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Free: Dining room chairs (West Chester) Withdrawn - Four chairs, Queen Anne style. Good condition, padded seats (they droop a little), comfortable. Smoke-free and pet-free home. Located near Rustin High School.
Photo of free Dining room chairs (West Chester)
Request: Apple peeler (West Chester) Withdrawn - 'Got an apple peeler that never gets any use? Looking for something like the one in the picture, somewhere near West Chester. Thanks!
Photo of Apple peeler (West Chester)
Free: Patio chairs (West Chester) Gifted - Pair of springy comfortable worn patio chairs. Need a hosing down, but comfortable and have a couple years left in them, despite the split edge at the top of the back.
Photo of free Patio chairs (West Chester)
Photo of free Patio chairs (West Chester)
Request: Bird feeder pole(s) (West Chester) Expired - Not using those poles or feeders anymore? Hangers that attach to the wall or a post? We'd be glad to take them off your hands. Just the pole is fine, with or without feeder. Thanks! Free: Pendaflex file hanging foldlers (West Chester) Expired - 35 Pendaflex hanging file folders, legal size. Free: Landline phone cords (West Chester) Expired - Long handset cord and several connection cords, some extra long, some short, for landline phone sets.
Photo of free Landline phone cords (West Chester)
Request: Your old rusty bike (brant beach, nj) Expired - Hi I'm looking for a bike to take short rides on LBI. Doesn't matter if the wheels and chain are a bit rusty. For a tall guy. Thank you! Free: Small dresser (West Chester) Expired - Good quality but old and somewhat worn. 1960s construction. Solid wood, no pressboard. 35" wide, 31" high, 17" deep. Smaller dresser. Located near Rustin High School in West Chester. Please indicate when you'd be able to pick up when you reply.
Photo of free Small dresser (West Chester)
Free: Project display scroll box (West Chester) Gifted - This lovely wooden box has two inner rollers to which you attach your project scroll. Use the cranks on the outside to scroll up or down to display your project. Useful for school, for a family tree, lots of creative uses. Comes from a no-smoking/no pets house. Located in Westtown Township close to Rustin High School.
Photo of free Project display scroll box (West Chester)
Photo of free Project display scroll box (West Chester)
Photo of free Project display scroll box (West Chester)
Request: Baby items and equipment (West Chester) Expired - A former international student from Thailand is now in grad school at U Delaware. His wife was finally able to join him last year. They just had a baby girl. They have virtually nothing. Any equipment or baby items would be much appreciated! Free: Packing peanuts & air pillows in WC (West Chester) Expired - Big bag of packing peanuts and another of bubble wrap/air pillows available. Free: Store bought hangers (West Chester) Expired - I have about 30 plastic colored hangers available to anyone who needs them. Request: Easel for painting (West Chester) Expired - I have the canvass, my first, but would love to have an easel. Hoping someone has one, doesn't need to be big, that's not being used. Thanks.