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Request: Baby Playpen (Aubrey) Withdrawn - Baby Playpen Request: Women Bike (Aubrey) Withdrawn - Women Bike needed based on doctor's instructions Request: Desktop Computer (Aubrey) Withdrawn - Desktop Computer needed personal computer motherboard went out it does not matter if the unit is crashed Request: Early age Teacher books & supplies (Aubrey) Withdrawn - Early age Teacher books & supplies Request: medical portable oxygen machine (Aubrey) Withdrawn - medical portable oxygen machine needed for individual with no insurance Offer: white plastic shelves (Aubrey) Withdrawn - white plastic shelves Offer: small computer desk (Aubrey) Withdrawn - small computer desk barely used Offer: Propane Gas Grill (Aubrey) Withdrawn - Propane Gas Grill Outdoor in good shape barely used Offer: Tan Ottoman (Denton Area) Withdrawn - Tan Ottoman Offer: Propane Gas Grill (Denton Area) Withdrawn - Propane Gas Grill Request: Computer (Denton Area) Withdrawn - I am in need of a new computer rather if its crashed or not is not important mine quit working with the hardware so there was no way for recovery & I depend on it cause of my disability Request: Recliner or Loveseat (Denton Area) Expired - Recliner or Loveseat needed for home Request: Day bed (Denton Area) Expired - Day bed with mattress and trundle Request: Computer of any kind (Denton Area) Expired - If unit has no operating system it’s ok just need physical unit either desktop or laptop Request: 20W Capri's Women (Denton Area) Expired - 20W Capri's Women Request: 40X32 Jeans Men's (Denton Area) Expired - 40X32 Jeans Men's Offer: Computer Chair (Denton Area) Expired - Computer Chair
Photo of free Computer Chair (Denton Area)
Offer: Dinette Set (Denton Area) Expired - Dinette Set with 4 chairs
Photo of free Dinette Set (Denton Area)
Offer: Gas BBQ Outdoor Grill (Denton Area) Expired - Gas BBQ Outdoor Grill Request: Computer Chair (Denton Area) Expired - Computer chair needed for computer desk Request: XL Men's Basketball Shorts (Denton Area) Expired - XL Men's Basketball Shorts Offer: Window AC Unit Works fine (Denton Area) Expired - Window AC Unit Works fine Request: KItchen dinette & chairs (Denton Area) Expired - ISO KItchen dinette & chairs Request: Dog Kennel / Crate for a Large Dog (Denton Area) Expired - Dog Kennel / Crate for a Large Dog that was rescued yesterday & is needed within my home Request: Mask's & Corona (Denton Area) Expired - Mask needed for new job along with black pants I listed Request: 42 to 46 waist 32 length blk pants (Denton Area) Expired - 42 to 46 waist 32 length black pants needed for work of a new job Request: Tent & Camping Supplies (Denton Area) Expired - Tent & Camping Supplies Needed Request: KItchen Hutch (Denton Area) Expired - KItchen Hutch needed for kitchen Request: Baker's Rack (Denton Area) Expired - Need a Baker's Rack for my kitchen area for my family Request: ota dvr (Denton Area) Received - Over The Air DVR something like Tivo or Tivo this would help our family a lot