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Request: Nursing chair (Tonbridge) Received - Looking for a nursing chair for my wife at night thanks Request: 4x100 wheels alloys Vauxhall’s (Tonbridge) - I’m looking for some 4x100 wheels for my four tyres thanks Offer: All sorts (Tonbridge) Gifted - Mattock Jerry can breaker bars
Photo of free All sorts (Tonbridge)
Offer: Gooseberry with fruit (Tonbridge) Gifted - Hello we are giving away are gooseberry bush if anyone would like it
Photo of free Gooseberry with fruit (Tonbridge)
Photo of free Gooseberry with fruit (Tonbridge)
Request: 4x100 wheels alloys (Tonbridge) - I’m looking for some 4x100 wheels for a project thanks. Request: Single story rabbit hutch (Tonbridge) - Hello all I’m after a single story rabbit hutch that I need for just one week if anyone can help. And when I’m finished il put it back on here thanks all Request: Cello for learning (Tonbridge) - Cello I would like to play the cello for my newborn son. Request: Cello (Tonbridge) - Cello for my son Offer: Glasses (Tonbridge) - Glasses bearly used
Photo of free Glasses (Tonbridge)
Offer: Random mugs (Tonbridge) - Random mugs
Photo of free Random mugs (Tonbridge)
Request: And old laptop (Tonbridge) - Just need any old laptop as long as it works just need it for loading content. Thanks Offer: Vintage unit (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - Old utility unit Offer: Vintage unit (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - Old utility unit Request: Glass tank 4ft by 2ft ish (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - Hello all I'm after a glass tank around 4ft by 2ft for a project gerbil house build. Il take anything around that size even without a lid. Thanks Request: Roof rack renault (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) Request: Boot bike rack (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - In need of a boot bike rack if anyone can help thanks Request: WATCHES for repair (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - Hello I like to repair watches for something to do after work in my spare time as it's something I enjoy and have now run out of parts and watches to do. If anyone could help would be much appreciated Request: Sheets of mdf ply anything (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - I would like to build a small container so any sheet wood would do. Thanks Request: Any speakers (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - I'm after a couple if speakers anythink will do Request: 16inch tyres (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - 16inch tyres please in need of some Request: Renault roof racks (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - It's for my scinic if anyone could help please Request: Rag stone or type (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) - I'm looking for rag stone or that type as I've been doing projects in the garden and have now run out Offer: Bamboo plant (Forest Grove & Shipbourne Rd) Gifted - Just dug up Offer: Scrap metal (Kemsing Rd & High St) - All sorts of scrap Request: big boxes (Tn10) - In need of big boxes for packing please Offer: Scrap (Ightham Rd & Borough Green Rd) - Scrap Offer: Block paving (Ightham Rd & Borough Green Rd) - About 200ish Offer: Rubble (Ightham Rd & Borough Green Rd) - Rubble Offer: eucalyptus cuttings lots (Tonbridge) - Need gone as soon as possible Offer: Garden recliner chair x2 (Tonbridge) - Only one has a cusion