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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Terracotta shards (E8 London Fields) - Carrier bag full of shards, could be useful for pot drainage Offer: Sedum (E8 London Fields) - Quite a few new shoot growths to pass on, they should flower later this year . They flower later on in the year Offer: Raspberry canes (E8 London Fields) Gifted - At the moment quite small but should fruit and flower this year if put in now Offer: Strawberry plants (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Last years runners. They should flower and fruit this year Offer: Peony plants (E8 London Fields) Gifted - These might not flower This year as they are quite small, but then again they might. Red when in bloom Offer: E8 ADSL filters and scart leads (E8 London Fields) - As above Offer: E8 car jump leads (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Used but good condition Offer: E8. Padded envelopes (E8 London Fields) Gifted - 9 large(a4 actual size) and 6 or so actual A5 size Offer: Unused plastic wallets (E8 London Fields) - As photo. About 20-30
Offer: Box file (E8 London Fields) Withdrawn - As photo 3 inches deep
Offer: Ethernet cables and ADSL filters (E8 London Fields) - One very long cable, number of filters Offer: ADSL filters and scart leads (E8 London Fields) - several of both, scart leads different lengths Offer: Car jump leads (E8 London Fields) - ordinary jump leads, good condition Offer: Goddards brass & copper cleaner (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Part used bottle of cleaning fluid Offer: Brass/copper polish (E8 London Fields) Gifted - A 2/3full bottle Old but I don’t think it goes off!!
Offer: Fleece for tender plants (E8 London Fields) Gifted - 1.6x10 M. Brand new sheet, still in original wrapping Offer: dark wooden book case (E8 London Fields) Gifted - 80x108x26cm one shelf support missing but not essential, ply wood back can be easily taken out. Please pick up asap
Offer: Pure DAB radio (E8 London Fields) Gifted - See photo The LED display doesn’t work anymore
Offer: Raspberry canes (E8 London Fields) Gifted - For planting straight away Offer: Book shelves (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Good condition Collect at the weekend
Offer: Jam jars and lids All sizes (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Small and larger clean jam jars Offer: Tow rope (E8 London Fields) Withdrawn - car tow rope Offer: Car tyre battery operated pump (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Operates from the car battery to inflate car tyres Offer: Red Rug (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Plain, twist wool carpet/ rug 240cmx 270cm. Picture gives a pretty accurate indication of colour Well used and reasonable condition. Has a few superficial dirty marks you’d likely want to remove
Offer: Shelf unit (E8 London Fields) Gifted - 11x32x42ins 2adjustable shelves Back panel is slightly broken but not visible when up Wood and laminate Offer: Jam jars with lids (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Mainly 1lb jars and smaller Offer: Sealant, white waterproof (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Barely used tube It’s the type that needs a holder
Offer: Strawberry plants (E8 London Fields) Gifted - Plants with runners ; good cropper Request: Empty containers used for candles (E8 London Fields) - Like the ones used for scenting rooms , 'cooks' candles , etc I think they are pyrex or glass Thanks Offer: ADSL filters and Ethernet cables (E8 London Fields) - All in excellent condition