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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Two brass and glass sconces in Westfield Expired - Brass holders 12.5" high, glass 8" high. Good condition. Offer: Baseball Lamp in Westfield Expired - See picture in Baseball Lamp album. This ceramic lamp has quite a few chips in the paint, but they could be painted over, or left as is for character, which is what my son preferred. Offer: Santa and Reindeer/Candle Holder in Westfield Gifted - Gold-tone metal with painted holiday characters - 5 candle holders - piece is narrow and 25" long. Gently used and purchased at Williams Nursery Gift Shop years ago. Offer: Recipe Keeper Hardcover Book in Westfield Gifted - Book has spiral pages with tabs and pockets to store recipes as well as it includes recipes under each tab (soups, salads, meat, poultry, baked goods, etc.). Purchased at Home Goods. Offer: Cloth Advent Calendar in Westfield Expired - Advent Calendar with pockets for quilted and stitched stuffed characters until each is displayed above by day (with velcro backs). Gently used with a small tear in fabric, as pictured, in the manger. Offer: Large Nativity in Westfield Gifted - Large wooden stable for nativity set/scene. Purchased at Williams Nursery Gift Shop years ago. Stable is approximately 2 ft. Wide, 17" deep & 13" at tallest point. Offer: Decorative Letter Box in Westfield Gifted - Red metal decorative letter box from the Farmhouse Store in Westfield - new, never used Offer: New Toaster Oven in Westfield Gifted - New in box. Please respond with when you are able to pick it up. Offer: Two Used Metal Tiki Torches in Westfield Expired - Brown, fair condition. Have reservoirs for fuel. Please state when you are available for pickup. Offer: Four Tier Resin Shelf in Westfield Gifted - New in packaging. 50 pound capacity. 48" high, 22" wide, 14" deep, navy blue. Please state when you are available for pickup. Offer: Toro Self-propelled Mulching Mower in Westfield Expired - This is a hand mower, but self-propelled. It has been sitting in our garage for years, but was working fine when last used. Needs to be cleaned up, maybe tuned up, and if there is any old gas in tank that needs to be dealt with. The handle is folded, so will fit in a trunk, van, SUV, etc. If interested, please state when you may be able to pick it up. Offer: Two Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gates in Westfield Gifted - Like new...used just a couple of times. Offer: 9' Artificial Greenery Garland in Westfield Expired - Never used. With artificial pine cones, from Ben Franklin Offer: Java-Logs Fireplace Logs in Westfield Gifted - Six five pound logs. Please indicate when you could pick up. I am flexible. Offer: "Mr. & Mrs.'' Pillow in Westfield Gifted - New with tag. Light tan with "Mr. & Mrs." written in black script. Was a wedding gift. About 18" wide and 10" high. Can send pic. Offer: Two Golden Angels with Trumpets in Westfield Expired - Flat tin painted gold, each about 17" high, mount in stands. Can send pic. Offer: Babycakes Non-stick mini-pie maker in Westfield Gifted - New in box. First respondent was a no-show. Offer: Rattan Chair with Pullout Footrest in Westfield Gifted - Can email a picture if you'd like. Offer: Memory Foam Full Size Crib Mattress, New, in Westfield Gifted Offer: Babycakes Non-stick mini-pie maker in Westfield Gifted - New in box Offer: Picnic Basket in Westfield Gifted - Never used rattan basket with plastic liner, about 12"x12" and 8" high. Dark blue blanket for sitting on.