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Request: Small Safety Pins (Oak Lawn, IL) Received - Requesting small safety pins for tagging knitted and crocheted items. Items are given to the homeless shelters, crisis centers, soldiers, pregnancy centers, World Vision, Merlin Mufflers Snug Hugs for kids, and the list goes on. We are a group of women from Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Burbank. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Request: Cotton Yarn (Oak Lawn, IL) - Cotton yarn 100% for crocheting ear savers for face masks. Color doesn't matter. Can use yarn that's not a whole skein. Request: Buttons (Oak Lawn, IL) - Color doesn't matter but, would prefer 1" buttons for doing ear savers for face masks. Request: Cotton Yarns (Oak Lawn, IL) - Our church knitting/crocheting group is making pocket prayer cloths for cancer patients, as well as soldiers and others in need of support. Should you have any leftovers from cotton yarns (Sugar N Cream, Peaches N Cream, Lion Brand Cotton or I love this Cotton brand), please don't throw it out. Consider donating to us so that we can continue making these. Thank you so much.
Photo of Cotton Yarns (Oak Lawn, IL)
Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Assorted sizes. Free for the taking. Offer: Knitting Needles Assorted Sizes (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Knitting needles sizes 1-13. Not every size available. More small ones than large ones. Request: Yarn for Knitting and Crocheting (Oak Lawn, IL) - Wanted yarn to make assorted items for homeless, crisis centers, pregnancy centers, and soldiers. Prefer worsted weight and bulky yarn. Please, nothing fancy. If you're not going to use it, our church group would love to make beautiful things with it. Thanks in advance. Offer: Bird Feeders (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Regular bird feeders, large and small, thistle feeder. Nut feeders as well. Not feeding the birds anymore. Porch pickup today. Request: Price Tags With Strings (Oak Lawn, IL) - Wanted: Price tags with strings to mark our donated knitted and crocheted items. These would enable us to sort the items faster when packing for the soldiers, homeless, abused women and children and the pregnancy centers. So if you have these and don't have any further use for them, please consider the Yarn Over Mission church group in Burbank. Thank you.
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Request: Yarn (Oak Lawn, IL) Received - Wanted acrylic yarn, worsted weight. Church group makes hats, scarves, lap robes, baby items for homeless shelters, abused women and children, veterans and soldiers now serving. Last year we totaled nearly 2,000 items. If you have yarn that you no longer use, please consider donating to us. Thanks in advance! Request: Yarn (Oak Lawn, IL) - Yarn wanted for church group that knits and crochets item for: soldiers, homeless, pregnancy center, abused women and children and World Vision. Anything you might have would be greater appreciated. No need for any type of eyelash or fluffy yarn. Thank you. If you would be interested in knitting or crocheting for our worthy causes, please contact us. Attendance isn't mandatory but, it's lots of fun to get together. Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Assorted size knitting needles. Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Various sizes of knitting needles. Would be great for a new knitter or a group of knitters. Offer: Pressure Cooker (Oak Lawn, IL) - Presto pressure cooker. Not the electric type. Works excellently. Got a new electric one and thought I'd pass this one on. Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) - Assorted size of knitting needles. Great for someone starting out. Request: Tomato Cages (Oak Lawn, IL) - Tomato Cages needed. Request: Thunder Shirt for Dog (Oak Lawn, IL) - I am wanting a Thunder Shirt in size Small. My Cavalier is really afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. Has to be a Small, not XS or XXS. Thank you. Request: Cotton or Flannel Fabric (Oak Lawn, IL) - Cotton or fabric needed for church quilting group in Burbank. We make quilts that are donated to people in need. Our quilts go all over the USA and overseas. If you are de-stashing or just Spring cleaning, we would love to have your fabric. Request: Cotton or Flannel Fabric (Oak Lawn, IL) - Cotton or fabric needed for church quilting group. We make quilts that are donated to people in need. Our quilts go all over the USA and overseas. If you have any fabric you'd care to donate, please contact me. Thank you. Our group appreciates it! Request: Yarn (Oak Lawn, IL) - Wanted: Skeins of yarn for women's group. Items we make are for soldiers, pregnancy center, homeless women, children and men, World Vision program, etc. If you have yarn you no longer want, please donate to a good cause. We will be happy to pick it up. Thank you. Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Our knitting and crocheting group seems to be overrun with needles for knitting at this time. We have a set of assorted sizes ready to be picked up for anyone who may be interested in them. Thank you. Offer: Knitting Needles (Oak Lawn, IL) Gifted - Several pairs of knitting needles that are free. Donated from our knitting group for anyone starting out or needing to replace sets. Request: Sewing Fabric (Oak Lawn, IL) - If you have any cotton or flannel fabric that's been laying around and you're not planning on using it, I'd love to have it. American Patchwork and Quilting Co., has a One Million Pillowcase challenge. The pillowcases are given to local charities such a domestic abused women, homeless veterans and their families, etc. I want to make pillowcases and donate them to these different causes. I have already finished 22 and took my donation to the Quilter's Trunk on 105th and Western Ave. They were beyond happy!!!!! Please let me know if you have anything you'd like to give up. Thank you. keepsakeec@sbcglobal.net