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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Red quarry tiles (Matlock) Gifted - Need going asap
Offer: Garden gate (Matlock) - Garden gate. In need of TLC. Upside down so ideal for someone with an upside down garden. Alternatively, just turn it the right way round. Need gone asap
Offer: Pallet (Matlock) - Need going ASAP
Offer: 230mm grinder disc (Shirland) Gifted - Available as part of house clearance, needs going this weekend or it is for the tip
Offer: Wood bric-a-brac (Shirland) Gifted - Everything from offcuts, unopened plinth, worktop, bits of ply and offcuts, plus a few metal pieces. Part house clearance must go with this weekend or it is the tip.
Offer: Kitchen bin (Shirland) Gifted - Available as part of house clearance, needs collecting this weekend or else it’s the tip I’m afraid.
Offer: Empty drill boxes (Shirland) Gifted - House being emptied this weekend, will need collecting ASAP or else it’s the tip I’m afraid
Offer: Red original quarry tiles (DE4) - About 17 ‘whole’ tiles (May have nicks around the edges, plus a handful of broken ones which may be cut to fit. Tip run on Wednesday
Offer: Black 10cm x 10cm wall tiles (DE4) Gifted - Used! And therefore in need for good clean before reuse! However, we reckon there are about 90 full ones plus loads of half/damaged ones which can be cut for edges etc. Tip run on Wednesday
Offer: Rayburn Nouvelle (gas) (DE4) - Please don’t contact me unless you actually have means and manpower to move this. We’ve had four sets of people come to look at this after last time I advertised, all have left saying “Yes definitely” and all have pulled out after failing to muster the bodies. This Rayburn works perfectly. If has been used every winter in the four years we’ve had it. We’re purely getting rid as part of a refurb of the room it’s in. It weighs approx 350kg so will need at least four very strong people to move it. We live up several sets of steps so will need scaffold boards or similar to get it down. You will need an appropriate vehicle to transport it. If you can do all that and you want it, you can have a very lovely unit in your house. But please please please don’t be the latest person to say you want it on a whim then either not follow up or pull out. And if you’re someone who scours freecycle for stuff you can sell on eBay then I’ll save you the research: think again. People list them for hundreds but they just don’t sell. Trust me, I’ve tried. Final call, not gone by next weekend then, with great sadness, it’ll be dismantled and scrapped.
Offer: Faceless stone lion! (DE4) Gifted - The weather got the better of this old boy last winter! Probably only good for the tip but let’s see if anyone can use him!
Offer: Chrome bathroom storage (DE4) Gifted - Picked this up off Freecycle a couple of weeks back but it doesn’t suit where I need it so is available again. It has been outside so has some surface level marking which could do with a rubdown. There are also glass shelves (not pictured) to go with this
Offer: Wine racks (DE4) - Both of these have been outside so could do with a rubdown with wire wool to get rid of any surface rust. Larger one holds 12 wine bottles, smaller one holds a couple below and a couple of smaller items like beer bottles above
Offer: Rayburn Nouvelle (gas) (DE4) Gifted - Works great. We have it on every year from Oct-Mar but revamping fireplace so it needs to go. I’ll pay for gas plumber to disconnect but beyond that it’s 100% down to taker to dismantle and remove. We live up some steps in Matlock so it’ll be a challenge but if you can move it you’ve got a bargain!
Offer: Roman blind kit leftovers (DE4) Gifted - This will only mean something to anybody who has used a Roman blind mechanism before! This is a pack of various leftover bits from numerous kits my wife used to deck out our house , mainly comprising the fibreglass rods, of various sizes, plus mechanism offcuts. Please note it is not a full mechanism. The rods are ideal if you already have a mechanism or if you build your own from wood and string!
Offer: Bedding / linen (DE4) Gifted - All worn but reusable. We’ve just had a big clearout and this missed the cut! Contains - one full double set (duvet cover plus two matching pillow cases) - two further double duvet covers (without pillow cases) - one random pillow case - double mattress protector - some random towels - a flat sheet (double/king) Would maybe suit someone starting out.
Offer: Home brew bottles (DE4) Gifted - 13x 330ml bottles - 5 are the bud screw cap type but I’ve successfully tapped a new crown cap on them. 1x 500ml bottle 2x larger clear bottles. Very dirty as been in a shed!
Offer: 8 paddling pools!! (DE4) Gifted - Yes, you read right: eight of them. Acquired as part of a bulk purchase from John Pye Auctions. I haven’t tested them but from experience you usually find at least half the stuff from there is absolutely fine. Only condition is I want the whole lot gone rather than odds and sods. I would ask that whoever takes them reposts whatever they don’t need/want on here. Offer: Fire wood (DE4) Gifted - Some has already been chopped to a usable size, other bits you will need to cut down yourself Tip run tomorrow so act quickly if you want it! In Matlock, close to McDonald’s
Offer: De Longhi Toaster (DE4) Gifted - Used and in need of a THOROUGH deep clean, but works fine. Has been at the back of a cupboard and as well as the dirt needs some plaster scraping off! Tip tomorrow so collect today.
Offer: Wooden fire surround (DE4) - Please indicate in message how soon you can collect as this will be a factor in who gets it. We are in Matlock near McDonalds
Offer: Wall boxes for growing salad (DE4) Gifted - Built out of recycled crates, these are now a bit full of weeds! When put on a south facing wall they will grow lots of lovely rocket, or other salad, or indeed other plants if that’s what you want. The wall where I had them is now in use! Please indicate in your message how soon you can collect, as this will be a factor in who they go to. We are in Matlock near McDonalds
Request: Timber (DE4) - Trying to build decking structure out of recycled wood! Looking for lengths of 4x3, 4x2 etc. Don’t worry if it’s been left outside or got nails in - I can sort that! Offer: Kitchen breakfast bar stool (DE4) Gifted - Black faux leather. Picked this up from another freecycler this week but it isn’t suitable for where I wanted. It is a bit tatty with what appeared to be cat scratches all over the seat, but still in working order Offer: Tumble dryer jockey wheels (DE4) Gifted - For Candy/Hoover models. I bought replacement parts to fix a squeak, but it turned out to be something else! These are the parts I took out, thinking they were faulty, but actually there is nothing wrong with them
Offer: Pair decorative glass candle (DE4) Gifted - Bulky glass jar with leather effect strap. Come as a pair. Nothing wrong with them, except the original candles have melted so low that it is difficult to light them! Could do with somebody who is prepared to get the candle out and clean them up.
Offer: 17x 6x6 quarry tiles (DE4) - Had been used as part of a fire surround which I have dismantled. Each of the 17 tiles is 6“ x 6“, there are also a handful of offcuts which might be of use.
Offer: Bag spent grain (feed) (DE4) Gifted - Approximately 4 kg of spent grain, just brewed for beer this morning, so soaked through, feed for animals or useful for baking if you are very creative! Limited life so will need collecting today in Matlock Offer: JVC Mini hifi (DE4) Gifted - Can’t get the tape deck open, but as far as I’m aware the CD player and radio still work fine, it has been in the shed so quite mucky looking. Tip run on Friday so do advise ASAP if you want it.
Offer: Worktop offcuts (firewood) (DE4) Gifted - One piece which maybe just about usable for a small project or shed, measuring 107cm wide, roughly cut on one side but with a nice edge on the other. Rest are just offcuts, probably the whole lot is only good as firewood. Tip run on Friday so do advise ASAP if you want it