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Free: Christmas tree with lights (Niantic/east lyme) - Curbside pickup. In working condition
Photo of free Christmas tree with lights (Niantic/east lyme)
Request: knobs (Farmington) - Metallic or porcelain please Request: Boot for plantar fasciitis (Farmington) - Typically these boots are received from a podiatrist. Hoping that someone out there has cured their planetar fasciitis and wants to get rid of a boot
Photo of Boot for plantar fasciitis (Farmington)
Request: Large sheet of cardboard, foambd (Farmington) Expired - Looking for extremely large sheets of cardboard or foam board. Want to make a full-sized photo booth of a VW bus For my friend 70th birthday party! . So I'm hoping that perhaps people have foam board they want to get rid of or maybe you just bought a refrigerator or other large appliance. Looking for the size of a piece of plywood. Would be open to plywood if somebody had a sheet they wanted to give away but I know that's expensive :-) Request: Colored or scrapbooking paper (Farmington) Expired - Looking for colored paper for a large bulletin board project. Can probably make any color work as I'm trying to create a beach forest and mountain scene with rainbows of course :-) patterned scrapbook paper would be great construction paper would be great. Thank you so much! Free: Echo Auto (Farmington) Gifted - New inbox, tried it, did not suit my needs.
Photo of free Echo Auto (Farmington)
Free: Organic beans (Farmington) Gifted - Green and wax beans, will need to cut off the brown spots if it bothers you. :-)
Photo of free Organic beans (Farmington)
Request: ice cream maker (Farmington) Expired Request: Racko game (Farmington) Expired Free: Organic romaine lettuce (Farmington) Gifted - Grown in my garden. Came back from vacation and had to pick all of it. I think I caught it before it turned bitter. But now I have 20 heads of lettuce that need a home. I also have some that bolted so if you need lettuce for your chickens I have that too. Would need to pick up Monday considering I picked it all yesterday and want you to have it as fresh as possible.Would love not to just throw it in the compost Free: Green wine glasses (Farmington) Gifted - approximately 8:00 in the box. Please take all. Will bring to good will on 6/7
Photo of free Green wine glasses (Farmington)
Free: Dvds (Farmington) Gifted - Please take all. Will bring to good will on 6/7
Photo of free Dvds (Farmington)
Free: Ceramic heater (Farmington) Gifted
Photo of free Ceramic heater (Farmington)
Request: Laser printer (Farmington) Received - Any working b&w printer for text base printing. Please and thank you Request: Room divider/supplies to DIY one (Farmington) Expired - I know it's a long shot but I want to try and make a free standing photo display. I would like to use a foldable room divider if anyone has one. Or supplies to make one. Looking for ideas on the DIY solutions and materials for the build. The party is Friday so hoping that I get a quick response from anyone out there. Thank you so much Request: Medicine ball (Farmington) Expired - Preferably six or eight pounds, but it's really about the diameter being 9 to 10 in. Need for the physical therapy. Please and thank you Request: Dumbells and/or kettlebell 25lb + (Farmington) Received - Hello all. Trying to up my workout game. Do you have some old weights laying around? Happy to pick them up! Request: Tablecloths for 8 ft tables (Farmington) Expired - Looking up for 6-8 tablecloths for 8 ft tables. They don't need to match, happy to take off your hands, or borrow and return clean! Needed for an event on Earth Day. April 22nd. Also looking for any party decorations for a 50th. Since it is Earth Day we do not want to create more landfill but rather recycle Your no longer needed items :) Thanks!
Request: Hand grips for hand exercises (Farmington) Expired - Looking to strengthen hands. Thank you Free: Costume jewelry (Farmington) Expired
Photo of free Costume jewelry (Farmington)
Photo of free Costume jewelry (Farmington)
Photo of free Costume jewelry (Farmington)
Request: 11 or 12 lb dumbbells (Farmington) Expired - Looking to increase my workout, if you have dumbbells you want to get out of your way, please let me know. Thank you Request: Egg boiler (Farmington) Received - Looking for an egg boiler for an office. Please and thank you
Photo of Egg boiler (Farmington)
Request: Denmark travel books (Farmington) Expired - Searching for maps or travel books to Denmark. Personal suggestions are also welcomed. In the early stages of trip planning. Thank you Free: Modem (Farmington) Gifted - Working modem. I used it with Xfinity. Should work with other carriers. I just upgraded to an all-in-one modem router so this is No longer needed
Photo of free Modem (Farmington)
Request: Single hole punch (Farmington) Received - Thank you Free: Wireless router (Farmington) Gifted - TP-Link wireless router that has been updated with DDWRT firmware.
Photo of free Wireless router (Farmington)
Request: Tape cassette player (Farmington) Expired - Looking for a working player. Found some old cassettes that have recordings of people who have passed. Therefore want to ensure that the tape player doesn't eat my tape. Please and thank you can pick up Free: Front porch alert (Farmington) Gifted - Message me for address.
Photo of free Front porch alert (Farmington)
Photo of free Front porch alert (Farmington)
Photo of free Front porch alert (Farmington)
Photo of free Front porch alert (Farmington)
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Free: New Book and audio book (Farmington) Gifted - In gift giving condition
Photo of free New Book and audio book (Farmington)
Free: Cell phone viewing mount (Farmington) Gifted - Brand new, (no box) perfect four viewing in a comfortable position. Wrap flexible loop around neck or position as needed
Photo of free Cell phone viewing mount (Farmington)