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Offer: Raccoonc Chk", Phone filters (St. Clair-Christie) - When bins needed an extra "Raccoon Protection" this was a tie down especially made for that purpose...Still in pkg. I also have several "phone filters" that you inserted between the phone jack and the computer. Some still in pkg., from Bell. Porch pickup...
Photo of free Raccoonc Chk", Phone filters (St. Clair-Christie)
Photo of free Raccoonc Chk", Phone filters (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: kiddies tricycle (St. Clair-Christie) Withdrawn - See attached photo Controlled by adult, from behind, goof for about 2-4 year-old. Porch pick up..
Photo of free kiddies tricycle (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: Speaker Wire (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - 25 ft speaker wire, AWG #20, (unopened package..), Wellson brand 3 ft cable USB-C to Micro USB (unopened package) Porch pick-up.. Offer: IBM Think Pad T43 (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - This is a pretty old laptop, was a workhorse for a long time. Now, nothing lights up - screen, keys, even when plugged in. Don't know what the problem is. Offering it, without hard drive, (which I've removed.) Porch pickup by appointment. Offer: two wood photo frames (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Two of the same size: 6 1/2 in X 12 1/2", beautiful dark oak frames.
Photo of free two wood photo frames (St. Clair-Christie)
Request: 1/2 inch or 1 inch 3-ring binders (St. Clair-Christie) Received - Am looking for about 10 3-ring binders, 1" or smaller. Thanks...will be glad to pick up within about a 4 mile distance from St.Clair-Christie. Offer: toddler's tricycle (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Child has pedals, but parent/adult pushes and steers from behind. Offer: VHS Movies (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Must take all except for "Yoga" and "Isometric"... Honey I Shrunk the kids Roxanne Titanic (2) Splash The emperor’s new clothes The English Patient Core Yoga Isometric Stretch Nature of things Offer: gifted (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Rattan clothes hamper Large mirror two oval mirrors bi-fold doors Offer: Antique chairs (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Various antique style chairs. May require some work. Contact me for details. Offer: Rattan clothes hamper (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - See photo.
Photo of free Rattan clothes hamper (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: 2 oval mirrors (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Two identical oval mirrors. Gold coloured wood frame. 18"(w) x 28" (h)
Photo of free 2 oval mirrors (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: large mirror (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Wooden frame, 48" x 34"
Photo of free large mirror (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: bifold doors (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Hinged wood bifold doors. Each door is 77" (h) x 18" (w)
Photo of free bifold doors (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: drafting table (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Original wood drafting table. Table measurements 42" x 32". Free!
Photo of free drafting table (St. Clair-Christie)
Offer: Books - Guatemala Textile (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Looking for a home that wants these... "A century of Change in Guatemalan Textiles" **A Unique collection of tribal/village textiles- 1981" "Tzute and Hierarchy in Solola"-1988 Culture, textiles... "Canadians in Central America" 1989 Canadians' intrusion via mining, speculation, railways... "Guatemala Guide"- 1988 "Nosotros Conecemos nuestra Historia" ***This is probably the only remaining volume in the world of this collection of first person stories*** In Spanish, 1987 Tikal - 1988 Offer: Linksys E1200Wireless-N Router (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - In box, complete with power adapter. Request: Exercise Bike (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Looking for an exercise bike.. Preferably an "upright" but will take a recumbent ... Thanks Sam