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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Orchid (Pelham) Gifted - A beautiful pink orchid with many blossoms. This was a gift I cannot keep, as I will be out of town for some time with no one to care for it. Care is easy: give it 3 ice cubes a week and it will thrive. Would make a great hostess gift, if you need one to give. Still has label and instructions Offer: MaMade Jars with lids (Pelham) Gifted - Canning fruits for gifts? I have 15 of those French MaMade jars with the red and white checked lids. Request: Heavy drapes (Pelham) Received - I am looking for some heavy drapes (about 84 inches long). I don't care about color or pattern; they are to cover a set of French doors behind which some visiting grandchildren will have to sleep while adults are in the next room. One pair might be enough; two pairs would be even better. Thanks! Offer: Infant,Toddler, Boys' clothes, highchair (Pelham) Gifted - i have some good quality boys' (or unisex) clothing ranging from onesies to beautiful sweaters that would fit a range of sizes up to about 5. My grandsons have also outgrown a really nice, state-of-the art high chair, which has adjustable heights. Request: Old wooden storm window (Pelham) Expired - I am looking for an old wooden storm window, with glass intact. Must measure 5 feet tall by 32-35 inches wide in order to cover the space I have. I can re-putty and repaint if the rest of the window is sound. Thanks! Offer: American oriental rug and pad 8x10 (Pelham) Gifted - This rug is basically cream colored with a pattern in navy--some red. Not showy, but good quality. A 5" hearth burn on one edge can be kept under the couch (that's what we did) so rug looks pristine. It was cleaned just before we discontinued using it. Resilient (not rubber) pad is the same size. Offer: Cute Canning Jars (Pelham) Gifted - I have exactly a dozen of those Bonne Maman glass jars, with the distinctive red and white checked lids. If you are making preserves or pickles for gifts, these are charming. Jars hold about 10 oz. Request: crib (Pelham) Received - I am looking for a crib for the month of July and the last week of June. Happy to borrow and return it, if you prefer, and I can get a new mattress. This is for a toddler, not an infant, so old style would not be a problem, as long as the sides stay up. Thanks! Request: Hungary or Budapest guidebook (Pelham) Received - Looking for a travel guide to Hungary or Budapest. Does not have to be recent--we're not looking for restaurant reviews, more just historical sites and museums. Thanks! Offer: Clean white sheeting rags (Pelham) Gifted - I have a big bag of clean white rags made from cotton sheeting. These are not sheets, but pieces of sheets and pillowcases. Might be useful for artist or teacher. I also have a more generic bag of clean rags, if anyone is interested. Offer: Bulletin Board (Pelham) Gifted - I have a very nice cork-board type bulletin board, metal framed. It is 48 inches by 36 inchs, so it's a big one. Clean; has had little use. Great for a home, business, pre-school, etc. Offer: Sheeting (Pelham) Gifted - Not sheets, but large pieces of cotton sheets, suitable for ghost costume, rags, stuffing--whatever you would use clean white sheet material for. Offer: High Chair (Pelham) Expired - State-of-the-art Evenflo high chair. Collapses for transportation, has casters, tray and pads. Clean and in perfect condition. If you have an infant or toddler or you have visiting grandchildren this would be ideal. Request: Toddler Car Seat (Pelham) Expired - I need this for a three-year-old grandchild, and just for the summer. I'm happy to take it as a loan, and would return in excellent condition. Thanks! Offer: Packing/craft paper (Pelham) Expired - I have a dozen or more HUGE sheets of three-layer packing paper. Each sheet measures 6 feet by 4 and 1/2 feet, with brown layers on the outside and white in between. Completely clean and dry, these sheets were used to pack framed artwork for travel. Great for your own packing or for kids' art projects. Take some or all!