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Offer: Bunton mower 52" (Mahopac) - I have a Bunton 52" cut mower for scrap metal. It runs but it needs a new bowl on carburetor. Request: 9.6 volt ryobi charger (Mahopac) - Ryobi 9.6 volt charger Request: Windows desktop or laptop computer (Mahopac) - I need either a Windows desktop or Windows laptop computer. Request: bicycle for a shorter adult (Mahopac) - I need a bicycle with about a 14" frame for a shorter adult. The frame is measured from the center of the pedal crank to the top of the seat tube that the seat post goes into. Thank you. Request: children's mountain bike (Mahopac) - I need a children's mountain bike, with about a 12" or 14" frame. Thanks! Request: mountain bike (Mahopac) - I need a medium frame, 14", mountain bike. It can be in rather poor condition, that does not matter. Thanks so much. Request: mountain bikes (Mahopac) Received - I need a few mountain bikes. If they are rusted and drive or shifts or brakes don't work, it doesn't matter. Basically, I need the handlebars and frame to repurpose them. I need 20", 24" and 26" bikes. Thanks so much! Request: half gallon and one gallon jars (Mahopac) - I need several half-gallon and full gallon glass canning jars. I recently gave away many smaller, up to quart sizes, Ball canning jars, but now I need larger ones. Thanks so much. Request: car stereo (Mahopac) - I need a car stereo, preferably with a cd player also. It needs to have cables so I can hook it up. Thanks. Request: car stereo (Mahopac) - I need a car stereo, preferably with a cd player also. Thanks. Request: Car CD stereo radio (Mahopac) - I need a car stereo with a cd player. If you have the harness plug with wires that would be great. I want to use this as a workshop stereo system. Thanks. Offer: recumbent exercise bike (Mahopac) Gifted - have a recumbent exercise bike for the taking. It works perfectly and was $2000 when new. I have all the manuals that came with it too. Request: storm windows (Mahopac) - I need some storm windows for a solar heater project. Thanks. Request: aloe plants (Mahopac) - I am in need of any aloe plants you might want to get rid of. Thanks. Request: recumbent exercise bike (Mahopac) - I need a recumbent exercise bike for my son, who can not use a regular exercise bike. Thanks very much. Offer: Braun chair lifts (2 ea.) (Mahopac) - I have 2 chair lifts. One is a 3 step chair lift and the other is a 9 step chair lift. These are both made by Braun and are in very good condition. Please take both of these. These are very heavy. Request: Apple laptop (Mahopac) - I need an Apple laptop computer. It does snot matter if it is old as long as it works and it is an Apple laptop. Thanks so much. Request: drill press (Mahopac) - I need a drill press, tabletop or floor mounted. Thanks so much. Request: treadmill (Mahopac) - I need a treadmill that is in good working condition. Request: used treadmill belts (Mahopac) - I need a few used treadmill belts that you use to walk on. Thanks. Request: aluminum boat (Mahopac) - I need a 9 ft. aluminum boat for fishing. Thanks. Request: small self-propel. mower (Mahopac) - I am in need of a small self-propelled lawn mower. As long as it works, I am not fussy. Thanks so much. Request: in Mahopac: speakers (Mahopac) - I need 4 or 8 Ohm speakers. Offer: kerosene heater (Mahopac) Gifted - easy driveway pickup; kerosene heater Request: kettlebells (Mahopac) - I am in need of some kettlebells, 5-25 lbs. Request: cast iron skillet & pots (Mahopac) - I need a cast iron skillet and cast iron pots. Request: 16" bicycle (Mahopac) - I need two (2) 16" bicycles, one girl's and one boy's. If they need work, that's alright; I can repair them. Thanks so much. Request: 16" bicycle wheels (Mahopac) - I need four (4) 16" bicycle wheels. The tires do not matter, if they are bad or not or even if there are tires on the wheels. Thanks so much! Request: used 5 gal. buckets (Mahopac) - I need several used 5 gallon buckets, plastic or metal.