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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Bread Maker (Wyoming) - In good working condition please Offer: Vanity hand basin & taps (Wyoming) - White basin, silver spout. white taps. Good condition. If you are interested send me an email address so I can email a photo to you. Offer: Craft item (Wyoming) - I have 6 small Super 8 film reels which could be used for a craft project. Offer: Chicken Pellets (Wyoming) Gifted - 1 large bag of Barastoc Essential Feeds Golden Yokes complete and balanced everyday pellet Offer: Suitcase (Wyoming) Gifted - I have a large (78 x 44 x 28) black suitcase with wheels and an extendable handle which I no longer use and would like to give to someone who can use it. If you send me your email address I will send you a couple of photos. Offer: Large suitcase (Wyoming) - I have a large black suitcase (79 x 44 x 28) with 2 wheels and extending handle which I don't use any more and would be happy to give it to someone who will. If you send me your email address I will send you photos of it. Offer: Egg cartons (Wyoming) - Good egg cartons - suitable for worm farms, etc. Offer: Language Books (Wyoming) - We have a variety of old language books & tapes - Spanish, Latin, Esparanto, "Selezione dal Reader's Digest","Selecciones del Reader's Digest" which we would like to give away. Offer: Used greeting cards (Wyoming) Gifted - I have a bundle of used greeting cards and some animal photos which could be used for craft workshops. I hope someone out there can use them. Offer: Used Xmas cards (Wyoming) - If you are a craft person would you like the front half of our used Xmas cards? I hope someone can find them useful. Like most of the contributors to TrashNothing I hate creating unwanted rubbish. Offer: Photo developing trays (Wyoming) - I have 3 trays from our days of developing our own photos. If you would like them please let me know. Offer: Electric Knife blades (Wyoming) - I have 4 pairs of electric knife blades to give away. Sorry but I don't remember the brand of the original knife. Offer: Recorder & music (Wyoming) Gifted - I have a Suzuki recorder and 3 recorder music books which I would like to give to a good home. Offer: Mulberry Leaves (Wyoming) - If you or your children have silk worms I have mulberry leaves for them. Request: Men's Push Bike (Wyoming) - My adult son needs a push bike as bus services here are not easy to access. Please let me know if you have one for us and, if so, where and when we can pick it up. Offer: Bar Fridge (Wyoming) Gifted - As we are not using our bar fridge anymore we would like to offer it to someone who can use it. Offer: Garden Pebbles (Wyoming) Gifted - If you would like some garden pebbles (mainly white) all you need to do is come along with a container, rake them up from the centre of our driveway and take them home. Offer: Egg Cartons (Wyoming) - I have some more egg cartons available - last time taken for worm farms. Offer: Christmas Cards (Wyoming) Gifted - If you are a craft person would you like our Christmas Cards - front pages only with pictures/designs only as I have removed the 2nd page with the messages from our family and friends. Offer: Men's Protective Underwear (Wyoming) - Part packet of Tena M size men's pants. Request: Floor Mats (Wyoming) - If you have some floor mats you are not using I would love to have them to put on my wooden floors. A hall runner would also be great and a mat to put under my computer chair. I can pick them up anytime that suits you. Offer: Meals for Easy Swallowing (Wyoming) - I have a book put out by the Muscular Dystrophy Association with lists and recipes for Meals for Easy Swallowing which I would like to give to somone who can use it. Offer: Mead (Wyoming) Gifted - We have 2 unopened bottles of Mount Vincent Mead from Mudgee - 1 White Box and 1 Yellow Box. Can't remember when we bought them but someone might like to give them a try. Request: Clothes drying rack (Wyoming) - I would love to get a clothes drying rack, so if you have one you are not using please may I have it? Request: mobility lounge chair (Wyoming) - We need an electronic mobility armchair so I really hope that someone out there has one to pass on to us. If so we will be forever grateful. Offer: Vogue Women by Georgina Howell (Wyoming) Gifted - This lovely books includes chapters on royalty, society girls, inspirations, muses, dynasties, models, stars, exotics/eccentrics, waifs and icons and is in very good condition, and with lovely photographs. Request: Treadmill (Wyoming) Received - We would like a simple treadmill suitable for an older couple please. Request: Exercise Bike (Wyoming) Received - We would like a simple exercise bike suitable for an older couple please. Offer: Ladies Clothes etc. (Wyoming) Gifted - I have some silk scarves, cotton pareo sarongs and a couple of tablecloths looking for a good home or homes. Offer: Turbo Broiler (Wyoming) Gifted - 1 Imarflex Turbo Broiler (also known as a Multfunctional Convection Oven) operating section to go on a large saucepan. For information to "5 Facts about the Turbo Broiler". If you want a photo I can email it to you.