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Free: Sporty things (Newtown) - A collection of things used for sports training, cones, rubber rings, soft balls. Never used. Expect its useful for anyone training a team or doing circuit training in a park.
Photo of free Sporty things (Newtown)
Free: Cat feeding station (Newtown) Gifted - Suit kitten has cute play things. As new
Photo of free Cat feeding station (Newtown)
Free: Tapestry (Newtown) Expired - Bunch of old tapestry in frames. Perhaps good for textile artists to cut up
Photo of free Tapestry (Newtown)
Free: Craft yarn (Newtown) Expired - Odd bits, look like all natural fibres. Given to me so can’t say much but assuming they would be good for textile or craft projects
Photo of free Craft yarn (Newtown)
Free: Retro sewing patterns (Newtown) Expired - 2 dress patterns for dresses plus an original barby 80s fashion pattern. Plus one simple dress pattern. At least 2 not used. Ken has got a bit more buff since the 80s but the pants still fit barby
Photo of free Retro sewing patterns (Newtown)
Free: Primary school teacher hi viz wear (Newtown) Expired - Made for primary school teachers with useful pocket, colourful buttons and binding but still meets requirements, size 10. It is small Made locally from scratch, that is decoration is not stuck on but built into garment
Photo of free Primary school teacher hi viz wear (Newtown)
Free: Bose speaker (Newtown) Expired - Speakers work well but casing is damaged so don’t look great. I’m assumed that they work
Photo of free Bose speaker (Newtown)
Photo of free Bose speaker (Newtown)
Free: Fitness ball large (Newtown) Gifted - Grey, good condition large fitness ball
Photo of free Fitness ball large (Newtown)
Free: Desk (Newtown) Gifted - Simple, light, very functional, great for small places, 65x100.
Photo of free Desk (Newtown)
Free: Model toys small parts (Newtown) Expired - Collection of toys made in the early 70’s. Fragile so probably not good for small children. Some small parts need glue.
Photo of free Model toys small parts (Newtown)
Photo of free Model toys small parts (Newtown)