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Request: Puppy Crate (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Need a dog crate for a 10 month old puppy. Thanks. Request: Mini Freezer (Mississauga ON) - Looking for a Mini upright Freezer for Senior. Thanks! Request: Baby Gate (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Toddler safety gate Thank You! Request: UKULELE For A Senior (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Looking if someone has a Ukulele to help a Senior . Thanks much! Request: Box Guitar (Mississauga ON) - Will someone help a Senior looking for a Box Guitar please! Thanks so much! Request: Baby Gate (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Looking for a baby gate, any size. Thanks! Request: Oster Glass Jar Blender (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Looking for a 6 cup OSTER glass jar blender. Accidently broke my jar. Thanks! Request: Shallow Plastic Bin (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Plastic Bin, any color medium to large size. Thank you. Request: Puppy Play Pen (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Prefer 24" high to help a senior, for a Bicho Poodle. Thank You! Request: Used Box Guitar (Mississauga ON) Withdrawn - Amyone will be kind to give away a used but working Box Guitar, will appreciate it. Request: Used Box Guitar (Mississauga ON) Expired - Anyone will be kind to give away a used but working Box Guitar, appreciate it. Request: Stand up Book self (Mississauga ON) Expired - Stand up Book self. Thank You! Request: Box Guitar (Mississauga ON) Expired - Requesting for a Box Guitar, Used but in good condition. Request: Box Guitar (Mississauga ON) Expired - Box Guitar for Senior. Request: Living Room Carpet (Mississauga ON) Expired - Living Room Carpet. Smoke-free pet hair free please. Thank You! Request: Side tables (Mississauga ON) Expired - Light Side Tables with lamps (if) Thanks! Request: Double Bed Head Board (Mississauga ON) Expired - Head Board for Double Bed. Thank you! Request: Cane Furniture Chairs (Mississauga ON) Received - Any Color Cane Furniture. Thank You. Request: Used Toddler Mattresses (Mississauga ON) Expired - Two (2) Soft Used But NOT Soiled Mattresses for Toddlers. Thanks! Request: Room Rental (Mississauga ON) Expired - Helping a friend in urgent need to rent a one bedroom OR walkout basement in Mississauga Brampton area....Thank you! Request: Walkout Basement, Mississauga (Mississauga ON) Received - Helping a friend urgently in need of a One (1) Bedroom Walkout Basement in Mississauga. Furnished all utiluties included. Thanks! Request: Blenders (Mississauga ON) Received - Need a small-medium size blender for a friend. Request: Cast Iron Pan (Mississauga ON) Received - Medium size cast Iron frying pan. Thanks! Request: Glass Cookware (Mississauga ON) Received - Small/medium glass baking dishes, cookware. Request: Small coffee maker (Mississauga ON) Received - Small to medium Request: Small Couch (Mississauga ON) Expired - Medium Small Sofa Couch, light weight. Request: Mirror (Mississauga ON) Received - Mirror medium or full size. Thanks! Request: Clothes Rack (Mississauga ON) Received - Looking for a clothes rack with hangers. Thanks! Request: Small Dresser With Mirror (Mississauga ON) Received - Looking for a small dresser with mirror and drawers. Thanks! Request: LoveSeat (Mississauga ON) Expired - Love seat or small couch.