood to extend my coop - Ferndale Expired - Any type of wood, long pieces preferred, I'll be happy to pick up today - Sunday Thank you Request: small piece of furniture with doors - Ferndale Expired - I cannot use it if it has drawers. Thank you Asili Offer: bunny food and bedding - Ferndale Gifted - I have a full bag of rabbit food. Our bunny just doens't like it. Oxbow - brand name I bag of shredded paper bedding (recylced) we now use a jute mat... Offer: red, round IKEA rug Gifted - It's probably about 5' round, warm deep (fairly bright) red, nice and thick, from IKEA. Couple of stains that might be removable. Probably perfect to "warm up" a basement room.