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Offer: Natural spf 30 Juice Beauty brand (Eckington) Gifted - Have an almost full tube of Juice Beauty Sport sunscreen for porch pick up. It leaves a slight white cast on my skin (I have light olive skin tone) so it’s not for me, but it’s a great popular brand of natural good for you skin products, so if you’re pretty pale or if you don’t mind the slight white cast, this could be for you! Offer: Skincare products (Eckington) Gifted - Barely used products, just didn’t work for me. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, Juice Beauty Sport spf 30 sunscreen, and a huge thing of Vaseline (scented like baby powder). Porch pick up. Please email me the time you’d like to come by.
Photo of free Skincare products (Eckington)
Photo of free Skincare products (Eckington)
Offer: Office supplies, resume paper, etc (Eckington) Gifted - Office supplies to give away: folders with page protectors, Avery 8164 labels, mechanical pencils and pencil lead, fancy resume paper, envelopes, large document envelopes, small sketch book, etc. Offer: IKEA tall Pax wardrobe (Eckington) Expired - condition: fair make / manufacturer: IKEA model name / number: Pax size / dimensions: 39 3/8x23 5/8x93 1/8 " more ads by this user Giving away the wardrobe in the pictures. Already disassembled and ready to haul - heavy and unwieldy, you will need a truck and a second pair of hands (we can help you get it to your truck). The wardrobe itself is in good shape but the thin particleboard backing has little nail rips from being taken apart - once it's nailed back on, you won't be able to see the damage, as it faces the wall. We took apart three of these wardrobes and assembled two in a different room and they assembled fine, so this third one should too. The first picture and second pictures best represent the green color of the doors (the last picture's color is off for some reason). If you want additional details, here's the link (although ours has green doors as pictured, not the brown ones in the link): / Also included if you are interested: / and / (the ball bearings on this one don't work so you can't really pull it in and out but it works great as a hanger)
Photo of free IKEA tall Pax wardrobe (Eckington)
Photo of free IKEA tall Pax wardrobe (Eckington)
Photo of free IKEA tall Pax wardrobe (Eckington)
Offer: Canon 270 271 XL printer cartridge (Eckington) Gifted - A ton of Canon 270 and 271 XL printer cartridges. Porch pick up. Email with time and date you’d like to come by. Offer: Canon 270 271 XL printer cartridges (Eckington) Expired - A ton of Canon 270 and 271 XL printer cartridges. Porch pick up. Email with time and date you’d like to come by. Offer: Sex and the City full set DVDs (Eckington) Expired - DVD set of the entire show, all seasons. Got it from someone else, watched a few, DVDs work great. Porch pick up, please email with time and date you’d like to come by. Request: Baby clothes and items Expired - Hi - we're having a little boy in July. It's our first baby and while we have a crib, play pen, high chair, and car seat, we don't have anything else yet and would like to be as green as possible and get most things used. In particular, clothes! We can generally pick up on the weekends anywhere. Thanks so much! Offer: IKEA pendant lamp (Eckington) Expired - Giving away the HOLJES pendant lamp from IKEA. We have spray painted the chrome a brass color and it’s scratched a bit which you can see in the picture below and we also shortened the stem somewhat so there's a little bit of a disjointed bit, also visible in picture. Otherwise works perfectly. Please email with date and time you would like to pick up. Located in Eckington in DC. Thanks. HÖLJES Pendant lamp - IKEA
Photo of free IKEA pendant lamp (Eckington)
Offer: Lisbon and Portugal guidebooks (Eckington) Expired - 2015 Eyewitness Guidebook to Lisbon and a Rick Steves guidebook to Portugal.. We just used them on our trip this month and they were great and all we needed for a great trip. We got them from freecycle and now are looking to pass them on. Please email with a time and date for porch pickup. Thanks! Offer: Glass shelves, sponge mop, sandalwood soap (Eckington) Expired - Please respond with a date and time you can come get them and which items you're interested in: 1. Three clear, strong glass shelves. Size of each shelf: 13 inches x 18.5 inches. They were shelves that came with a bookshelf we no longer have. 2. Sponge mop handle only - no sponge. You'll have to purchase this type of sponge for it to work: 3. Sandalwood bar soap - we tried it, but the scent is too strong for us. It will make your whole house smell like sandalwood. If you like a super strong sandalwood scent, then this is for you. It's been tried, but is like new. Again, please respond with a date and time you can come get items. Thanks. Offer: tension rod shower curtain (Eckington) Expired - Works fine. Please email with time and date you would like to come for porch pickup. Offer: Natural perfume, lipsticks, Kindle case (Eckington) Expired - Giving away these items: All tried out so not new, but essentially their full size still. Also giving away this Kindle Paperwhite case: Please email with when you'd like to pick up as well as the items that you would like. Offer: rolling desk chair in great shape (Eckington) Expired - Free rolling desk chair in great shape. Black cloth cover, we have a cat who liked to sit on it and it's a little dusty from the basement (that's the white spot, chalk, should dust off easily) but it works great and is in perfect shape. If you just dust it and lint roll it, it should be like new. Very comfortable as well. We took the picture before putting it in my car (so it hasn't been left outside or anything like that) and because it's already in my car and I drive from Capitol Hill to Eckington everyday, if you are along my way home, I may even be able to drop it off at your house. Please email with time and date you can pick up and if you would like me to drop off, please email with your address as well so I can let you know if I'm able to do it. Thanks! Offer: Brand new 2018 planner (Eckington) Expired - Brand new 2018 weekly planner. Light gray cover. Please email with time and date you can come by to pick up.
Photo of free Brand new 2018 planner (Eckington)
Offer: Rolling office chair (Eckington) Expired - Rolling desk chair, black cloth. In good shape, very heavy, works perfectly.. We have a cat so there’s some cat hair on it, and it’s dusty from our basement, but going over it with a lint roller should fix all that. Please email with a date and time you can pickup (today would be preferred but we’re flexible). Thanks!
Photo of free Rolling office chair (Eckington)
Offer: Blueberry plant (Eckington) Gifted - Free blueberry plant. We aren’t able to provide the conditions it needs, it needs a sunny spot and we don’t have space in our front yard for it. Please email with a date and time you would like to come by for porch pickup. Thanks. Offer: plastic planters - Eckington Expired - Offering 6 black long plastic planters and one shorter white one. Also offering some holders for window boxes but they don’t match any of the plastic planters and are for smaller window boxes. See picture. Offer: Cat tree (Eckington) Expired - Well used, but should hold up for many more years, it’s very sturdy.. Our cat really loves it but we’re getting one that fits in our house better. Porch pickup: please email with specific day and time you would like to come get it. Offer: Bike mirror (Eckington 20002) Expired - See picture for details. Brand new. Attached to a handle with Velcro. Please email with a day and time you can come by to pick up. Thanks. Offer: Knitting needles, Kindle sleeve, cloths for cleaning glasses Expired - Giving away the following: - Thin metal knitting needles- Thick wood knitting needles - good for beginners- Kindle sleeve (but can also be used for other devices around the same size, should fit anything smaller than: 8 x 5.3 x 0.4 inches)- Cloths for cleaning glasses Please email with a list of what you want and a day and time you can pick up. Thanks. Offer: Mahjong Set Gifted - Have two full mahjong sets. Got them on a trip to China but never got around to learning/playing with any regularity. Please mail with time and date you want to come by and whether you want just one or both. Offer: IKEA SATER sofa Expired - The middle is a little saggy, not sure if it’s a spring that is loose or what. But otherwise feels sturdy and is fairly comfortable. Artificial leather. Please email with a time and date that you can come by. We can help you carry it to your truck. Information below pulled from IKEA: Assembled size:Width: 197 cmDepth: 82 cmSeat width: 179 cmSeat depth: 63 cm / 63 cmSeat height: 43 cm Product description:Fabric: 44% cotton, 56% polyesterCoating: 60% acrylic, 40% polyurethaneArtificial leather parts: 44% cotton, 56% polyester, 60% acrylic, 40% polyurethaneArmrest cushion/ Back cushion: Polyurethane foam 25 kg/cu.m., Polyester wadding, 100% polypropylene, 100% polypropyleneSeat cushion: Polyurethane foam 30 kg/cu.m., 100% polypropylene, Polyester wadding, 100% polypropyleneLeg: Steel, Nickel-platedLeather: Through dyed split leather from cattle, with an embossed and pigmented surface, 100% polyurethane Request: Electric range or oven Expired - Looking for an electric oven or electric range with a full size oven for our basement. Not looking for a huge oven or anything, just the standard size that can fit a regular turkey. Has to be electric, no gas hookup. Doesn’t need to be cleaned but we would like to be able to clean it so if it’s so used that it’s impossible to clean, then we’ll have to pass. But if it just needs a little bit of scrubbing, then that’s perfect. Can pick up ideally this Saturday, June 9. Thank you!! Request: styrofoam packing peanuts Expired - Hi - we're looking for styrofoam packing peanuts. We need the plastic styrofoam ones and not the environmentally friendly ones that will break down as we're putting them in the bottom of a large planter. Please email if you have any to give away - we can pick up pretty much anywhere in the DMV area. Thanks! Offer: Piercing jewelry (Eckington) Expired - Four 14 gauge navel piercing jewelry. Two are brand new and unused - a ring and a flexible barbell. Two regular barbells have been used but can be sterilized easily. All are surgical stainless steel. Please reply with time and date you can come by. Offer: Tealights (Eckington) Expired - 12 unused maroon tealights, as pictured. Porch pickup. Please reply with time and date you can pick up. Offer: Wall Stencil and decal (Eckington) Expired - Offering this wall stencil: It's used so there's paint on it, but if you peel the paint off, it should be perfectly usable. It's just standard latex paint. Also offering a wall decal - it's unused, still in original wrapping. A picture is attached so you can see what it looks like (it can be applied with the branches faces left or right). It's a removable wall decal so it should be easy to remove once you don't want it anymore without ruining your walls. Please email with a time and date you would like to pick up and which item you want. Offer: Samsung Galaxy S7 case and Boar Bristle Hair Brush (20002, Eckington) Expired - Porch pickup, please email with time and date you can come by. Two leftover items from previous post: 1. Black case Samsung Galaxy S7 case. Used so it has some scratches, but it's a pretty protective case with credit card slot. Purchased here, see link for more details: 2. Boar Bristle hair brush - used only a few times. Offer: Makeup and other personal care items (20002 Eckington) Expired - Porch pickup, please reply with the items you’re interested in and a date and time you’d like to come by. Thanks! Makeup for light skin:L’Oreal Contour Palette (Taupe contour, pale highlighter)Maybelline Translucent (pale)Cover Girl Under Eye concealer (pale) Makeup for all skin shades:Kat Von D Duo Blush Palette (rose blush, and a pink blush)Smashbox eyeshadow palette (black, gray, and a blush highlight color)Prestige eye liner (charcoal)All Natural Beet juice based cheek stain (to be honest, it’s a little weird) Other things:Blistex Medicated Lip Balm (new, sealed)Large makeup brushVicks thermometer (sometimes it turns off randomly but otherwise works fine and seems accurate)Boar Bristle hair brush (only used a few times)New makeup spongesLavender scented baby powderBottle of Melatonin (3 mg, we gave it to our dog for anxiety and don’t need the rest of the bottle - expires Jan 2019)