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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Fencing wire (Thornbury) - Various heights and lengths and thicknesses of wire (mixture of ring lock wire, chicken wire and bird wire...). Smaller and thinner gauge wire good for individual plant protectors. Thicker wire is good for growing tomatoes or climbing plants against to provide support and somewhere to tie them. Keen to lose this all in one go if possible!
Offer: Trolley (Thornbury) Gifted - Looks a bit tatty because I taped some padding to the uprights but trolley is sturdy and can be used vertically and horizontally as it has wheels on the upright frame
Offer: Heavy duty hole punch (Thornbury) - Carl HD430N heavy duty hole punch. Missing one punch but replacements are available online.
Offer: Kids mini greenhouse (Thornbury) - Called an “Eco dome”. Idea is for kids to grow plants with different water needs on different levels of the tiered base as a learning exercise.
Offer: Cork and vinyl tiles (Thornbury) - See photo. Cork wall tiles and vinyl floor (?) tiles
Offer: Electrical items (+ mower starter) (Thornbury) - Various! Light fittings, plugs, adapters, even a mower spring-loaded starter pull cord
Offer: Assorted light globes (Thornbury) - See photo. All sorts of globes!
Offer: Vintage bread bin (Thornbury) Gifted - Unfinished project! Swinging door needs work but everything is there that needs to be there.
Offer: Pendant light fitting (Thornbury) - Hard to describe! See photo. Large glass light cover has a crack but still sound.
Offer: Bike seat (Thornbury) Gifted - Child’s bike seat. Bracket attaches to rear pillar of bike frame and seat slots in. 2 brackets included so seat can be switched between 2 separate bikes.
Offer: Gutter brackets (Thornbury) - See photo. Brackets for gutters. Box and Ogee profiles.
Offer: Empty DVD and CD covers (Thornbury) Gifted - DVD cases: 13 black and 4 clear. CD cases: 11 clear (incl 1 large storage case) and 5 black. Take 1 or take them all!
Offer: Foam mattress (Thornbury) - Double size foam mattress. Cover is torn but foam still in good condition. Pick up Thornbury. Offer: Samsung TV (Thornbury) - 53cm CRT Samsung TV with remote. Works fine!
Offer: Assorted electrical items (Thornbury) Gifted - Cables, leads, powerpacks, webcams, headphones, modems, phone cable and connectors, electrical sockets. All sorts of goodies!
Offer: NEC Projector (Thornbury) Gifted - NEC MultiSync MT810 projector. Not working (as far as I can tell). Maybe just needs a new globe?? Great fun for a tinkerer perhaps.
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Offer: Carl heavy duty hole punch (Thornbury) - Carl hole punch. Very heavy duty unit: can punch through over 200 pages in one go. This one will only punch one hole though as one of the metal punches is missing (replacements are available to buy on ebay).
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Offer: Panasonic CRT TV 68cm (Thornbury) - Panasonic CRT 68cm TV. Picture quality is excellent. No remote, but buttons at front control mode, volume, channel, picture settings etc.
Offer: Volta vacuum cleaner (Thornbury) - Pretty old and a bit noisy but still works. Needs bags.
Offer: Treated pine planks (Guildford) - Treated pine planks (not weatherboards) used to clad a small home. Approx dimensions of house are 7m x 6.2m x 3.75m. No planks on front wall so it's 3 wall's worth. A few planks are twisted but the vast majority have more life left in them. They're off the house and in a pile ready to collect. Will need a trailer and would be great if they went this long weekend. Offer: Plywood sheets (Thornbury) Gifted - 12 sheets of 3 ply (6 mm thick). Painted white on one side. 2180x850 2180x900 2380x850 2380x900 620x390 890x420 990x650 1190x655 990x635 1200x600 1180x660 1200x655