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Free: Egg substitute (Oswego) Gifted - Vegan . I have 2 cases of 6 . In freezer .
Photo of free Egg substitute (Oswego)
Free: Food items (Oswego) Gifted
Photo of free Food items (Oswego)
Photo of free Food items (Oswego)
Free: Empty cannister (Oswego) - Size of a large oatmeal cannister
Photo of free Empty cannister (Oswego)
Request: Boys clothing (Oswego) - Size 7& 8 Free: Milk jug (Oswego) - Glass oberwise
Photo of free Milk jug (Oswego)
Request: Plastic bags (Oswego) Expired - I use for cleaning my kitty liter boxes. Thankyou so much ahead Request: Empty milk jugs (Oswego) Expired - Need for seed starting if anyone has. Please thank you Free: Radio/ CD player (Oswego) Expired - Non working
Photo of free Radio/ CD player (Oswego)
Free: Food items (Oswego) Gifted - Laundry soap and misc foods
Photo of free Food items (Oswego)
Free: Plant (Oswego) Expired - Brought this in but kitties are wanting it. Pot is not included
Photo of free Plant (Oswego)
Free: Oberwise milk bottle (Oswego) Expired - 64 FL oz
Photo of free Oberwise milk bottle (Oswego)
Free: Empty Wine bottles (Oswego) Expired - Clear and colored
Photo of free Empty Wine bottles (Oswego)
Request: 2 plain coffee cups (Oswego) Expired - 2 plain coffee cups.if anyone has any they don't use. Thankyou Request: Plastic bags (Oswego) Received - I use for cleaning my kitty liter boxes. Thankyou so much ahead Request: Ceiling fan (Oswego) Expired - If anyone has a working ceiling fan ? I would be able to trade you some food items . Thankyou Free: Cooking Magazines (Oswego) Gifted - Good condition Free: Cookbook (Oswego) Gifted - Microwave Cookbook
Photo of free Cookbook (Oswego)
Free: Microwave Cookbook (Oswego) Gifted - Tappan cookbook
Photo of free Microwave Cookbook (Oswego)
Free: Many food containers (Oswego) Expired - All sizes . Many. These are empty. Plant containers? Storage for arts and crafts? Nails??
Photo of free Many food containers (Oswego)
Request: Newspaper (Oswego) Expired - If anyone has any they don't need Free: Pretty broken peices (Oswego) Expired - Maybe can use for mosaics? Making different crafts ?
Photo of free Pretty broken peices (Oswego)
Request: Gallon glass jars (Oswego) Expired - Gallon Request: Yarn scraps (Oswego) Expired - Dosent matter how much. Need to make typs for ornaments and decorate cards. Thank you ahead!!!❄❄❄ Free: Cold weather boots (Oswego) Expired - As 6? 6 1 /2? Tag is gone .would be best to put insoles in for support. They are not new. Do not leak. My granddaughter wore
Photo of free Cold weather boots (Oswego)
Request: Christmas scrapbook embellishment s (Oswego) Expired - If any one has any their not using. 1 or 2 leftover? Request: Acrylic craft paint (Oswego) Expired - Would use for crafting if anyone dosent use any longer? And or brushes. Thanks so much Request: Bottlecap s (Oswego) Expired - Standard size Free: Parts of used candles (Oswego) Gifted - Handy if your interested in making candles ? Some jars as well Request: Keys (Oswego) Expired - Needing unwanted keys Thankyou Request: Felt (Oswego) Expired - Looking for any felt. Would be used for crafts. Thankyou