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Request: Electric frying pan (Woodroffe & Carling) - For a young person setting up an new apartment Request: Fitness step with risers (Woodroffe & Carling) - Would anyone have a fitness step with risers? I can pick up anywhere. Many thanks. Request: Red wiggler worms for composting (Woodroffe & Carling) - I am looking to start worm composting. Does anyone have some worms to share? I can pick up anywhere. Thanks. Request: Wooden doweling (Woodroffe & Carling) - I am looking for doweling to make a clothing rack/dryer. I can pick up anywhere. Thanks Request: Composter (any type) (Woodroffe & Carling) - Looking for any kind of composter, bins, crate, barrel, etc. I have a big garden, and am trying not to waste anything. Many thanks. Request: Metal garbage can (Woodroffe & Carling) - Looking for a large metal garbage can. I will pick up. Thanks. Request: Step stool (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Would anyone have a wood or metal step stool for reaching things in the kitchen? I can pick up any time. Many thanks Offer: Glass bottles (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted - Collection of clean glass bottles plus a Tupperware salt shaker for your lunch box
Photo of free Glass bottles (Woodroffe & Carling)
Request: Composter (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Would like a composter for the garden waste - happy to take any style of composter (Trying to deal with my own garbage). I can pick up anywhere. Request: Tile cutter (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Am going to do some DIY tiling! Would be grateful if someone had a tile cutter they no longer need. Offer: Rubber boots. Women’s 7/men’s 5 (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted
Photo of free Rubber boots. Women’s 7/men’s 5 (Woodroffe & Carling)
Offer: Router (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted - Linksys router 2.4 ghz
Photo of free Router (Woodroffe & Carling)
Request: Bookshelf under 4 ft (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Hi: Am looking for a bookshelf 4 ft tall or shorter to help me organize the space under the stairs. I can pick up anywhere! Offer: Computer speakers (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted - Labtec.
Photo of free Computer speakers (Woodroffe & Carling)
Request: 30 lb weights (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Would like some weights for my physiotherapy exercises. I can pick up anywhere. Thanks. Request: weights (20, 30, 40, 50 lbs) (Woodroffe & Carling) Received - Would greatly appreciate some weights for my physiotherapy exercises. Many thanks Request: Pressure washer (Woodroffe & Carling) - Would love to give my deck a good cleaning! I can pick up just about anywhere. Thanks Request: Portable dishwasher (Woodroffe & Carling) - Looking for a portable dishwasher to put in a rented house. Lots of kids = lots of hand washing! Many thanks. Offer: Porcelain cupboard door knobs (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted - 48 little white knobs (Kitchen Reno!
Photo of free Porcelain cupboard door knobs (Woodroffe & Carling)
Request: Walker/rollator for senior (Woodroffe & Carling) - Does anyone have a walker/rollator, ideally one with a basket? Looking for an 80 something grandmother Many thanks! Offer: Shower curtain rod (Woodroffe & Carling) Gifted - Tension type, silver coloured. Used but works fine. Request: Mikasa Garden Harvest or Garden Trellis (Woodroffe & Carling) - I would love more pieces to replace those I have chipped or broken Thanks