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Request: Rhubarb Plants - Mine died this winter. If you have extra plants to share I’d appreciate abour four. Thanks Gary Request: Satellite Dish Antenna - I do not need a working dish. Needed for a different kind of project. Any small dish.Depending on the location, I can remove it from roof or wall. Gary Offer: Coffee Containers - Three pound plastic with lid. Too nice to throw away. Gary Offer: Egg Cartons - I saved them for friends. They have no more chickens.About 40 clean cartons. Located in Gray Gary Request: Used and Abused Aluminum Ladder - Ladder need not be safe for my application. A 15' to 20' ladder or pieces thereof, will work for me. Ladder will be modified regardless of condition Gary Request: Binocular Microscope and/or Biology Teacher Resource - I am looking for a binocular dissecting microscope to use with the grandchildren and around the house. Failing finding a scope on Freecycle, I need the resource of someone familiar with the plethora of offerings in the digital age. Ebay has scopes from $10 to many hundreds of $$, traditional scopes like I used 50+ years ago and digital. Too many choices. Any homeschoolers who can help? Thanks to anyone who can offer advice/opinion/other resources. Gary Request: 6" Cast Iron Fry Pan - Any condition! Gary Offer: Plastic Containers - Ideal for sorting, crafting, displaying. Assorted sizes of prescription bottles. 8 oz. and 16 oz. mushroom containers. All clean and dry. Located in Gray. Gary Offer: Firewood - Dry. About a pick up load. Also 2 wood pallets. Located in Gray Gary Request: Knitting Supplies and Yarn - Eight y.o. granddaughter is becoming an avid knitter. If you no longer are or have remnants of yarn, she will put them to good use.I'm in Grey. Thanks Gary Offer: Plastic Coffee Containers - Approximately 15 -- 3# containers suitable for storing grains, cereals, bird seed, etc. Located in Gray. Gary Offer: Pioneer PDM-501 CD Player - For parts. CD changer does not work. Jams Located in Gray. Gary Request: canning jars request - Thanks for the canning jars. Gary Request: Quart Wide Mouth Canning Jars - I am in Gray Gary Request: Pipe and Fittings - Black iron or galvanized. Any size. Any condition. Used, rusty, all OK. Gary Offer: Anchors - I have four (4) concrete filled plastic coffee container (3# +/- Folgers). Each has an eye bolt embedded in the top. The containers are painted black. I made the anchors to hold down an outdoor 8x8 canopy at an art show. No further need! Located in Gray about 2 miles north of Boones Creek. Off N. Roan. Gary Robert G. Tregaskis COL (Ret) USA Offer: Rosemary Cuttings - Two rosemary plants exploded with growth this summer. Take as much as you want for infusions, skewers, dry, or attempt to start new plants. I have to trim in the next few days. Much will go to compost if you do not take it. Located in Gray, off N. Roan/Rt. 36. Gary Request: Ceramic Crock or 2 QT. Mason Jars - I'm looking for a "smallish" ceramic crock in good condition. No cracks or chips in the interior glazing. One gallon size is sufficient. Alternative is some 2 QT Mason jars. I've never seen one that large but am told they exist. Thanks. Gary Offer: Cardboard Boxes for Packing, Storage and Moving - Located in Gray Gary Offer: THANKS: Square Plastic Pails - Many thanks to Judy. I have all that I need. Gary Request: SQUARE Plastic Pails - Looking for containers that are square. I believe some cat litter suppliers use them. They hold three or four gallons. Located in Gray/North JC. Gary Request: Quart and Pint Canning Jars - We gave ours away several years ago when we moved. Now we have need of about three dozen jars w/ or w/o rings. Thanks. Gary Request: Treadmill for Parts - Looking for a treadmill to salvage parts. I'll take what I need or can use and recycle remainder. Located in Gray. Gary Request: Gear Motor - I'm building an activity for a local YMCA. I need a low rpm gear motor to provide some realism. Speed is not critical but must be low for safety. Looking for a gear motor with a shaft speed of 30 to 45 rpm or anything close. I can add some small pulleys if necessary to correct speed. Thanks for help. Gary Offer: CPAP Supplies Gifted - Hose, face mask, filters, etc. from ResMed. All are in sealed packages, never opened. Supplies are for Respironics CPAP but may be usable on other CPAP machines. Located in Gray, Gary Offer: Power Cords - Some new and some salvaged from irreparable tools and appliances. Two-wire and three-wire grounding plugs. Various colors and lengths. More than I'll ever use. If you need or want replacement cords, I probably have it. Tell me what you are looking for or come by and select. Gary Request: Piano, Upright or Otherwise - Looking for a piano in good to better condition so a child can begin lessons. Lessons are free if she has a piano to practice. Gary