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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Co-Ax cable (St. Clair-Christie) Withdrawn - I have various lengths of co-ax, be glad if someone can use some or all. Sam Free: Wood decorative peieces (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - See photo: Longer piece is 20 inches, shorter piece is 14 inches.
Photo of free Wood decorative peieces (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Large envelopes (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - 10 envelopes, 12" X 16" . Nothing special, just don't need them... Sam
Photo of free Large envelopes (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Mirror, bevelled (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - 20 inches wide by 24 inches long.
Photo of free Mirror, bevelled (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Aluminum pie plates (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - As in the picture.. Will probably have a few more by the time this gets posted..
Photo of free Aluminum pie plates (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Betty Crocker Toaster Oven (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - 15 inches wide, 9 inches deep... (Bought a bigger one.. to replace regular stove/oven)
Photo of free Betty Crocker Toaster Oven (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Old fashioned washboard, tea cups (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Antique washboard 2 teacups plus creamer, bright, brought over from from India
Photo of free Old fashioned washboard, tea cups (St. Clair-Christie)
Photo of free Old fashioned washboard, tea cups (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Battery for Bell Home Hub 3000 (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - This was a spare for Bell Home Hub 3000. Package never opened. Free: Framed artwork (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Three paintings under one glass, by famed artist N. Gutman.
Photo of free Framed artwork (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: RCA Cables (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - I have a small bunch of RCA cables, some with different connectors on one end... Sam Free: Cordless phones (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - 3 Vtech cordless phones, with base Free: Van Gogh print (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Van Gogh print, "Starry Night", mounted. 20" X 16".
Photo of free Van Gogh print (St. Clair-Christie)
Request: Toshiba TV remote (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - The buttons on my remote are "wearing out", and no longer reliable. It is the one in the photo. Would you have one similar lying around that you no longer need. I'm mobile,so will be glad to pick up within about 10 miles from St. Clair/Bathurst.. Thanks
Photo of Toshiba TV remote (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Mexican Painting (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Beautiful Mexican painting on cork, currently attached on (orange) burlap, mounted on 1/4 inch board.
Photo of free Mexican Painting (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Pull chain ceiling fan switches (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - three pull-chain (ceiling) fan switches. See photo.
Photo of free Pull chain ceiling fan switches (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: European electric plugs (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - I have: a few extension cord 3-prong European electric plugs (plugs only) a few 2-prong North American to European 2 -prong plugs. Free: Wooden high chair. hand- painted (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Hand- painted wooden high chair, still looks good, about 50 years old Your child/grandchild will love it, and remember it!
Photo of free Wooden high chair. hand- painted (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Filter for phone/computer (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - I have several filters of the kind that were needed between the phone jack and the telephone, (prior to wi-fi.???) See photo
Photo of free Filter for phone/computer (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Pads for Honeywell Humidifiers (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - I have a box of 12 "Mineral Absorption Pads for Honeywell QuickSteam Humidifiers". Won't be using them. Hope somebody can... Free: Coloured goblets (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - I have 6 beautiful coloured goblets (see photo). Can be used for desserts, candy dishes, .... Adds beautiful colour to your table.
Photo of free Coloured goblets (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Airplane blankets, textiles (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - I have 4 or 5 airplane blankets, different colours, - be glad to give them to someone who can use them. Also bundle of textiles, some patterned, some solid colours. Free: File or Magazine holder (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - I have two or three File folder holders, grey plastic. See photo.. Porch Pickup...
Photo of free File or Magazine holder (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: HP Monitor/screen (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - 19 inch (diagonal) HP screen, 15 pin connector (See photo) Haven't used it since ??? (since my laptop of several years doesn't have a 15 pin port..)
Photo of free HP Monitor/screen (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Lamp, copper base (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - Copper based lamp, (brought from Middle East) (Does not have lamp shade..) Porch pick up.
Photo of free Lamp, copper base (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: Baby Car seat (St. Clair-Christie) Gifted - Rec'd from an acquaintance, never used by us (for grandson) because of pandemic. Porch pick-up...
Photo of free Baby Car seat (St. Clair-Christie)
Free: 2007 Toyota Yaris Owner's Manual (St. Clair-Christie) Expired - The 2007 Yaris has gone to Toyota never-never land, but I still have: Owner's Manual, Owner's manual Supplement, Owner's Manual for Toyota AM-FM/CD Player. Shame to recycle if someone can use them.