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Offer: Sofa (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Anyone for a Sofa? - 10yrs old, served me well! 180cm x 90cm ish. covers come off for washing. Can take cushions off for moving but base is one piece so would need a big car or van. Pickup from Ore Valley.
Photo of free Sofa (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Telephone/hallway table (Ore Valley, Hastings) Gifted - Grey telephone table with seat, cupboard and shelf Collect ASAP
Photo of free Telephone/hallway table (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Drinks cabinet globe (Ore Valley, Hastings) Gifted - Drinks cabinet globe. quite tatty and no wheels!
Photo of free Drinks cabinet globe (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Puppet theatre (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Wooden handmade puppet theatre that turns into a market stall
Photo of free Puppet theatre (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Photo of free Puppet theatre (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Moving boxes (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - About ten packing/moving boxes Offer: Net curtain (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Net curtains approx 2.5m full width Offer: Dolls house (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Lundby/Caroline’s Home dolls house. Needs a bit of tlc and to be played with!
Photo of free Dolls house (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Jumble/charity shop bags (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - One bag men’s clothes and one of bric a brac suitable for charity shop or jumble sale/boot fair Offer: Net curtains (Ore Valley, Hastings) Gifted - Long net curtains that went round a bay window. Any use to anyone? Request: Moving boxes (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Hi, I’m looking for moving boxes and can collect. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks, Alice Offer: Carpet offcut (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Roughly 3m x 60cm beige carpet
Photo of free Carpet offcut (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Window Blind (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Roughly 120cm wide by 160cm height
Photo of free Window Blind (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Photo of free Window Blind (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Jumble (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Two bags of jumble/car boot/charity shop things Includes children’s shoes, clothes, small toys etc Offer: Dressing up Dress age 3 (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Big red swishy dress age 3 Lots of fun but too small for my daughter now
Photo of free Dressing up Dress age 3 (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Kids wellies (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Scuffed but serviceable kids dinosaur wellies size 9 junior
Photo of free Kids wellies (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Mirror for car seat (Ore Valley, Hastings) Expired - Mothercare mirror which attaches to rear headrest so you can see your child in a rear facing car seat
Photo of free Mirror for car seat (Ore Valley, Hastings)
Offer: Towels (Ore Valley, Hastings) Gifted - Towels Mix of bath towels, hair towels, baby towels and a bath mat. In good condition but we were given a new set. Request: Desk or table (West Hill, Hastings) Expired - If anyone has a desk or table around 120cm width, I'd be very grateful! Request: Tombola Drum (West Hill, Hastings) Expired - Does anyone have a tombola drum I could borrow for a fundraising event? Offer: Single duvets- animal shelter? (West Hill, Hastings) Expired - Two single duvets. Any animal shelters want them? Or anyone else who can use them. Offer: Coat hangers (West Hill, Hastings) Gifted - About 60. Maybe good for charity shop or similar? Offer: Nappies size 4 (West Hill, Hastings) Gifted - 3 packs (120 nappies total) of size 4 Tesco super fit nappies. Plus disposable changing mats. Request: Mattress (West Hill, Hastings) Received - If anyone has a double or king size mattress in decent condition that they don't need anymore I would be very grateful! Thanks, Alice