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Offer: wooden CD rack....five shelves (63116 bevo mill neighborhood) - this is five shelf wooden cd rack that has a broken dowel on top level but is able to be glued back together with some wood glue or some kind of super glue..... 3 1/2 feet tall 24in wide.....each shelf has a divider on the dowel that allows separating the CDs into different compartments.... Offer: Curb pick up storage box brwn vinyl (63116) Gifted - Its sturdy enough for my 265lbs to sit on but it has big tear on top that dog ripped it. Could be covered with cloth. Its in front of 4106 schiller place 63116 and clean enough as I stored clean bedding in it at foot of my bed. Its kind of chest and seat both Offer: large black cloth suitcase expands (63116) - black large suitcase with two wheels and a pull out handle that expands...has some outside pockets too. Offer: tie holders (63116) Gifted - hang in closet on the rod....
Photo of free tie holders (63116)
Offer: 2san disk compact flash drives (63116) - With two 8 meg memory cards. Used them in cameras in early 200-2004 with autotraderas photographer. If someone has use they are able to be gotten near bevo mill
Photo of free 2san disk compact flash drives (63116)
Offer: curved wooden and plastic hangers (63116) Gifted - these are curved wooden coat and pant hangers some plastic curved coat hangers too....quite a few of them....some have the pant hanging bar at the bottom to hang slacks.... Offer: alley pick up Wooden pallet (63116) - and a huge blue tarp that is pretty dirty and has a few holes but I think it is 30x18feet.... alley behind 4106 Schiller place against the fence of cemetery on Bates back side....so alley on south side of Schiller Place....63116 Offer: twisting shower curtain rod.... (63116) - white and I think it goes to 64inches opened....tension rod.... Offer: bunch of small to medium boxes (63116) Gifted - these are probably ten or more small to mid sized cardboard boxes that have not been flattened....if you want them let me know if you want them flattened to carry let me know....I want them not to be put into a landfill because they are reusable.... Offer: the bible library CD-Rom (63116) - This is older and my new laptop doesnt have CD-Rom drive now. Works with DOS and windows 3.1 and win95 on 640kRam and ms-dos 3.0 or higher. Copyright 1988,1995 ellis enterprises, Inc. Readers choice award-christian computing magazine. 29 works on one CD-Rom disc plus the paper printed manual that I pulled off printed when I was using this. Will do porch pick up Offer: wooden and glass 6 sided end table (63116) Gifted - it has a bottom shelf under near the floor and is in good condition I have no need and no room....free
Photo of free wooden and glass 6 sided end table (63116)
Request: keeping the glass and wood 8 sided (63116) Withdrawn - table....sorry I found a spot for it.... Offer: wooden and glass 8 sided end table (63116) Withdrawn - it has a bottom shelf under near the floor and is in good condition I have no need and no room....free Offer: moving boxes 24x18x24 plus wardrobe (63116) Withdrawn - three big boxes....one has hanging rack in it for clothing. it is 24x18x32? heavy duty Uhaul boxes near Morgan Ford and Bates. Offer: Moving boxes...24x18x24 UhaulX2plus (63116) - a mid height wardrobe box that has a hanging rack across the center....that is bigger than the other two....and there is one other box that has handles but I do not think it is Uhaul but is a nice medium sized moving box.... Offer: small brass table lamp... (63116) - the thing works has a dish shaped bottom with three white posts to the bulbs2bulbs and has a shade that is usable.....it stands about 20in high and the switch is a simple twist knob on the base bowl area....includes bulbs....keep it from the landfill! want it gone ASAP can text photo.... Offer: wunnenbergs street guides (63116) - four areas...St. Louis City/County, St. Clair County, Madison County, St. Charles County, all are dated 2006 but only changes are new streets and subdivisions might be missing. These are spiral bound street guides with listing of streets and map pages to search street locations on maps....take all four Offer: pine wood dry bar storage cabinet (63116) Gifted - this is a nice storage area for someone else I have no use for it now....no space to keep it.
Photo of free pine wood dry bar storage cabinet (63116)
Offer: moving boxes....some larger uhaul (63116) - I am emptying my moving boxes and I have strong sturdy boxes some bought from Uhaul and others from Lowes and some other smaller boxes from free sources...lets keep them out of trash by reusing them Offer: moving boxes (63116) - several large sized Uhaul moving boxes bill near Bevo Mill Offer: Curb pick up 63111 (63111) - Four wooden chairs for kitchen w white padded seats plus rifle bag in good condition 6018 Louisiana in curb grass front of house.
Photo of free Curb pick up 63111 (63111)
Offer: Four wooden dining chairs padded (63111) - Cloth seats
Photo of free Four wooden dining chairs padded (63111)
Offer: oak tv cabinet w 3 drawers and pull (63111) - out shelf under tv for like DVD player....free of course in south city near Carondelet park. Need to get it out to your vehicle....gone by the end of weekend or out to alley for someone else.... bill near carondelet park.....give telephone numbers or no gives
Photo of free oak tv cabinet w 3 drawers and pull (63111)
Offer: square oak table 34in 63111 (63111) - this is a nice table older oak and has character.....I am moving no longer need it....bill near carondelet park....give telephone to receive this item
Photo of free square oak table 34in 63111 (63111)
Offer: tv cabinet 3drawers 63111 (63111) - inside size 32 in wide outside37 wide 22 1/2 deep and5'5" tall....has drawers and a shelf that slides out for liked dvd player....has holes in back to get wires to the outlets.... bill near carondelet park give telephone to receive this item bring helper to move it...
Photo of free tv cabinet 3drawers 63111 (63111)
Offer: 35in square oak kitchen table (63111) - this is a solid oak kitchen table older with four corner legs...35in square....also have four non matching wood chairs with cloth seats.....63111 Offer: mens 38waist shorts Calvin Klein + (63111) Gifted - 2 mens swim suits size xl.....they all fit a 38in waist better than mine now....I also have two blaze orange lightweight hoodies that are great for runner or deer hunter in warmer weather....those too are xl but fit more like large.... give telephone or no gives.....take all pass on what you no longer want....
Photo of free mens 38waist shorts Calvin Klein + (63111)
Offer: cooks blender w/o blade (63111) - It is good for parts if you have a cooks blender...my blade broke the gears that are at the bottom and it is not usable without the blade being engaged to spin...but the glass part and the blender motor are excellent condition the blade will be given too basically entire unit but I could not find a blade for Cooks made for JCPenney anywhere online....might be worth going to appliance store to see if they can get you the blade....