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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Some kind of bulb for a car-Watchung Gifted - The box says Tungsram Rallye H3 made in Hungary 12V 100W H3 50360 on the outside of the box. It is brand new but old. Box measures about 1" by 1 1/2". I thought I would post it before I tossed it. Offer: Cork Board-Watchung Gifted - 23" x 17" cork Board. Small brown plastic frame. Curved corners. Offer: Used CD/DVD discs-Watchung Gifted - I have a stack about 4" high. Offer: empty CD cases -Watchung Gifted - I have about 25 empty plastic cases Request: Some bricks-Watchung - Looking for some solid bricks to edge a planting bed. Must be within 15 minutes of Watchung. Color does not matter just want them to be solid. Offer: Hybrid daylillies-Watchung Gifted - Some are red,yellow and orange,dark red. Have some pictures. Offer: Woven woods for Bay window-Watchung Gifted - These are top Down/Bottom Up. Brown wood with Yellow,Orange, brown, Beige,yarn trim. The two on the side of the bay window are 27" wide. Center is 54" wide. All about 57" long. Pictures available on request. Good condition. You can have one, two or all three. Offer: Woven wood shade-Watchung Gifted - It is brown wood with yellow,rust,brown,tan yarn stripes. 48.5 wide - 37.5 wide. Excellent condition. Pictures available on request. Offer: Gift certificate Hand&Stone Watchung-Watchung - I have $20 gift certificate for the WATCHUNG Hand & Stone in the Blue Star Shopping center. It expires in January. Offer: Changing color box-Watchung Gifted - It is a 8" square plastic frame. The clear center has some sort of gel in it. As you turn it and set it down the gel moves into interesting shapes. Colors mostly purple an green. Offer: Small Statue of Moses-Watchung Gifted - He is sitting.It is 8' high. Made of stone or stone like composite. Cream in color. Excellent detail. Offer: Small glass oil lamp-Watchung - Pretty blue color clear glass. 8" high Offer: Cast iron bank-Watchung Gifted - You can see a picture of it if you google Chief Big Moon cast iron bank. Still works fine. Made in Taiwan.excellent condition. Offer: Woven wood shade-Watchung Gifted - Dark brown wood. Bright yellow and orange yarn stripes. It is old but never used so in new condition. 37" long 26.5" wide. Offer: tuxedo shirt-Watchung Gifted - I have a white cotton Neil Allyn tuxedo shirt. 15 1/2 collar, 32-33 sleeve. Excellent condition, cleaning tags still on it. Offer: Dutch Iris plants-Watchung - Need no care. Just finished blooming. Purple flowers. Bring a container. Offer: Hardy Forsythia plants-Watchung - My forsythia plants are out of control. These are old stock, bloom well and very hardy. If any would like some let me know. I am going to start pulling them out and would need to be picked up in the next few days. Easy pick up on the driveway. Ruthie Offer: craft project sunflower lamp-Watchung Gifted - It is 19" high. It sits in a 4.5"clay flower pot. The yellow petals are felt and the center lights up. I am sure a little girl would love it in her room.. Be happy to send a picture if you have any interest. Ruthie Offer: Disco type lamp-Watchung Gifted - Tabletop electric light. Total height 10". Plastic globe 6" diameter. When turned on multi colored light on the walls and ceiling. Offer: Packing Tape dispenser-Watchung - It is a hand held Scotch Tape 3M dispenser for 2" packing tape. Offer: 3 Aerogramme letters-Watchung - I have 3 unused Aerogramme US letters. One a little frayed 11 cents Other 2 pristine. A 22 cent and a 36 cent. Offer: Box of Keychains-Watchung Gifted - I have a box 4"x 6"x 2" filled with assorted key chains. Some separating,various novelty,etc. Very good conditiom. Offer: Picture postcards-Watchung - I have about 35 assorted picture postcards. All unused. Animals, National Parks, advertisements. All at least 20 years old. Very good condition. two from Scotland with Scottish stamps. Offer: Assorted Key chains-Watchung - I have a box 4"x 6"x 2" filled with assorted key chains. Some separating,various novelty,etc. Offer: Plumbing PVC Caps-Watchung Gifted - Box of Sch. 40 PVC fittings. Cap soc 1/2" for potable water pressure application. I have a box of about 50. Each one is individually wrapped. The label says Mueller B&K part #447-005HC Looks like they sell for 49 cents each in Lowes. Offer: Tape dispenser-Watchung - It is a hand held Scotch Tape 3M dispenser for 2" packing tape. Offer: Clip on Sunglasses-Watchung - I think they are mens and have an aviator shape. High quality, Excellent condition. Measure 5.25" across. Slightly mirrored. Offer: flashlights-Watchung Gifted - 1- takes 2 "D" size batteries Yellow and black plastic. Brand NAPA. Made in USA 1- penlight size. Takes 2 triple "A". Also black with yellow trim. Brand Duracell 1- Double penlight size. Takes 4 triple "A". Yellow and black plastic. Says DORCY on handle Offer: 3 Small Mirrors-Watchung - One is white plastic on a handle with a 4+ round mirror. The back has a smiley face on it. Another is rectangular set in a white plastic frame and will stand on a counter. Mirror size 3.25" X 5.50" Other just a piece of glass mirror 3" X 5 1/2" Offer: Assorted Computer Wirers/cables-Watchung Gifted - I have no idea what to do with them. Some came off the computer When things went wireless?? Maybe stuff from old TV's. Also lots of phone wires for use with land lines.