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Free: 2 x 6 cedar (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Gifted - These CEDAR 2x6 boards are weathered on one side but still have life and use in them. Two are about 12 feet long, 2 are eight feet, a few are shorter. Some need a very little bit of the ends trimmed off. They were last stained about fifteen hears ago. Got a project in mind?
Photo of free 2 x 6 cedar (Winslow, Bainbridge Island)
Request: packing peanuts (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Received - I could really use any packing peanuts you've been wondering what to do with. I live on BI but will be in north Kitsap in the next couple of days, provided the roads aren't icy. Request: packing peanuts (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I could use some clean packing peanuts, a few gallons of them ... Is that the unit for packing peanuts,, gallons?! Free: old Mighty Mite brand vacuum (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - Does its hose come off if you give it a hard pull? Is it missing a wheel? Yes to both, but it slides along my floors just fine, has all of its accessories, and sucks up dirt just fine. I would still be using it but was gifted another. Request: Talenti Jars (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I could use up to a dozen clean Talenti jars with lids, please. Request: Linoleum or similar material (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I would love a piece of linoleum or similar material that can roll into a smooth tube with a fairly slick outer surface. It would need to be about 3 1/2 or 4 feet x at least 2 feet. It could be larger, of course. Thanks. Free: teapots for art projects (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - These large, chipped and slightly cracked teapots are very colorful and would be great to plant in or break up for mosaics: green, navy blue, periwinkle blue, black, brown. Some already have a hole drilled in the bottom. Free: 1/4" nondrip irrigation tubing (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Gifted - Many feet of black, 1/4" diameter, polyethylene distribution line. This is the stuff you run between your 1/2" supply line and your 1/4" drip lines. It allows you to branch off of the supply line and cover a short distance before emitting water through the actual drip line. It looks like the image I included.
Photo of free 1/4" nondrip irrigation tubing (Winslow, Bainbridge Island)
Request: Small yogurt cups (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I could use some plastic yogurt cups, 6 to 8 ounce, if you have them, but pint containers will work, too. I do not need the lids. Thanks much Request: mineral spirits (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I need about a cup of mineral spirits. If you're like me with these kinds of materials, the only bottle available in the store was more than you wanted, so perhaps you have some left over, waiting for a second home. I would rather use yours than generate a new bottle of leftovers waiting in my garage. Thanks! Request: quart yogurt containers with lids (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I would love to reuse those quart containers from yogurt, cottage cheese, or similar. Free: Easy-Care House Plant (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Gifted - This will make you feel like a houseplant growing genius. Pothos are tolerant of various light levels, occasional under or over watering, pruning or not pruning to allow them to trail. They are even easy to propagate form cuttings to make yourself more house plants. If you can wait a couple of weeks, I may even be in your area to meet you to deliver, saving a trip and greenhouse gases. I have a few pants to share. Christmas presents?
Photo of free Easy-Care House Plant (Winslow, Bainbridge Island)
Request: plastic berry baskets (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - I could use some plastic berry baskets, the kind that are usually green and nowadays often hold cherry tomatoes. Free: Calcium softgels (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Gifted - New bottle, just opened, minus 3 softgels, so it now contains 97 of them. 600 mg calcium carbonate with 200 mg vitamin D, Town and Country Market house brand. Request: motion-activated sprinkler (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - You know that animal deterrent, motion-activated sprinkler you bought that's sitting in your garage? May I have it please? You'll be helping my friend retain her food security, self-esteem, and sanity = ). Free: Shetland sweater for yarn or felt (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Expired - This sweater has holes in the elbows, one the size of a silver dollar, and one a little smaller. You could unravel it for knitting wool or felt it or darn the holes. It's very dark gray, 100% Shetland wool, Pendleton. It's a men's medium, but it's looser than current styles. Free: Chard starts (Winslow, Bainbridge Island) Gifted - Ruby red chard starts, bigger than the nursery starts, ready to go in the ground. 4 plants
Photo of free Chard starts (Winslow, Bainbridge Island)