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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Headboard (South Denton) - Headboard with lot of cubby holes or slots for whatever.
Offer: Have old bed pillow for pet. (South Denton) - Old standard bed pillow for your dog. Use then throw away after dog uses it up. Very fluffy pillow just been used. My cat prefers a flat bed.
Offer: Anyone need some hangers. (South Denton) - These are older hangers so more sturdy than what you get now. May have more soon as cleaning out.
Offer: laptop not working (South Denton) - Looking for the fellow that was looking for laptops and computers working or not to repair for senior citizens. Would like to pass this one on. Offer: Its early I have 3 white flowerpots (South Denton) - 3 containers. 2 are size of hanging baskets, other one is about same size but decorative. Dirty as empted dirt today. Also false greenery tossing. Offer: Airwick holders to plug in. (South Denton) Withdrawn - Cleaning out and found 5 airwick holders that plug in. Don't have the refills but have these holders to go before I have to toss them. Going this week. Offer: 27 inch Toshiba tv the extras (South Denton) Gifted - 27 inch Toshiba tv with digital converter, and tv cabinet. Picture good, color good. TV works no problem. I am downsizing. Want it gone this weekend . Asap please Offer: Small banana tree. (South Denton) - Small banana tree and you will need a pot for it as want to keep mine. I have plenty of soil to repot it.It's about 3 ft. in pot or less. Healthy just needs home as I have one more I am keeping. Someone wanted it but they never came or messaged me again so here it is. Inside for winter but can stay outside rest of year. Offer: 21x 62 frosted heavy glass shower d (South Denton) - 21X62 glass shower door. Heavy an no chips but needs hinges but has door handle does have bottom lip on door. Glass is frosted.
Offer: Very old leather pieces from harnes (South Denton) - Old leather straps from mule harness. Leather just about gone but has some buckles and some rings on it maybe could use for craft or? It is bad but put in trash bag and can leave out for you if you want it. Might find more pieces as cleaning out old shop. Offer: Banana tree small (South Denton) - If interested message me. You will need pot as keeping mine but I have soil to repot in yours. Offer: Pecan tree limb (South Denton) - About 3 to 4 inch around and 7 ft long at least. Dead limb took off pecan tree. Good wood for smoker or right size for camping. Going this week so let me know quick. Offer: 21x 62 frosted heavy glass shower d (South Denton) - 21X62 glass shower door. Heavy an no chips but needs new hardware, does have bottom lip on door. Glass is frosted. Offer: christian magazines (South Denton) - ^Six John Hagee and 6 Billy Graham Decision magazines. Offer: small cat tree (South Denton) Gifted - Cat tree for small cat. Grey and in ok shape. A friend dropped it off to me and I have one so don't need this one. I have left it under carport if interested will give you address. Will need some care but seems ok to me. Offer: Plants for flower bed. (South Denton) Gifted - I have some Mexican Petunias that I need to thin out. They make purple flowers and they are a low growing plant and very hardy. They spread from the roots and make a nice little plant. Can post picture if interested. Offer: I have a small fern few years old. (South Denton) Gifted - Small fern has lacy fronds and makes these furry looking legs or arms that grow out of pot. Unusual. I can't for the life of me remember the name of this fern but needs a home as have a cat and no room for it in house as she will destroy it. This is small pot would fit in window or small space. Been outside on east porch since last frost in spring. Has to come in for the winter. Offer: away (South Denton) Gifted - I have a small tree or it's some kind of bush. Dug it out of fence line couple years ago and in pot. It bloomed tiny pick flowers for 2 years now in spring. No idea what it is. It is in a pot if you want can leave out for you. Also a start of Mexican petunias and some Rubella. Offer: old harness for mules (South Denton) Gifted - These are not in good shape but all metal rings and bars all there. Leather is pretty much shot but could be used as decorative pieces. To interesting to toss away. Came from Tn. and have a box full. Offer: scrap pieces of iron and aluminum. (South Denton) Gifted - Finished cleaning out old shop building. Have a pile of iron pieces, aluminum poles and a variety of items and good size load that all could be recycled at recycling plant. To heavy for me to deal with. Offer: Lantana starters (South Denton) Gifted - Two or 3 starts of Lantana. These are the multi colored flowers. Would like gone asap as want to use the container they are in. Have lots of Lantanas. Offer: styrofoam large for cats (South Denton) Gifted - Two very large styrofoam containers that I cut the ends out of and wrapped in plastic to leave out for feral or stray cats. I no longer need as none around here to need them. Can send pic if needed. Offer: cat bed (South Denton) Gifted - Two tone brown and used but not tattered cat bed. Used outside for outside cats. It has been rained on several times and still holds it's shape. I have several others and a house for them also so do not need this one. Offer: old harness for mules (South Denton) - These are in really bad shape but hated to just throw them away. Got them from Tn. and been in storage barn for years. Offer: Ivy (South Denton) Gifted - Have a jar of philodendum ivy rooted and ready for a hanging basket. Healthy plant. Offer: wood (South Denton) - Wanted to add this wood placed at street is on Acme St. in Denton. City picks up Tue or Wed for trash. This is dry wood good for campfires, fire pits. All cut up. Offer: Air plane plant starters (South Denton) Gifted - 4 green an 3 stripe starters. These would make 2 pots as they do well when crowded in pot. Stripe ones asked for but still have the green ones. Ready to pot. Offer: Air plane plant starters (South Denton) Gifted - 4 green an 3 stripe starters. These would make 2 pots as they do well when crowded in pot. Offer: rose bushes an others (South Denton) Gifted - I have 2 knock out roses bushes and one miniture rose bush and a butterfly bush to offer. Need them gone by or on this coming weekend. Also have airplane plant babies rooting, about 8 or 9 or them. Very small. Also Philodendrum ivy rooted and ready to plant. Offer: Wood cut up (South Denton) Gifted - Tree down from storm , has been cut up placed at street. Respond quick as pick up from city is tue/wed.