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Offer: Educational Leadership magazines (Brookland) - Three issues of ASCD's Educational Leadership magazines: Leading the Energized School (March 2018), Learning to Write, Writing to Learn (April 2018), When Teachers Lead Their Own Learning (November 2018), plus two Education Updates from ASCD (Nov/Dec 2018). Porch pickup.
Offer: children's winter boots Size 1 (Brookland) - Great condition, easy to put on. My son has unfortunately outgrown them. Porch pickup. Thanks, Lisa
Offer: CBD Pure Hemp Oil, unopened (Brookland) Gifted - CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600, unopened Passing this on in case anyone on here can use it. We never opened it. Decided on a different course to pursue. Porch pickup. Thanks, Lisa
Offer: beer growlers, empty (Brookland) - Cleaning out the pantry. Porch pickup. Thanks, Lisa
Offer: Surveillance System (Brookland) Gifted - 8 Channel DVR Surveillance System: got this from a friend but we already have an Arlo system Spring Cleaning Purging has begun! Porch pickup. Thanks, Lisa Offer: Dragon Dictate for Mac softwar/Book (Brookland) Gifted - I got these as part of a gift package from the DC Special Education Co-op. They've never been used. Offer: Special Education textbooks (Brookland) - I'm cleaning off my bookshelf. I'm a special education teacher and these are textbooks from when I was in grad school: "Exceptional Learners: Introduction to Special Education" and "Special Education in Contemporary Society". They're in good condition. Offer: teacher supplies (Brookland) - My mantra this year is "less is more." Offering a mixed bag of never used sight word cards (grade 4+), 2 complete sets of alphabet cards, certificates (wow!, huge success, great job!), chef's hat (brand new), and railroad hat (brand new). Porch pick up in Brookland. Lisa
Offer: Blue bathmat (Brookland) - It came in a box of hand-me-downs for our son. We have a black & white bathroom. It's sort of a colonial blue, approx 2' x 3.5'. Porch pick up. Lisa Offer: Burley Bike Trailer for Kids & Baby Bike Seat (Brookland) - I can email pics of the actual items, just let me know! Burley Bike Trailer for kids: FREE! (needs a good cleaning but looks kind of like this: /) Baby Bike Seat: FREE! in the style of: Center-Mounted Child Bike Seats | GearJunkie) | | | | | | | | | | | Center-Mounted Child Bike Seats | GearJunkie Stephen Regenold There are few things my two-year-old daughter loves more than a bike ride. So this summer I've been testing two ... | | | Please let me know if you'd like either of these! Thanks,Lisa Offer: Sherwood Forest w/ Robin Hood action figure (Brookland) - My son doesn't play with this anymore. It could use a good spray with a hose. I'm recovering from a stroke, otherwise, I'd spray it down myself. Porch pick up. Lisa Offer: assorted cloth diapers, including G diapers, new G diaper liners (Brookland) - Leftover from the Brookland clothing swap this morning. Too many to go through. Porch pick up. Lisa Offer: plastic takeout containers with lids (Brookland) - 12 round ones3 rectangular Porch pickup. Thanks,Lisa Offer: Textbooks (Brookland) - "Assessing Learners with Special Needs" 6th Edition by Terry Overton "Alcamo's Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology" 7th Edition by Jeffrey Pommerville "Life-Span Human Development 7e" by Carol Sigelman & Elizabeth Rider "Voice and Articulation" 4th Edition by Kenneth Crannell "Microbiology: An Introduction" 8th Edition by Tortora, Funke and Case Porch Pick-up Thanks!Lisa Request: "Educated" by Tara Westover - The DC Library has 550 hold requests for this book. Hoping someone can provide a copy for me? Thanks in advance,Lisa Offer: bag of bags (Brookland) - These are the promotional ones that companies hand out with their logo on them, some have double drawstring, others are tote bag/grocery bag style. Porch pick-up Lisa Offer: bag of assorted cookbooks (Brookland) - An assortment of cookbooks: Cooking Light, Martha Stewart's Healthy Quick Cook, Williams Sonoma Seasonal Favorites, Williams Sonoma Cake, The Top 100 Pasta Sauces, a few dessert type books, etc. Porch pick-up. Lisa Offer: Bread Maker (Brookland) - Brand: BreadmanModel: TR520I can email you the user guide I downloaded from the internet. Porch pick up. Thanks,Lisa Offer: bag of bags - These are the lightweight fabric ones that you can buy for like a dollar at stores or they're often promotional. Porch pick up. Thanks,Lisa Offer: 2 unopened gallons of Algaefix by PondCare (Brookland) - Label says "Keeps Koi ponds and goldfish ponds & water gardens clean and clear" Porch pick up. Lisa Request: size 13 boys' "Keen style" sport sandal - Before I go and purchase some, thought I'd try here. Thanks,Lisa Offer: 2 Chinese Primer Character Workbooks and 1 Chinese Primer Notes and Exercises books - I purchased these when I was planning on taking the class. Chinese Primer Character Workbook copyright 1994https:// Chinese Primer Note and Exercises copyright 2007https:// If you'd like all or any of these, let me know. I can leave them on our porch in Brookland. xie xie,Lisa Offer: Introductory Spanish Text Book (Brookland) - I have a NEXOS Copyright 2005 Textbook w/ workbook included. No marks, no dog-eared pages. Porch pick up in Brookland. Thanks,Lisa Offer: The Chicago Manual of Style"13th edition (Brookland) - Need some space on my bookshelf. Porch pick up. Thanks,Lisa Offer: training wheels and "Cars" themed kid's bike helmet (Brookland) - Our son has outgrown both of these. Porch pick up. Thanks,Lisa Request: window air conditioner - Our window unit on our first floor conked out a few days ago. I'm home recuperating from a stroke. If anyone has one to part with... Thanks,Lisa Offer: bag of cookbooks/magaines (Brookland) - Cooking Light cookbooksWilliams Sonomadessert onesSaveur, Cooks Illustrated etc magazinesMartha Stewart healthy cookbooketc etc Must take whole bag. Porch pick up. Thanks,Lisa Offer: cloth diapers, swim diapers, training pants (Brookland) - Porch pick up in Brookland.Thought someone could use these: 2 Gerber cloth swim diapers (2T-3T)1 Mini Baby Joy cloth swim diaper (maybe 6-12months?)1 Gerber cloth training underpants ( 3T, the crotch is reinforced w/ more padding)1 cloth training underpants (2T?) 1 cloth insert1 Kushies cloth diaper cover w/ velcro in baby duck print3 Baby Land cloth diaper coverings w/ adjustable snaps (1 yellow, 2 pink; like these: Robot Check) | | | | Robot Check | | | Thanks,Lisa Offer: two big old TV's that work (Brookland) - In an effort to clean the basement and make more room, we're parting with a Toshiba TV and a Sharp TV. My husband said both work. Porch pick up in Brookland. I can email picrures if interested. Lisa Offer: 2018 wall calendars (Brookland) - Allegheny College 2018 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 2018 Jewish Communities of the World Calendar 2018 Thanks,Lisa