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Offer: double quilt (Bradford on Avon) - NEW - unused but has been stored badly in the loft and now has a few marks on it. OK if you want to get it dry cleaned OR perfect for dogs bedding or similar. I'd like it gone asap though. Offer: primulas (Bradford on Avon) - They have finished flowering for this year but there are loads of new plants if anyone wants some. Also some ground cover plants with a blue flower. Offer: huge plastic garden pot (Bradford on Avon) - Light brown with a pattern on - it used to have a rose in - 50 cm high and about the same diameter. light but large Offer: dining room table NOT chairs (Bradford on Avon) - I have a large dining room table with an extension piece adding another 46cm of length to the table. The measurements without the extension are 76cms high, 96 cms wide and 180 cms long. It has a patterned section on the top which is in one of the pictures. It originally was bought from M and S in Bath and was delivered to us ready made up. It will go back out again but you would need a van in order to collect it. We have repaired one leg as it is weak - I have tried to show on the photos. This would probably need redoing by someone who knows how to support the joint properly. It fits up to 10 people round it quite easily when extended - we used to have it extended at Christmas for 8 people as it gave us more room. Otherwise, it happily seats 6 or 8 without the extension. The chairs are not included. Please contact me for any further information
Request: school supplies (Bradford on Avon) - I am 'Packing with a Purpose' (Charity supporting education) and wondered if anyone has any spare school supplies for a school in the Caribbean? e.g. glue sticks, scissors, sharpeners, pens, games, etc - preferably not too heavy I am also looking for any unwanted USB sticks for the same reason. Happy to collect anything you might have. Thanks in advance. Request: USB sticks (Bradford on Avon) - does anyone have any spare USB sticks. I am 'Packing with a Purpose' (Charity supporting education in the Caribbean) Happy to collect anything you might have. Thanks in advance. Request: hard glasses case (Bradford on Avon) - Hubby needs a hard case for his reading glasses so he doesn't keep squashing them . He is after the sort you get with glasses from the optician with a hinge, if anyone has a spare one lying around. Many thanks Offer: windlass (Bradford on Avon) - heavy but useable if anyone wants a spare one on their boat? Offer: weekend bag (Bradford on Avon) - old - but useable - it has LOADS of different pocket sizes so it would accommodate a laptop etc.
Offer: men's black wellies size 46 (Bradford on Avon) - size 46 ( about an 11 I think) they belonged to my son but he doesn't need them any more. good condition. Offer: rocket launcher (Bradford on Avon) - no idea how this works - left here by my son...ages ago...please see the photo. sorry one of them is upside down!
Offer: 2 old golf irons (Bradford on Avon) - I suspect that these are too old to play with but might do as decoration in a pub or something similar as old sports equipment. Offer: Carpets pieces (Bradford on Avon) - I have a lot of pieces of new carpet - big enough for mats possibly - plain blue and also plain cream. They're all the offcuts - and will be going to the tip unless someone creative can find a use for them. thanks Offer: bubble wrap (Bradford on Avon) - A massive bag of bubble wrap - going to the tip on Tuesday if no takers - ideal for packing etc
Offer: pine shelf (Bradford on Avon) - this is new and 120cm long if anyone wants it - otherwise it will get chopped for firewood
Offer: golf bag (Bradford on Avon) - red golf bag - with cover for clubs - been in the garage so needs a wipe down Offer: brown plastic guttering (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - we have about 4 long pieces of brown plastic guttering - ideal for creating ball rolling games in the garden - but still good enough for the side of your house too. Offer: wardrobe door with mirror (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - Good condition glass - ideal as it stands as a mirror or ready to be up cycled by someone more creative than me. I have tried to take a picture but it is not great - Hopefully it will give you an idea though. _(Sorry it is sideways)
Offer: cricket shoes size 9 (Bradford on Avon) - adult shoes - worn but might suit teenager just starting out. also a cricket bat. ( not very strong as it has been repaired.)
Offer: Windlass (Bradford on Avon) - old and heavy but usable
Offer: wire for net curtains (Bradford on Avon) - this is about 5 feet long - the sort with a loop at either end, covered in white plastic Offer: Weekend bag (Bradford on Avon) - old - but usable - it has LOADS of different pocket sizes so it would accommodate a laptop etc.
Offer: snooker cue (Bradford on Avon) - it is missing its tip - please see photo
Offer: assortment of lights, pots etc (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - I have had a tidy out of the garage and there are a box of things that might be useful to someone else but too good throw away. For example, some decorated Christmassy tea light holders, some mugs, ceramic plant pot holders, toys such as a bow and arrow - also a string of lights shaped like pineapples ( I think) This is a job lot - take the whole box and pass on what you don't want. Offer: fabric storage boxes (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - I have 3 boxes which fold flat and originally came from IKEA. please see photos. Great for a school classroom , bedroom or where you need some extra storage.
Offer: large suitcase (Bradford on Avon) - I have a large suitcase - it has lots of pockets and compartments etc. it has leather handles, wheels and a rather troublesome extending handle ( needs filling with to get it to extend - and then only if it is in the right mood) decent condition but well travelled..... also it is quite light so it works for holidays with a stingy baggage allowance.
Request: Othello Board Game/books (Bradford on Avon) - Does anyone have this game and no longer want it? I visit an old lady and she has expressed an interested in playing it. Many thanks if you can help. Also any good books ( not romantic or Mills and Boon) as she seems to read one a day and i can't find enough to keep her interested. Again - thank you x Offer: Fancy dress (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - I have ladies outfit which I wore for a Medieval Day at school. It is not great quality but might be good enough for the next dressing up day. It would fit a size 10-12 but it is stretchy material so who knows?
Offer: house plants (Bradford on Avon) Gifted - I have some sad looking plants that need some proper love and care - something that probably used to be a flowering cactus - a couple of orchids which still flower every year but have outgrown their pots - and something else which flowered for about 6 months with an orange flower but now needs a bigger pot. Request: bedside drawers (Bradford on Avon) - I am looking for a set of drawers that won't take up much room - for the garage as storage. We currently have a 3 drawer set which is fine except the drawers don't open! something similar would be perfect - it doesn't have to be pretty - just sturdy and functional. A bedside set would be perfect. Many thanks if you are able to help. Annie